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Travel around the world: great architectural symbols of power

World travel: historical architectural destinations in the world

We live in a world in which it is highly controversial whether power should be tolerated or not. But despite political and historical discourses, the following is certain: There are many remaining historical buildings that symbolize power, but at the same time belong to the cultural heritage of the individual nations or even of the whole world. We would like to introduce you to some of these palaces. They are great destinations for culture and art enthusiasts. In addition, they are distributed all over the world and can serve as a guide for a tour around the globe.

Bellevue Palace

You can start your world tour from Berlin if, by chance, you have still not visited Bellevue Palace. It was built in 1785 for the younger brother of Frederick the Great. This is a fabulous example of the early classical style.

Bellevue Palace in the Tiergarten district of Berlin is the first official residence of the German Federal President

World tour Architectural symbols of power Belevue Castle a fabulous example of the early classical style

World tour Architectural symbols of power Bellevue Palace Berlin

The house at 10 Downing Street

In this case, one does not immediately recognize that it is the main residence of the British Prime Minister. At least not from the outside. Inside, however, you will discover great luxury and symbols of representative power. The house is 300 years old and has about 100 rooms.

The house is in the middle of central London

World tour Architectural symbols of power House 10 Downing Street

“White Palace” in Ankara

The Turkish government also has its White House, but in translation it is called a “white palace”. It combines modern architectural features of the Ottoman building tradition.

The white palace has modern features of the Ottoman building tradition in it

World tour Architectural symbols of power White Palace Ankara

Elysee Palace, France

Elysee Palace, France, is the place from which the French government performs its duties. This striking historic building was built between 1718 and 1722. It was designed by the architect Armand-Claude Mollet.

The Élysée Palace is located in the heart of Paris

World tour Architectural symbols of power Elysee Palace France paris

The Quirinal, Rome, Italy

It is one of the three residences of the Italian President. But this is the most impressive of them all. The residence is 20 times larger than the American White House. Before the President, 30 popes lived here.

The impressive residence in Rome

World tour Architectural symbols of power Quirinal-Rome

The White House in Washington, DC

Probably the most mentioned government residence around the world is the White House in the USA. The building has been doing this since 1800. Since President John Adams.

The architect was the Irish builder James Hoban

World tour Architectural symbols of power White House USA

Night view of the famous white house

World tour Architectural symbols of power White House Night

El Palacio de Gobierno del Perú

The state residence in Peru is one of the most beautiful historical buildings of its kind. No wonder, because it was built in colonial times, in the first half of the 16th century.

A residence of great importance to Peru

World tour Architectural symbols of power El Palacio de Gobierno Peru

Rashtrapati Bhavan, India

This palace is located in New Delhi and, with its 340 rooms, serves the President. It was executed in the splendid Edwardian Baroque. It has been calculated that 700 million bricks were used in its construction.

The construction volume is 240,000 m³

World tour Architectural symbols of power Rashtrapati Bhavan India

Zhongnanhai, China

This palace has existed for more than a thousand years. As it goes without saying, it is full of history. In fact, the building dates back to a highly esteemed period, and there is speculation that it was built even earlier.

Zhongnanhai is known as the headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party

World tour Architectural symbols of power Zhongnanhai China

Kirribilli House in Australia

Let’s fly now on our virtual journey to the other end of the world. Kirribilli House is the residence of the Australian Prime Minister. Tony Abott has invested his own funds to adapt the building to his own taste.

It serves as the residence of the Prime Ministers of Australia

World tour Architectural symbols of power Kirribilli House of Austria

Moscow Kremlin

The state residence is located in the oldest part of Moscow. This dates from the Middle Ages and represents a castle that was built earlier and rebuilt in the 15th century. The high brick wall forms a triangle and it is flanked by 20 towers.

After its completion, the Moscow Kremlin served several times as a model for similar fortresses

World tour Architectural symbols of power Kremlin Moscow Russia detail

The Palácio da Alvorada, Brazil

All Brazilian presidents have lived here since 1956. The building is characterized by its extremely modern furnishings. The very elegant swimming pool and the sculptures by the Brazilian artist Alfredo Ceschiatti are particularly worth seeing.

A very elegant government building with modern furnishings

World tour Architectural symbols of power palacio Alvorada Brazil

Cheongwadae in Seoul

Cheongwadae is also known as “the blue house” and its distinctive appearance is shaped by the unmistakable color of the granite tiles. This is where the President and Vice President reside. A large part of the area is also open to the public.

The Blue House actually consists of several buildings that are in the traditional Korean style

World tour Architectural symbols of power Cheongwadae Seoul

Casa Rosada in Argentina

We conclude with the residence building of the Argentine President. Translated, the term means “house in pink”. The representative building was built in 1873.

Casa Rosada is located in the capital Buenos Aires

World tour Architectural symbols of power Casa Rosada Argentina