The striped wallpaper and the numerous design options it offers

Wallpaper has been a preferred way of decorating the walls at home for decades. Stripe wallpapers are among the most popular textured and pattern wallpapers. These have made a strange comeback in recent years. They are often that certain something in the living room or dining room. They also give the hallway and bathroom their own character. The modern striped look is characterized by contrasting colors and alternation of harmonious colors. You have a wide variety of designs available so that you can create a dreamlike wall design. Let yourself be convinced of the advantages of the striped wallpaper!

Today’s striped wallpaper has an attractive look

stripe wallpaper combine other wall wallpaper bedroom set up

Correctly select and use stripe wallpaper

The modern designs provide variety in the interior design. In fact, striped patterns are ideal for creating a wall design to fall in love with in any living space. The creative patterns are excellent wall embellishments for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Playful striped wallpapers are also great use in children’s rooms.

Classic stripe patterns and loving motifs are combined here. You can also spice up the kitchen with a striped wallpaper. Regardless of the style in which it is furnished. In a country house kitchen, however, the striped wallpapers look simply fascinating!

Wallpaper with a striped pattern contribute to the overall look of the room. Consequently, also to feel good in the appropriate room. You can calm down or stimulate. It is therefore important to be clear about what you actually want to use the striped wallpaper for. In this way, their design and color can be selected correctly.

Stripe wallpapers have different effects on the perception of space. Depending on the spatial conditions, they change the perception of height and width. They are particularly suitable for making a small room appear larger. Wallpapers with narrow stripes are particularly suitable for this. If the room has to appear higher, then vertical stripe wallpapers are more suitable. In a high room, on the other hand, you could buy horizontal strips and plinth strips. This is how you create a cozy ambience. A visual extension of the room could be achieved with pastel tones, tone-on-tone wallpapers and metal effects. In a dark room with few windows, the light stripe wallpaper works wonders.

You also have a wide range of materials to choose from. So you can choose from paper, leather wallpaper, bamboo or linen surfaces. Non-woven wallpapers, on the other hand, are the perfect solution for the bathroom.

This wallpaper gives the living room a trendy stripe look

stripe wallpaper black and white living room elegant design

Stripe wallpapers provide exciting design options

A wallpaper with a striped look offers a wide range of options for creative wall design. This is due to the variety of designs. The lines of the striped wallpaper could be varied – wide or narrow, designed as block stripes, long or across.

A striped wallpaper can be colorful or subtle. Contrasting stripes bring more liveliness to the room. On the other hand, you can create a calm and cozy ambience with tone-on-tone wallpapers. Black and white stripe wallpaper helps you to put a somewhat extravagant room concept into practice. On the other hand, striped wallpapers with imitation wood bring a classic interior to the fore. Therefore, think carefully before buying which mood you want to create.

The striped wallpaper also looks great in combination with a uni wallpaper. It is even advisable not to design all four walls in a striped look. Otherwise the room could seem oppressive. Striking patterns should only be designed as an accent wall. You could design the rest of the walls in calm colors. The bedroom wall behind the bed or the wall behind the living room sofa would be wonderfully brought to the fore if you cover them with striped wallpaper. With a wallpaper with a striped look, individual areas are also separated.

You should also choose the striped wallpaper to match the furnishing style. The mural complements the living style. Wallpaper with stripes in the country house style transform the room into a cozy place and graphic patterns complete the modern living room.

Achieve a lively wall design in the dining area

stripe wallpaper dining room create fresh ideas

Conclusion: Wallpapers are classics in wall design. The striped wallpapers have a strong attraction: They catch the eye and become the star of the interior design. The variety of models and colors offers the right wall decoration for every living area. If you are also impressed by the unique charm of the striped look, then collect more ideas on how you can design your own home with it.

Stripe wallpapers provide a visual highlight

stripe wallpaper bedroom modern design

Fresh stripes give the sleeping area an appealing look

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A lively design puts you in a good mood

stripe wallpaper elegant interior design ideas living room beautiful wall design

Creative wall design with striped wallpaper in the dining room

Stripe wallpaper effective wall design decorating the dining room

Light patterns create a friendly atmosphere

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stripe wallpaper create a fresh interior design

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Stripe wallpaper furnishing a cozy living room, skilfully combining colors

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Stripe wallpaper make the bedroom cozy and elegant

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Stripe wallpaper bathroom design creatively creating beautiful contrasts