Wedding rings tattoo: unique & super romantic designs for couples

Wedding rings tattoo great ideas for married couples

Let’s talk about wedding rings. Sure, you’ve probably had dozens of different wedding ring ideas saved on your inspiration board, but none really caught your attention. Or maybe you have a ring in mind that just isn’t in your budget right now. Instead of putting even more pressure on your big day to find the perfect wedding rings for you and your spouse, you have thought about wedding rings tattoo?

While they’re not traditional wedding rings, ring tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, according to INKED’s Dani Egna. “Whether you don’t wear a real ring every day or want something that signals your love permanently, ring tattoos are definitely on the rise.”

Wedding ring tattoo: when should you get one??

Wedding rings tattoo inspirational ideas

While wedding rings are exchanged on the big day, a wedding ring tattoo takes time to heal – so plan on getting one done before your wedding. “The healing of a tattoo is different for everyone,” explains tattoo artist Brittany Randell. “Every skin type is different and there are many factors to the body – health, water intake, and hydration; Products that you use for healing. “

Ring tattoos are sometimes difficult to heal, but they usually heal well. According to Randell, in most cases the tattoos need to be touched up. So talk to your partner about whether they both agree to go back to the tattoo artist after a few years.

Wedding rings tattoo ideas: plain ribbons

Wedding rings tattoo simple ribbons

The simple ribbons are the perfect way to show your marriage status. The defined wedding rings are bold yet elegant. For brides: add the tattoo just below your engagement ring or opt for two tattooed ribbons if you don’t have an engagement ring.

Matching initials

Wedding rings tattoo initials

Getting your spouse’s initial on your ring finger is a very notable ring detail. If you want a more eye-catching ring tattoo, go for a bold font with your spouse’s initials on instead of a ring. Plus, you can also add other details around the initial for a more personal touch.

Meaningful words

Wedding rings tattoo words

Another great idea would be to not only tattoo each other’s initials around their fingers, but also some meaningful words on the side of the finger. Ask your tattoo artist if they could do a tattoo like this, then choose a meaningful word that represents your marriage.

Whole names

Tattoo rings wrist names

If you’re craving more than your spouse’s initials, go for the full name. It would be an intimate touch to start your marriage and an excellent work of art too. The tattoo is more reminiscent of your love than marriage and is still a piece that you will have forever.

Wedding rings tattoo: stars, moon & other celestial bodies

Wedding rings tattoo super stylish star

This tattoo is for star and moon lovers. If you and your spouse are interested in astrology and find meaning in the stars, opt for heavenly symbols that matter to both of you instead of traditional wedding rings.

Elegant decorations

Wedding rings tattoo decorations

If wedding rings and initials aren’t for you, dainty shapes and symbols are the way to go. Talk to your spouse about certain signs that you both would like to have. &# 128578;

Floral pattern

Tattoo wedding ring floral motifs

If your spouse doesn’t share your enthusiasm for flowers, first get hold of a matching tattoo ribbon with a few designs on it. From there, have the tattoo artist add a floral design around the ring.

Designs inspired by nature

Partner tattoos nature motifs

If you feel connected to nature, put a ring on it in the truest sense of the word. Get your favorite symbols of nature tattooed on your ring finger. Each of you can choose a symbol – for yourself or for the other.

Simple wedding rings

Partner tattoos simple wedding rings

Thin wedding rings are a chic option if you and your spouse don’t want traditional rings. It’s still noteworthy, but dainty enough to add more designs later as well!

Roman numerals

Wedding rings tattoo roman numerals

For your tattoo wedding rings, let the tattoo artist design a thin ribbon that replicates a ring and adds a meaningful date in Roman numerals – either the day you met or your wedding day.

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Wedding rings tattoo great ideas for married couples

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