Decorating with icing: great ideas for pies, cakes & cookies

Make frosting yourself

Do you like to bake different types of sweets for your family? In this post, you will learn the secret of decorating with frosting! We will give you numerous creative ideas on how you can beautifully decorate your home-baked cookies, cakes, tarts, etc. Read the tips below and be amazed!

Decorate baked goods with icing like a pro

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Would you like to make impressive baked goods yourself like a professional? Frosting will be yours muffins, Donuts or homemade biscuits, so to speak, “give the last line” so that they not only taste delicious, but also look wonderful! &# 128578; As promised, in this post we will give you some great decorating ideas and show you how to make the best icing!

In addition to powdered sugar, frosting is the most popular way to embellish sweet baked goods. You can add some food coloring to the icing to make it colorful. &# 128578; In addition, all baked goods taste even better with glaze. And the best thing is that it can only be made from 2 main ingredients! Working with the glaze is also very easy, which is quite good for beginners. The classic icing is made from powdered sugar and liquid – water, milk, lemon juice. However, depending on the recipe, you can also use other ingredients such as juices or wine. But frosting is not only used for decorative purposes. Compared to buttercream and ganache, the glaze hardens almost completely over time, and in this way the baked goods decorated with it dries out more slowly. This can also be used to mask small baking errors, for example if the cake does not come out of the oven perfectly. And how do you make the perfect glaze? Follow the recipe below!

Easy recipe for the perfect icing sugar

Glaze make recipe

Icing can only be made from powdered sugar and water, but we recommend using milk for a brilliant white color. You can also use vegan plant milk if you wish. To decorate a cake (bundt pan – 22-24 cm diameter; springform pan – 26-28 cm diameter), you need the following quantities:

  • 4 tbsp warm milk
  • 250g powdered sugar

It is extremely easy to prepare: put the powdered sugar in a bowl and gradually add the milk, stirring constantly with the whisk. The end result should be a smooth, lump-free mass that runs off the whisk. If you want a thicker glaze, simply reduce the amount of liquid.

Tips and tricks for the preparation

Make seven icing sugar glaze

When preparing frosting, it is important to be careful with the liquid. It can happen that the glaze becomes too runny and you run out of powdered sugar. Add the liquid to the powdered sugar, spoon by spoon, because the glaze needs some time – to thicken. Also, it is very important that the icing is lump-free. To prevent this from happening, we recommend sieving the sugar in advance. If you want to refine the icing with spices, colors and flavors, do so after it has already reached the desired consistency. This is especially true for the dry ingredients like cinnamon and vanilla powder. The liquid ingredients – such as vanilla extract or food coloring, can also be added to the liquid with which you prepare the glaze.

Decorating sweet baked goods with icing: how to do it?

Cake drizzle with glaze

A sticky frosting – for decorating gingerbread, for example – can be made by using egg white instead of liquid. This protein glaze gets very hard over time, so you shouldn’t use it in large quantities if possible. You only need 1 egg white at room temperature for 250g powdered sugar.

It is advisable to decorate the cake with icing only after it has cooled down. There is one exception to this rule – if the pastry gets too dry, you can save it by glazing it with icing before cooling. There are several methods of distributing the pour. You can use a piping bag or simply drizzle the icing onto the cake by “drawing” beautiful patterns with a fork. Another idea is to cover the whole cake with icing. Simply pour the icing over the pastry and let it flow over the surface and edge. If necessary, you can help yourself with a spatula or brush. complete!

Make frosting yourself

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