At home vs. working in the office – how are the rooms and furniture designed

More and more people are working from home. Finding an environment that is conducive to concentration is not that easy in your own home. In order to have a good workplace that makes work easier, you have to pay attention to a few aspects when designing the room. However, it is no different if you are rents an office space and this must be set up. 

Working in the home office vs. in the office


Working from home

Anyone who works in the home office should set up the workplace in the way that works best. Ideally, the person has their own space to work. This ensures that thoughts outside of work only arise outside of the work space. Your own apartment can quickly become distracting, for example if the household has not yet been thrown out or other family members are at home during working hours. Not everyone has the opportunity to set up their own study. In such a case, there should still be a permanent place that is only being worked on. Maybe a desk in the corner of the living room that’s just for work. Those who work, eat, chat with the family and play games in the dining room will find it difficult to concentrate on their work tasks.

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Your own study should be furnished simply. A desk, storage space, an office chair and maybe one or two plants. It is best that the furniture is uniform and should have soft colors. Furniture made of wood or a white lacquered interior are even better. 

An organized workplace is half the battle. If you wipe your desk and sort documents flying around shortly before you start work, you will feel comfortable and concentrate better while you work.

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Stylish in the office building 

While the furnishing options in the home office are limited, a large office space has to be completely refurbished as soon as a company moves into it. Before simply ordering any furniture, the interior should be completely thought out. It is also important that the furniture matches the rental space. As soon as it is clear which office building a company will move into, a plan can be drawn up for a sensible furnishing. Construction should be discussed. If there are many windows, bulky furniture may not be the right choice. They prevent the natural incidence of light and work in harmony with the office space.

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The company’s identity should also be taken into account when choosing furniture. This consists of various factors such as industry, target group, top design but of course also the appearance of the office complex. Should the employees work in individual offices or is there an open-plan office or an office for a single department? Can employees come together in meeting rooms and develop new ideas there?? 

Modern office buildings should definitely allow employees to work standing up. In addition, it is nice if there are separate rooms for the breaks. These should not be near the workplaces and should be used for recreation. Comfortable seats with the possibility to have a snack.

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Following a clear line when setting up the office is a good decision. When everything looks right, employees are less likely to be distracted and can concentrate better. In addition, uniform pieces of furniture look professional, so that trust in customers who come to the office is strengthened. Another aspect is to focus on quality when setting up. The facility is used every day for many years. Cheap furniture looks worn out quickly and reduces work motivation. It is better to pick up a pile of money and take care of the furnishing issue for several years or even decades than to have to buy again and again. This will also improve the customer’s impression of the company. 

As you can see, setting up an office shouldn’t be taken lightly. Put your time into planning and it will pay off.

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