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World travel: Colorful residential areas around the world

The most colorful residential areas in the world

A lifetime is not enough to see all the beautiful places in this world. It is therefore worth highlighting one aspect and focusing on it. If you love bright colors and want to meet people with the same attitude, then the following topic is for you. We will show you some beautiful colored residential areas from all over the world. Regardless of whether you stay on this virtual world tour or really visit these places, we wish you a lot of fun.

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

This residential area is not only colorful, but also has a long and eventful past. Visit it on site, because every visit there brings many new positive experiences.

The Bo-Kaap residential area in Cape Town, South Africa is well worth a visit

Colorful residential district of Bo Kaap Cape Town

Balat, Istanbul

Let’s go back a little closer to the place where Europe and Asia meet. Istanbul is the next colorful residential area that we would like to introduce to you. In the past, a large number of Jews lived here and it is therefore also known as the Jewish Quarter.

The colorful surroundings have now attracted a lot of artists here. So there are many reasons for visiting the Balat residential area during your Istanbul trip.

The former Jewish quarter of Balat in Istanbul

Colorful residential district of Balat Istanbul Turkey

Burano, Italy

In this case, we are dealing with an entire island rather than a residential area. The many colors may seem arbitrary, but actually make up part of an overall concept. While many shades may be used within this, they must be determined and approved by the city council.

The colored island in Italy

Colorful residential district of Burano Italy

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most famous town with colored houses in the world is probably Rio de Janeiro. The residential area here is also spiced up with street art. This is now a completely legal practice.

Experience the street art of Rio de Janeiro

Colorful residential Rio de Janeiro graffiti

Guantanamo City, Mexico

Iconic painter Diego Rivera was born here. His family house is also among the colored houses. It’s turned into a great museum.

The Diego Rivera Museum contains valuable paintings

Colorful residential Guantanamo Diego Rivera Museum

Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

The residential area was named after two intersecting streets. They are named Haight and Ashbury. For a long time it was known as a center for the hippies.

Haight-Ashbury has a long history

Colorful residential neighborhoods Haight Ashbury USA

Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna

There are also world-famous colored towns in German-speaking countries. In Vienna, for example, you can visit the Hundertwasser House. It is the house of the Austrian artist Friedrich Stowasser, who renamed himself after Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He turned his house into something remarkable by dividing many colored areas from one another with irregular lines.

Visit the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna, it’s worth it!

Colorful residential district Hundertwasserhaus Vienna

Ilulissat, Greenland

These colored cottages are covered in white snow most of the year. And here you are in the right place. Because you need the right motivation to go fishing in frost and ice. And that’s the main occupation of the locals here.

The colorful Ilulissat district radiates positive energy

Colorful residential area of ​​Ilulissat Greenland

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Colored houses are scattered all along Caminito Street in the La Boca residential area in Buenos Aires. This avenue is also considered an open museum created by the artist Benito Quintela Martin. When he started his work it was just a forgotten, dilapidated street.

Every visit to this place is worthwhile just to remind ourselves that the beauty of our lives is in our own hands.

It used to be just a forgotten street, but now it’s one of the top travel destinations in Buenos Aires

Colorful residential district La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina graffiti santa marta

Nothing Hill, London

 It was here that romantic film history developed, best portrayed by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. They met by chance on the streets of Nothing Hill. And that’s no coincidence because the screenwriter, Richard Curtis, is from here. The residential area is also the most affluent in West London.

The English residential area of ​​Nothing Hill is the wealthiest in West London

Colorful residential neighborhood Nothing Hill London Art

Reitdiephaven, Groningen, Holland

These lively shaded houses are surrounded on all sides by water. Their beauty is reflected in it and spreads even more. The view is so beautiful that everything here seems unreal.

It is an unreal, colorful environment on all sides

Colorful residential area Reitdiephaven Gröningen Holland

Tirana, Albania

One of the most beautiful colored cities in the world is located in Albania, more precisely in the capital Tirana. The atmosphere is friendly not only because of the colorful house facades, but also because of the locals. They like to invite visitors for a cup of coffee.

The city of Tirana is one of the top colored towns in the world

Colorful residential district Tirana Albania

The colored residential area in San Francisco was named after two intersecting streets

Colorful residential Haight Ashbury street distribution

Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts met by chance on the streets of Nothing Hill

Colorful residential area of ​​Nothing Hill London

The colorful residential area of ​​La Boca in Argentina

Colorful residential neighborhoods La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina

It is an enchanting view in Greenland

Colorful residential area Ilulissat Greenland ice

You can see the Reitdiephaven residential area from a bird’s eye view

Colorful residential area Reitdiephaven Gröningen Holland Drone

Street art is perfectly legal in Rio de Janeiro

Graffiti colorful residential neighborhoods La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina

The house of the Austrian artist Friedrich Stowasser, who turned his house into something remarkable

Colorful residential district Hundertwasserhaus Vienna Art