Design children’s rooms – ideas for a chic and cozy kids zone


Everyone has their own idea of ​​what the perfect children’s room design looks like. The children’s room is the place where the child spends most of the time. In addition to the spatial conditions of the room, the child’s special preferences should also be taken into account when designing the children’s room. The children feel particularly comfortable when their children’s room always reflects their ideas and is so inviting and cozy.

Design children's rooms with planets and a starry sky

Designing a children’s room – ideas and tips

Chic children's room design

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to designing a children’s room. However, functionality and convenience must never be neglected. We will tell you how all these requirements are combined, how the decisive idea for children’s room design comes about and what you should pay attention to in order to transform the children’s room into a dream children’s room.

Design children's rooms with Spiderman wall

How do I design the perfect children’s room

Bright children's room with beautiful wall painting

As children grow older, the needs of children also change. Therefore, a distinction should also be made between baby, children’s and youth rooms.

The best inspiration for the design of the children’s room usually comes from the children themselves. If the child is given the opportunity to participate in the design of the children’s room, they can identify with it all the more. For example, you can include small children’s works of art – children’s handprints on the wall or children’s drawings printed on curtains.

Knight's castle in the nursery - a great idea for boys

More order in the nursery

Nursery design for little boys

Storage space is an important aspect so that there is permanent order in the children’s room. While still in the planning phase, you should have thought about where all toy cars, Barbie dolls and school supplies can be stored within children’s reach. There are toys everywhere. Sure – there are far too many toys and actually the child doesn’t need that much of them. Regularly mucking out the toys and having enough storage space available is the be-all and end-all of keeping the children’s room tidy. The classic among gifts and souvenirs are cuddly toys. Although the children usually only take their favorite cuddly toy to bed with them, there is always too much of it that has to be cleared out or stowed away in a stylish way. The idea here is the coat hanger for Schalls, there you can stow the small stuffed animals wonderfully.

Children's room design - the green children's realm

When it comes to a youth room, the demands are completely different, but storage space is just as important here. The room should be so flexible that it can be converted from a playroom to a party room without much effort. The quickest way to create storage space is with boxes and crates. A bed box fits in small children’s rooms because it takes up little space and a lot can be stored in it.

Children’s Room Design – The Chronicles of Narnia

Children's room design - The Chronicles of Narnia

Children’s room for girls – a dream in pink

Girls' room in pink - colorful and cozy

It doesn’t always have to be pink and plush. Although for many girls a pink bed and a bit of fairy dust is certainly a dream of a child’s room. For the resident, her own room is her own retreat in the house. Like every children’s room, the room should be able to be used multifunctionally for playing, sleeping, relaxing and doing homework. Therefore, special attention should be paid to it.

Funny children's room with climbing wall

When choosing a color for the girls’ room, everyone thinks of pink for the first time. When choosing a color, however, it is important to consider the size of the room and the influence of sunlight. Colors can not only visually enlarge or reduce the space, but also have a different effect on the body.

Blue children's room with marine motifs

As an example, the color green has a refreshing and concentration-promoting effect and is suitable for office areas, whereas red is a signal color and has an activating effect, it should be used for play areas. Blue is used for rest and relaxation, which is why it is very suitable for the design of the sleeping area.

Children's room in fresh colors for two children

If you want to save yourself having to paint with different-looking colors, it is best to choose a subtle color that the daughter will probably like when she comes out of the girlhood. On the other hand, one could respond to children’s preferences when designing the wall and, for example, use wallpapers with different patterns and motifs.

Bright children's room with plenty of space to play

Children's room design for two children with a sandwitsch bed

Fairytale nursery for a little princess

The nursery with the tree

The modern Aviator children's room

Chic and cozy - children's room in the green with a large window

funny children's room in green

Great nursery design with a truck bed

Children's room design - two-story bed for three

Designing a baby room – chic to feel good

The baby room - soft colors and a lot of cosiness

The baby room is usually planned a few weeks before the birth. The cot is the most important piece of furniture, so you should decide at the beginning whether a cradle or a lattice bed should be used. The cradle lets the child rock back and forth but quickly becomes too small, on the other hand, the lattice bed can still be used in toddlerhood. There are also spress beds that can later be converted into cots or desks.

Nursery design for babies

Chic nursery for the baby boy

Baby nursery in soft colors

Children's room design, soft colors and comfort

Baby room in a rustic style

The prince's room from the fairy tale

Chic and simple - design with taste

Baby blue - the chic nursery for the baby boy