Partner tattoos: 30+ romantic and contemplative motifs

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Affiliate tattoos are getting more and more popular lately and that is no coincidence. They are super romantic and just perfect for couples who still believe in the saying: “Until death do us part”. Partner tattoos are particularly diverse and in this article we provide you with 30+ inspiring ideas and motifs. For spouses, fiancés or simply lovers, our proposals are just perfect and ensure that the relationship does not break apart over time. Hopefully you can find the best subject for you and your partner among the photos below!

Partner tattoos as true proof of love

Tattoo red heart hands partner

Partner tattoos are true proof of love. In addition to being romantic, you can also be very stylish. Just look at our ideas to see for yourself! And as I said above, these types of tattoos are particularly diverse. Having your partner’s name engraved within a heart may be classic, but there are so many other ways to be original! For example, subtle finger tattoos that look absolutely beautiful. Or original tattoos on the wrist, on the ankle, on the neck, behind the ear – the possibilities are almost limitless! The part of the body and the size of the motif depend on your personal preferences and the desire, whether the tattoo should be conspicuous or rather subtle. You can also opt for an elegant black and white tattoo as well as a colorful motif.

Partner tattoos: anchor

Anchor tattoos fingers sideways married couple

We recommend that you choose the design of the tattoo with your partner – it should be a motif that both likes and that corresponds to your individualities and temperaments. For example, they see very romantic Anchor tattoos at. The anchor symbolizes the home, so this tattoo is just perfect for married couples. You can make small finger tattoos or combine the anchor with another motif – for example the initials or the date of birth of your partner as a tattoo on fingers.

Infinity symbol tattoo

romantic tattoos roses infinity sign

The romantic motifs are very popular for partner tattoos. One such is, for example, the infinity sign, which stands for eternal love. You can also combine the motif with others – such as small flowers, hearts, etc. An equally great idea would be two different motifs that complement each other, such as tea bags and tea cups. You and your partner cannot have the tattoos done on the same area of ​​the body. Let your imagination run wild and express your creativity!

Lettering in the partner’s handwriting

Tattoo arrow with words handwriting

It would be particularly original and personal to have your partner’s handwriting engraved on you. You can of course combine these with other motifs of your choice. All you have to do is write the words on a piece of paper and find an experienced tattoo artist who can transfer them onto your body. A tattoo with the initials looks very stylish and subtle. There are two variants – each partner receives the other’s initials, or a combination of the letters of both. Combine the initials with other beautiful designs to make a quite interesting tattoo.

Ring tattoos for married couples

Ring tattoos married couple original

Another great idea for married couples is the ring tattoo. This one isn’t particularly noticeable and can look quite stylish. You can not only tattoo rings, but also small diamonds or flowers. The first letter of the partner’s name on the finger would also be particularly romantic.

Tattoos for couples with a shared hobby or profession

Partner tattoos chemical formula

Do you have the same job or the same hobby? Have a tattoo tattooed on you with the partner that is connected to it! If you are both interested in photography, chemistry, psysics, etc., then you can think of suitable subjects that would look cool and unusual. A no less romantic idea would be to get profound sayings and quotes from your favorite films or books. For other romantic ideas for couples, check out our photos. The motive is actually not important – it is important that both of them like it!

Tattoo original motifs tea bags tea cup

Tattoo coordinates loving couple romantic

Partner tattoos quotes inspirational

Partner tattoos key lock

Partner tattoos cool married couple

Partner tattoos photography

Tattoos for lovers

Pulse tattoo original look

Tattoos for couples stylized arrows

Partner tattoos great foliage leaves

interesting tattoos cross lovers

Partner tattoos hearts initial

Tattoos for couples elephant with heart

great tattoos couples foxes

Partner tattoos crescent and star

Finger tattoos for couples

romantic tattoos married couple hearts letters

Tattoos for couples triangles stylish

Partner tattoos finger diamonds

Anchor tattoos roman numerals date of birth

Tattoo on the wrist lettering

Tattoos roman numerals wedding date

Partner tattoos origami gorgeous look

Partner tattoos finger initial

Partner tattoos fingers

Tattoos for partners and friends

Foot tattoos couple waves great idea

Partner tattoos feather stylish

Tattoos loving couple color circles

Tatoo pair of lovers flowers stylized

Partner tattoos flowers

Partner tattoos mandala motif