Self-Love Tattoo: 30+ Original & In-depth Design Ideas

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To love and to be loved is beautiful, but self-love is much more important. Because if we don’t like our own body or personality, we can never be really happy. In this post we introduce you to 30+ inspiring ideas for self love tattoo that not only look beautiful but are also very profound. Take a look at our photos and find which tattoo idea you like best!

Self-love tattoo: the most beautiful design ideas!

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Tattoos are a very good way to express our feelings and thoughts. In popular body art, our skin is used as a canvas on which we display profound motifs and sayings. Because the tattoos are not only a beautiful body ornament, but also always have a personal meaning and reveal a lot about our character.

What exactly does body positivity mean?

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As mentioned above, we have a few in this post creative design ideas Collected tattoos for self love, and this is not accidental. Although self-acceptance is very important so that you can live happily and love other people, the way to it is not at all easy. For example, many people find their nose or ears ugly, while others are not satisfied with their weight and are constantly starving so they can finally lose weight. Our society has also accepted almost unattainable ideals of beauty, which is a major obstacle to unconditional self-love.

Nobody is perfect!

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Because of this, body positivity is becoming more and more popular today. This movement is based on the idea that we owe not only respect, love, understanding, and forgiveness to others but also to ourselves. Because nobody is perfect – everyone has their flaws, but these are exactly what make us unique. &# 128578; Resembling the photo models and Instagram influencers is impossible in real life – they’re all about well-thought-out poses and, of course, Photoshop. That is why in this article we suggest you celebrate self-love with a body positive tattoo! Which motifs are suitable for this and which parts of the body could you choose? Read more to get some ideas!

Self-love tattoo: embrace your own flaws

Tattoo self-love accepting imperfections

Which self love tattoo design could you go for? The possibilities are almost limitless, and our photos feature some of the most popular subjects from which you can draw inspiration. A small sentence with the words: “I am enough” or a rose with the exclamation: Love yourself! “Convey a very clear message. The tattoo can be very small and subtle, or large and eye-catching – depending on your wishes. Whether black and white or with the modern watercolor technique – they symbolize the newly discovered truth that every person is beautiful in their own way.

Profound ideas and suggestions

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On Instagram under the hashtag #bodypositivity you can find more than 5.5 million posts, including many self-love tattoos. They’re a real hit right now, but Body Positivity isn’t a new discovery at all. There were even such initiatives in the 1960s. One example of this is the “Health at every size” campaign. Her guiding principle was that the plump bodies look unhealthy or ugly. Today the main thing is to see our body as perfect and unique and not to be ashamed of our shapes. And of course not to forget that a person’s body has nothing to do with their character.

Self-acceptance instead of striving for perfection at any price

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The pursuit of looking perfect and being slim at all costs can sometimes have dire consequences. Many of us starve to finally get rid of those 2-3 extra pounds. However, in some cases, the constant dieting can cause a serious mental or eating disorder. Recently, a study by the Robert Koch Institute showed that 35 percent of young girls show signs of anorexia or bulimia. The Body Positivity Trend shows that the time has finally come to accept our bodies with imperfections. &# 128578;

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