4 light onion chutney recipes for every taste!

Onion chutney tastes really good!

Onion serves as an amazing remedy because it protects against diseases, especially it helps against coughs and colds. In addition to the health properties, their miracle effects when cooking should not be underestimated. Onions make for a great flavor. Dishes without onion are hardly conceivable, as it is the main ingredient in the preparation of many goodies. Today we’re suggesting a few onion chutney recipes that you could easily make yourself.

Onion chutney according to your desired flavors!

Onion Chutney Ingredients!

What are chutneys actually?

Chutneys come from India and are sweet and sour boiled down, spicy or hot and savory sauces with a mushy consistency. Mangos, tomatoes, onions or garlic are often used as the main ingredient. Depending on your taste, you can prepare chutney in different ways. Do you prefer something sweet or are you a lover of the salty? You can do this by adding sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar, chilli or other spices. There are no limits to the preparation of chutney. Chutneys are the perfect accompaniment to fried meat, fish or even cheese fondues.

Chutney dishes are especially popular on public holidays! Do you want to prepare something tasty for the next party? Onion chutney? Why not? Here are the recipes!

Caramelized Red Onion Chutney:

As ingredients for 3 servings (glasses) you need:

8 medium-sized red onions;

1 red medium hot chilli;

2 bay leaves;

Olive oil;

200 grams of brown sugar;

150 ml of red wine vinegar;

150 ml of white wine vinegar;

Salt and pepper to your taste;

Red onion chutney looks so tempting you couldn’t resist it!

Red onion chutney recipe

The preparation takes about 50 minutes:

Cut the onion and chilli into thin slices!

Put the onion and chilli in the pot or pan with the olive oil and bay leaves!

If onions have darkened a little, add sugar and vinegar.

Reduce everything to a jam-like mass!

Fill the glasses!

A great accompaniment to baked camembert or goat cheese!

How can you cook red onion chutney yourself?

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Onion Chutney: How To Cook It!

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How to make the onion chutney!

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How can you make delicious onion chutney!

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Onion chutney preparation!

Onion chutney with thyme and red wine:

600 grams of red onions;

2 tablespoons of oil;

1 sprig of thyme;

2 tablespoons of honey;

200 ml of red port wine;

250 ml of red wine;


Green pepper;

Onion chutney as a delicious side dish!

You can prepare this onion chutney in 40 minutes. The preparation is very simple and inexpensive.

First peel and finely dice the onions! Then sauté in oil in a saucepan! Pick thyme and add honey, also top up with port wine and red wine! Let the open simmer very creamy for about 20 minutes at a medium temperature! Season to taste with salt and the rest of the honey. In the meantime, drain the pepper, roughly chop and fold in! Let the onion chutney cool and serve on the table!

Delicious and tasty dish!

Onion chutney made from caramelized onions!

Onion Chutney with Pears:

300 grams of pears;

125 ml of vinegar;

1 ginger;

60 grams of raisins;


100 grams of sugar;

150 grams of onion;


Cut the pears into small pieces!

Peel the onions and cut into thin rings!

Cook all ingredients in a saucepan over low heat for an hour and stir again and again!

The chutney must be thick and jelly-like! Make sure you do a gel test! Immediately pour the finished onion chutney into jars and close tightly!

Onion chutney with pears for breakfast!

sweet onion chutney

Here is an onion chutney recipe for those who prefer salty foods. To do it yourself you need:

1 piece of fresh bell pepper;

5 pieces of fresh onions;

Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste;

120 ml of vinegar;

2 cognac or curry to taste;

100 grams of preserving sugar;

Onion chutney as a side dish to the meat!

Onion chutney as an accompaniment to meat!

Preparation for 4 servings:

Peel the onions and core the peppers!

Finely dice both!

Bring to the boil with vinegar and sugar!

Let everything boil for 15 minutes!

Add the cognac and curry!

Pour hot into glasses and serve!

Have fun cooking at home!

Don’t forget that there is a wide range of onion chutney varieties to choose from! Chilli or fear; Tomatoes or peppers …. it’s your own choice! Anything is possible as onion chutneys always taste really good and are easy to prepare! We wish you good appetite!

Onion chutney knows no bounds!

Onion Chutney with Apples!

Onion chutney for breakfast!

Onion Chutney Variants!

Onion chutney are delicious!

Onion chutney tastes really good!

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Onion chutney recipes are easy!

Onion chutney recipes are easy to make!

Onion chutney recipes for all tastes!

Onion chutney for every taste!

Onion Chutney with Lemon!

Onion chutney with tomatoes!

Onion chutney with caramelized onions tastes good!

Onion chutney with fruits!

Onion chutney with strawberries!

Onion Chutney with Chilli!

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Onion Chutney Ideas!

Onion chutney as a tasty side dish!

Onion chutney as a meat side dish!

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Onion chutney as the best side dish!

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sweet onion chutney!

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Some easy recipes for onion chutney!

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