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Warm living ambience without a lot of sun – find tailor-made blinds

Blinds contribute to a homely atmosphere

The whole winter season we dreamed of enjoying the sun’s rays, collecting some vitamin D and letting in more light. The summer sun is good for you, but it can quickly become stressful. When the temperatures rise in summer, our home can turn into a sweat chamber, especially in the attic. Then we prefer to keep the sun’s rays away from our windows. Wouldn’t it be a dream if we could individually regulate the incidence of light from outside according to the time of year? But this is not a dream, it has already become a reality! The blinds offer exactly this type of sun protection and compared to roller blinds and curtains, they are a kind of all-rounder when it comes to transforming your own home into a warm living environment without a lot of sun and heat. The advantages of tailor-made blinds, as well as useful selection tips, will be brought closer to you in the following lines.

Custom-made blinds as all-rounders: privacy, heat and sun protection

Custom-made blinds as all-rounders: privacy, heat and sun protection

Blinds are great protection from the sun, as well as protection from prying eyes and heat protection on hot days. Another advantage – they can be attached very easily either inside or outside the window without screws or drilling. The blinds can also be installed in the space between the panes of the windows. If you want to order made-to-measure blinds, you shouldn’t worry about the special shape or oversize of your window, as they will hang every window perfectly.

As sun protection and heat protection 

Depending on the season and time of day, the blinds offer the option of regulating the incidence of light according to needs and wishes through the position of the slats. In this way Suitable blinds offer effective sun protection. This makes the blinds an advantageous choice for sun protection in offices where glare-free work on the screen is required. The blinds do not provide complete blackout, they just keep the glaring light away from your own four walls. So you can enjoy the beautiful sunlight, which creates an atmospheric ambience, without feeling like you are in the sauna in your own home.

If you are talking about heat protection, then it is advisable to install the blinds on the outside of the window or, as mentioned above, in the space between the panes. In this way, the blinds reflect the heat outside and you get all the nice weather in summer without turning the apartment into a sweat chamber. There is no doubt that the external blinds offer optimal heat protection, because the sun’s rays directly heat the pane.

Privacy screen

Whether you live in a house in the suburbs, in a city apartment or in a cabin in the woods, it is important for everyone that privacy is respected. The easiest way to keep prying eyes away from your home is to use blinds to protect your privacy. They consist of individual thin strips of plastic, wood or metal that can be easily adjusted to protect the apartment from prying eyes without the room having to be completely darkened. That is why the blinds are very suitable for window cladding in the bedroom or bathroom.

Blinds as stylish window cladding

Wooden blinds for the living room

The stylish window design can transform a room from boring four walls into something very special. There are so many different models of blinds to choose from on the market that you can find the one that suits your style of living. From wooden blinds to aluminum blinds to luxurious custom-made blinds, we give you practical tips on which blinds go with which style of living.

  • Wooden blinds give your home a natural flair.

Thanks to the expressive grain and lively structure, the wooden blinds are an eye-catcher in a modern living style and ensure a cozy ambience and cozy room atmosphere. Wooden blinds have become a trend in recent years and set accents in modern apartments.

  • Aluminum blinds – The classic.

With an aluminum blind you will give every living style a touch of elegance. They have a simple design and are a real classic when it comes to window decoration. Thanks to the huge color spectrum from shiny metallic tones for slats to bright colors and diverse designs, the aluminum blinds are suitable for every furnishing style.

  • Colorful blinds – an interplay of colors

The blinds do not necessarily have to be monochrome in a wood tone or in a metallic color. If you want to express your individuality and add a color accent in front of your window, then choose blinds whose slats are equipped with a color change. With the combination of different colors and contrasts you achieve a unique look and you give your interior a touch of individuality!

Made-to-measure blinds - tips How to choose the right model

Blinds - the perfect solution to individually regulate the incidence of light