Tinker Christmas decorations

Christmas crafts with children and spending great hours together

Great ideas for Christmas: you can do this with your children and do handicrafts

It is long gone that the Christmas decoration was a main topic in the Advent season. However, in recent years we have understood that it is not the most important thing. The Christmas tree decorations and the Christmas design work relatively easily and they can always be done in an original and stylish way. What is no longer so easy for us is keeping the family atmosphere.

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep the family together during the holiday season and make sure everyone is happy and relaxed. The children in particular must not feel neglected at all. Not in this contemplative time.

That’s why we decided today to give you some Christmas ideas for games with the little ones. They spread a great atmosphere at home and give the whole thing a higher intrinsic value.

Christmas crafts with children – something traditional at the beginning

craft ideas christmas christmas crafts christmas decoration

Wrapping gifts with the means you already have – this is a great opportunity for family entertainment. Keep everything simple and decorate the house with cones, conifer branches and anything else you can find during a winter walk in the park.

Another great option would be to let the little ones make the existing gift packaging colorful.

Christmas forest in a box

christmas crafts with children making christmas decorations

Would you like to have the Christmas forest in front of your eyes? You can make an interesting DIY scene with this one. In a shoe box or other cardboard box from your recent purchases, you could reproduce it through the eyes of the children. You can use cotton to imitate snow. The small Christmas trees can be made from a wide variety of materials and they can even be colorful. In the background, the fairy lights will look very nice.

Organize a movie night with the children

christmas ideas christmas crafts with children

Children’s films at Christmas always get you in the festive mood. Let your little ones invite their friends over to your home! Pick out great films together and enjoy the festive entertainment together. We guarantee that after a while you will be happy to sit down!

Christmas crafts with children – a video for Christmas

celebrate christmas christmas crafts with children

Surprise your friends and acquaintances with a video for Christmas. You can dress up as Santa Claus or Snow White, share funny and serious messages about the festival and send that to relatives and friends to make them laugh.

Make the ceiling resemble heaven

Christmas decorating ideas for Christmas

There are different creative ideas with fairy lights and here’s something really magical: hang them on the ceiling to make them look like a bright sky.

Christmas crafts with children – time for donations

christmas crafts with kids christmas ideas

Do your children have a lot of unnecessary toys and clothes? Then it’s time to donate them. Firstly, it can be an invigorating experience and secondly, you will really teach your little ones what Christmas is all about.

DIY Christmas tree decorations

christmas crafts with children christmas crafts

Yes, that is now something banal, but we would like to remind you: The self-made Christmas toys have a very special atmosphere. You can use these in addition to the others or set up a special Christmas tree in the nursery, on which you can hang up the self-made Christmas decorations.

Christmas crafts with children – small Christmas trees

decorate christmas tree christmas crafts with children

If we are talking about children’s Christmas trees anyway, then we want to occupy you a little further with this topic. We find this very exciting! The children’s Christmas tree can only consist of one branch. This can be placed in a glass or in a cup and attached with various aids, such as glue. Let the little ones plan the jewelry – it can be DIY jewelry or carry the same Christmas baubles as the large Christmas tree in the living room. So the little ones don’t feel neglected within the family.

This is just a little glimpse into all of the options you have for Christmas entertainment at home. But surely you’ve learned from it that you can have a great time with little effort. What would you do anyway??

Bake, bake cakes – prepare cookies for Santa Claus

Baking christmas cookies christmas handicrafts with children

Christmas crafts with children – make a short video and surprise your family

  christmas handicrafts christmas handicrafts with children

Make great jewelry for the Christmas tree

tinker christmas decorations christmas crafts with children

Turn up the Christmas music loudly and have fun dancing

christmas music christmas crafts with children

Christmas crafts with children – the Christmas stories increase the festive mood

  reading christmas stories christmas ideas

Let your children let off steam with their imaginations

christmas decorations christmas crafts with children