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Reduce fat, build muscle: is it possible at the same time?

Lose Fat Build Muscle

On the way to the dream body? Then you definitely not only want to burn off the excess kilos, but also want to build muscle so that you look fit and sporty. But you may have heard that both are not possible at the same time because they are different processes in the body. To lose weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit of around 300 kcal. On the contrary – muscle building requires an excess of around 300 kcal. Obviously, the two processes cannot run in parallel. But that is only the half truth. Below you will find out everything about “reducing fat, building muscles” and you will find useful tips to achieve your dream weight! continue reading!

Reduce fat, build muscle: how to get this effect

Exercises for the lower body

As a total beginner, with the right diet and plenty of exercise, you have a good chance of burning fat and building muscle at the same time. This is because the exercises are completely new to your muscles. The musculature reacts to the unusual load by growing even though you are consuming few calories. Strength training is perhaps the best variant in this regard – for both beginners and advanced users. This allows you to build muscle mass and reduce weight in the long term.

But you should know – when reducing fat and building muscle go hand in hand, the main change is body composition. That means: your weight could not change or even increase a little. But don’t panic! You don’t see the difference on the scales, but in your reflection. You will also notice that you are now leaner and more muscular and that your old jeans will fit you again. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Reduce fat, build muscle – easier for beginners

Strength training for the perfect figure

Also, the higher your body fat percentage is at the beginning, the easier it will be to build muscle while you exercise. And that works even with a calorie deficit, because fat is exactly an energy store in the body. People who have taken a long break from training – due to injury or illness, for example – can look forward to the same effect.

The advanced, who work out every day and have a medium or low body fat percentage, cannot reduce fat and build muscle at the same time. The reason is that well-trained muscles grow more slowly and you have no energy reserves in the form of fat, and you can build up muscles even with a calorie deficit. So if you have reserves of fat, you can burn it off and go on a diet at the same time. The result is a slim and muscular figure and a low percentage of body fat!

Diet, recovery, training – the 3 important factors

Eat healthy and balanced

For fat reduction and muscle building, 3 factors are most important:

  1. Proper nutrition – low in calories and high in protein;
  2. The right training – this stimulates the muscles to grow;
  3. The recovery periods between workouts – it is especially important that the body recovers well;

Reduce fat, build muscle: practical tips

Weight training burn fat

And what kind of workout should you do to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time? As mentioned before, strength training can work wonders in this regard. Training forms such as HIIT are also very effective, Tabata and circuit training, after which the body burns more calories for hours. Don’t forget about everyday activities that – if intense – can help you lose weight.

Your diet should be healthy and balanced in the first place. Rely on foods that keep you full for a long time to avoid food cravings. The protein-rich foods, such as poultry, low-fat curd and other dairy products, legumes, fish, and tofu, help build muscle the most. To ensure that your diet is properly balanced, however, you should not forget to consume carbohydrates, healthy vegetable fats and vitamins. In order to achieve the goal, we recommend that you initially consume about 300 calories less than the daily requirement. So the body will burn the fat reserves. And with our low carb recipes with stevia you will quickly build the muscles that you have always wanted! Good luck with losing weight!

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Lose fat build muscle fitness

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