Make small children’s rooms attractive and rational

You have less space in the nursery and hesitating how to do it? Don’t forget that the number one priority is the child’s well-being! You can also do it in a small space and transform a small children’s room into an attractive and at the same time calming place! Interior design is not a difficult task if you follow the main rules – your offspring should feel comfortable there, have enough space to sleep, play and study, and be able to express their individuality in a specific way.

Because we are not only talking about the rational design of children’s furniture, but also about aesthetics that are fun for young and old. When setting up, you should try to equip and decorate the small room not only handsome, but also attractively. It looks like a difficult task! Today we want to help with this process. Our ideas are presented in pictures and clarified in information, with tips and hints for an optimal room design in the small children’s room.

Convert the small room into an attractive and comfortable children’s room

Set up small nursery ideas

Colors that visually expand the room and please children

In no case should you choose dark colors for the walls, as they make your otherwise small room look even smaller. Brightly colored items go well with walls in white, beige, creamy, pale pink, or sky blue. You can freshen up the ambience with some trendy color accents on furniture in stark tones.

However, if your child is very sensitive, you should not surround them with bright colors. In this case, you could opt for delicate pastel shades. Make it cozy for the little one with a number of cuddly toys, pillows, stickers of fairies and guardian angels, scented candles, etc. And why not let your child look at the night sky with glowing planets and stars glued to the ceiling?

For children with pronounced individuality, you can use a certain and popular style. Children (especially the boys) are fond of maritime style. To make this a reality, however, you need designer children’s furniture. What will save your family budget might be a DIY project about wall decor that you can discuss with all members of the family.

Children’s room in a maritime style – furnish the small room in a nautical design

Small children's room design ideas

Fresh and bright – children’s rooms in white, gray and light green

Small children's room design bunk beds

How do you find space for everything you need in a limited space??

The bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in a child’s room. You will save a lot of space if you set up the small children’s room with a children’s loft bed. Choose it multifunctional – with lots of drawers, cupboards and shelves that will serve as storage space. You can even set up with a desk under the bed. In this way, your child will have a private sphere and at the same time the space will be used optimally. Zigzag stairs that lead to the loft bed are now up to date. You can separate a second corner as a play area, which you can equip with a tent or children’s kitchen, for example. You put the smaller toys in boxes.

Scroll down our picture gallery to collect more ideas and get more inspiration. We wish you the best of luck with furnishing your children’s room and we are sure that it will be tasteful!

Children’s loft bed with the zigzag stairs

Small nursery zig zag stairs

Any arrangement in the small children’s room is completely possible

Small nursery idea kids furniture

If the space is very tight, only the most important things are left behind

small children's room set up children's furniture

An attic room can be freshened up with bright wallpaper and set up as a children’s room

Small nursery attic ideas

Think creatively – there are numerous decoration options

Set up small children's room attic

Why not use the bright wall as a blackboard too?

Small attic design children's furniture

Playground under the stairs – a children’s kitchen

Children's corner playground idea

“Less is more” – a motto that applies to small children’s rooms with particular strength

Small nursery kids furniture

Small attic in a maritime style

Small children's room, maritime style

An original idea for the small children’s room

Small living room set up children's furniture

The bunk bed – the rational solution for the small living space

Small nursery high bed idea

Shrill colors spice up the ambience in the small children’s room

Small nursery furniture for children set up ideas

Beige in the nursery has a calming effect and combines well with other colors

Small children's room design children's furniture

Set up with compact children’s furniture and have more free space

Small kids room playground idea

An idea for a children’s room in two separate parts

Children's room children's furniture desk

A bed next to the window so that the children get up early in the morning

Small nursery cot idea

Small children’s room with space-saving children’s furniture and trendy color accents

Small children's room children's furniture solution