Wall design children’s room for girls – what can be seen on the walls in the girl’s room?

The children’s room design is a popular topic with us, because we are simply delighted by the functionality and the beautiful look of the modern children’s room. Adults attach great importance to a spectacular interior design and furnishing a children’s room costs them a lot of effort and time. But we would say that a nice children’s room is possible without a lot of effort. Just go for a fancy wall design! Today, the focus of our article is on wall design for girls’ children’s rooms. Would you like to take a look?

Wall design children’s room girls – immerse yourself in the delicate world of girls 

wall design children's room girl two-tone wall design pastel colors

Who actually has to make the decision for the wall design in the girl’s room? If the room is occupied by a baby or toddler, it goes without saying that the parents design the walls to their liking. But if the child is a little bigger or if it is a teenager’s room, adults should take the girls’ wishes into consideration.

At the end of the day, this is their little kingdom! So you have really endless possibilities to design a beautiful children’s room for girls. It is often the case that the walls tell a fairytale story … If the room should be designed a little more neutral, on the other hand, simple wall designs such as striped patterns are a good solution. Well, what does it have to be?

Colorful and fun wall design for little girls

wall design nursery girl wall stickers throw pillows pattern

Wall design children’s room girl with beautiful patterns and stencils

In fact, when you think of wall design in a girl’s room, you intuitively think of cute patterns that create a romantic atmosphere in the room. Be especially careful not to overdo anything when designing the wall. Because if you take the other clichés in mind, maybe every girl’s room should resemble a princess room with all the accessories and the typical wall design. But a modern children’s room for girls could be related to princesses through a much simpler wall design. What do you mean, for example, about lush wallpaper? Or maybe you prefer a sticker with your little princess’s name on it?

Simple, but striking wall decoration evokes fascination

wall design kids room girl owl name sticker flowers

Simple wall design or unusual wall decoration

Some children and their parents prefer a simple wall design, others place a particularly high value on original wall decoration. If you simply want to paint the girl’s room, you could prefer warm colors or modern pastel tones. However, if the walls should look a bit more conspicuous and therefore also very individual, there are several options available. Modern murals, beautiful decorative garlands and attractive wall decorations are perfect for this purpose. Just let your creativity run free!

Stylish wall decoration in the youth room

wall design nursery girl deco ideas wall art carpets

Design an accent wall in the girl’s room

Are you planning to make your girl’s room shabby chic? Or maybe you want to bring a vintage flair to this one? Then you’d better go for an accent wall instead of designing the entire interior in a single style. Accent walls with floral patterns or the so-called polka dot pattern are particularly delightful. Wallpaper is an excellent alternative for girls’ room walls. They are sure to add a lively and colorful touch! An accent wall is also a great way to separate areas in the room.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers …

wall design children's room unusual wall design colored flowery

The youth room for girls

Designing a youth room for girls is actually a particularly arduous task! Because teenagers often change their minds and that makes permanent wall design almost impossible. In this case, you should be particularly creative with the wall decoration. It is best to leave the task of designing the walls in the room to your daughter as she likes. By the way, there are many posters and photos on the walls of girls’ rooms in teenagers. A popular wall decoration is the photo collage. Because the main thing here is to express your own individuality.

Furnish the girls’ room in a modern and cozy way at the same time

wall design nursery girl girl's room pink nuances

Designing a girl’s room is a real pleasure, we would emphasize in the end! Especially when it comes to wall design, you have a great deal of freedom to be creative and to put different decorating ideas into practice. But don’t forget the most important thing: a girl’s room must reflect the identity of its occupant. So design the nursery walls in accordance with your daughter’s preferences!

A geometric wall will bring some dynamism to the interior design

wall design children's room girl geometric wall design fresh wall decoration

Red stars enchant the girls’ room walls

wall design children's room girl red stars children's room design red accents

wall design children's room girls combine soft colors

wall design children's room girl soft pastel tones many accessories

wall design children's room girl beautiful colors combine children's room design ideas

wall design nursery girl scandinavian design

wall design nursery girl wall stickers name

wall design children's room girls warm colors color design children's room walls

wall design nursery girl gray walls wall decoration