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Wall paint watercolor – great ideas for every homeowner

Almost everyone has dreamed of a fairytale look in their apartment. In this regard, watercolors could be the right choice for your own four walls. This new trend gives your home a chic and stylish, but also artistic look. Watercolor wall paints can be perfectly written into the entire interior if they are skilfully and tastefully matched to the rest of the room’s furnishings.

If you like to paint and have some experience with painting walls, feel free to imitate the ideas presented here. But if you’ve never tried that, today we’d like to share a few techniques with you. Of course there are wallpapers on the market that resemble the watercolor look. But the fun would be much greater if you create something beautiful with your own hands.

You can also use watercolors to design the wall using a few straightforward techniques

Wall paint watercolor blue nuances

Wall paint watercolor – techniques for beginners

In the beginning you need:

Watercolor wall paints (dyes in one or more shades)



Different tools: brush / sponge / wrap / paper towels / brush / cloth – for the different techniques


a clean wall

  • Mix the dyes with the binders and the glaze in the water to a stable consistency.

  • Do the first job on the wall. It should be pale and not start in the corners or at the ceiling, but a little lower from the ceiling. Work quickly and with a controlled amount of water so that the dyes do not dry out too quickly or unintentionally dissolve. So you’re done with the first layer. By the end of the first application, the wall should have damp parts.
  • Techniques – You can choose between 4 techniques when applying the watercolors – wipe with a brush, dab with a sponge, paint with a brush or wrap with a cloth.
  • In the best case scenario, choose just one way of working.
  • Let the watercolors dry out and then apply a second coat.
  • Spots and polka dots look abstract and artistic.
  • The movements with the flap are circular or resemble a horizontal 8.
  • The intensity of the color depends on the amount of water and the technique of applying it to the wall. Where you haven’t spread the color, it will stay saturated.
  • Apply a second color very carefully over the first, making sure the colors come from a color palette so that there are no brown (or other uncomfortable dark) nuances.
  • Repeat until you achieve the structure you want!

Apply the paint in a specific spot and then spread it further to create that effect

Wall paint watercolor green nuances

The tufting technique

Wall paint watercolor stains

Wall paint watercolor – ideas and colors

When designing with wall paints, you can use your imagination and create something completely new. The use of different paintings would be possible here and welcome for the more experienced. In any case, spots and spots look very abstract and artistic. The ombre look is also recommended. If you let the colors bleed on purpose, it also creates an interesting pattern. You can make a draft on a sketch in advance so that you keep the basic idea in mind.

As a new trend, watercolor is available in various color nuances. However, you should choose the colors carefully so that they are identical to the colors of the interior and do not create any rough contrasts. In our picture gallery we have exhibited some ideas that you can scroll down. We hope this article has inspired you to use watercolors to paint the walls imaginatively. And we hope you enjoy it!

This brown-red wall color design looks like it has a 3D effect

Wall paint watercolor brown

Pastel shades can also look artful

Wall paint watercolor soft green

Wall paint navy blue applied to the wall

Wall paint watercolor navy blue

50 shades of gray

Wall paint watercolor gray nuances

A colorful painting of flowers that spices up the ambience

Wall paint watercolor painting flowers

The ombre technique in blue

Wall paint watercolor ombre technique

Muted colors in the bedroom have a calming effect

Wall paint watercolor gray bedroom

With Aquerell, the wall can be embellished in numerous nuances

Smear watercolor paint on the wall

Put the colors together so that they harmonize with each other

Wall paint watercolor blue green yellow

Paint a landscape with watercolor

Wall paint watercolor landscape

Bright colors refresh the living room

Wall paint watercolor light

A great, blatant variant for the bedroom

Wall paint watercolor great bedroom

A subtle, monochrome decision for the bedroom

Wall paint watercolor gray monochrome

Contrasts that are not so dramatic also look great

Wall paint watercolor contrast

An unusual idea for the professionals

Wall paint watercolor professional

Swabs can be eye-catching

Wall paint watercolor swab

The pastel nuances are now in trend

Wall paint watercolor pastel nuances