Zodiac Sign Tattoo – Symbols and Meaning

Are Zodiac Signs Tattoo (Also Known As Astrological Tattoos Or Horoscope Tattoos) The Right Choice Of A Tattoo For You? It all depends on your personal relationship with astrology.

Zodiac tattoo Taurus – He is reliable, but also stubborn and jealous

zodiac tattoo Tribal Taurus Bull With Green Horns Tattoo

Do you read your daily horoscope on a regular basis? And have you gone so far as to create a personalized horoscope??

This shows that astrology is part of your personal belief system. And that you take it seriously enough to consider zodiac signs as tattoos.

The word zodiac comes from the Latin word zodiacus and means “circle of animals”. Mankind has always been fascinated by the stars, so it’s no wonder that zodiac tattoos are so popular.

Cancer zodiac tattoo – Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd) is considered sensitive, helpful, compassionate and loyal

zodiac tattoo Crab Cancer

Here are some zodiac tattoo ideas:

Star sign : Use your zodiac sign as the basis for your tattoo design. Most commonly, the zodiac sign tattoo designs are simple images but full of symbolism.

animals & Flower : You can get a tattoo of an animal or a flower that is associated with your constellation.

Your element: Earth, wind, water or fire: each sign of the zodiac is associated with one of the four elements. You can combine your element and sign for your star tattoo. For example, the element of archer is fire, so arrows of fire arrows tattoo design is a good idea. Another obvious example is a fish tattoo in water or a lion tattoo with manes of fire.

Zodiac tattoos are often simple images but full of symbolism

zodiac tattoo bull tattoo

Colour: each zodiac sign is associated with a color. You can add that dominant color to your star tattoo

Body part : to add even more symbolism to your zodiac tattoo, you can place it on the body part that is associated with your constellation.

Translation: You can translate the name of your zodiac sign or the motto in an exotic script.

Sanskrit and Tibetan go very well with zodiac tattoo because the zodiac system and these ancient languages ​​are from the same time. The first sacred books (the Vedas) were written in Sanskrit, and Tibetan is the language used in many Buddhist scriptures. They also represent very beautiful and elegant scripts, ideal for your tattoo design.

For Aries there are no obstacles, only challenges

zodiac tattoo aries ram tattoos

Some zodiac symbols are open to interpretation in relation to the images used to portray them. Gemini tattoos, for example, are open to a variety of interpretations. There is almost infinite variety in the artistic representations of twins for example that you can find.

Others, like Libra or Taurus tattoos, are limited in their representation but can still be represented in a variety of styles.

The zodiac system that we have discussed in this text is the system that is popular in the western world, but don’t forget that other cultures have different systems, such as the Chinese zodiac system or that of the Indians. Their symbols are also a great base for Zodiac tattoos.

Zodiac tattoo – Libra

zodiac tattoo Libra

Aries (The Ram) : March 21st – April 20th

Red color

Element: fire

Motto: I am

Flower: daisy

Gemini (The Twins) : May 22nd to June 21st

Color yellow

Element: air

Birthstone: pearl

Motto: I think

Noted color: gold

Element: fire

Motto: I can do it

Flowers: poppies

Virgo (The Virgin): August 23 to September 23

Color green

Element: earth

Birthstone: sapphire

Body part: intestines (heavy place to have a tattoo)

Motto: I analyze

Scorpio (Scorpion) : October 24 to November 22

Color yellow

Element: water

Motto: I’m looking

Flower: yoni

Capricorn (ibex) : December 23rd – January 19th

Color: brown

Element: earth

Birthstone: garnet

Motto: I use

Aquarius (The Aquarius) : January 20th – February 19th

Noted color: blue

Element: air

Birthstone: amethyst

Motto: I know

Flower: primrose

Taurus (bull): April 21 – May 21

Color: pink

Element: earth

Birthstone: emerald

Motto: I have

Flower: lilly

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