Feeling good with light – tips for the right lighting at home

The range of lamps and light sources is getting bigger and more diverse every year. But that doesn’t necessarily make choosing the right lighting for your own home any easier. Because in addition to design, size and color, aspects such as comfort and well-being play an important role. In order to meet these requirements, you should be familiar with lighting planning. Therefore, today we have some basic tips for you that should give you the basis of a successful lighting concept for your own four walls.

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The perfect mix makes it

Hanging a single lamp in the middle of the ceiling is no longer enough. To create a cozy ambience, you should rely on the right mix of direct and indirect light. This not only achieves visual comfort, but also enables a harmonious play between light and shadow. This has a particularly balancing and comforting effect on the mind and invites you to relax. In order to implement the optimal lighting design for every room, it is important to use several light sources. Lighting experts therefore recommend equipping medium-sized to large rooms with at least 3-5 light bodies.

You should always pay attention to a pleasant indirect background lighting, accent lights and functional light, also known as work light. This creates different islands of light that not only look visually homely, but also give the room more functionality. Above all, open living areas with cooking, dining and relaxation areas can benefit optimally from such a lighting concept. in the Home office or bathroom, but the combination between directional and ambient light is just as important in the bedroom.

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Rely on energy-efficient LEDs

In addition to well-being and multifunctionality, one should also think about energy efficiency and sustainability when choosing light sources. This is not only good for your budget, but also for the environment. Unlike the old light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, modern LEDs are considered excellent light sources. These are efficient, durable and versatile. They have also been further developed in recent years and can already be found in different variants, intensities and light colors. So you can, for example, through high-quality LED stripes not only set lighting accents in showcases or on furniture, but also position them as functional light under suspended ceilings or above the kitchen work surface, if desired.

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They are also very practical and energy efficient Recessed spotlight LED, which are often called LED spots. These lie very elegantly flat on the ceiling and can serve both as a rich background light and as a directional accent light. The recessed spotlights fit practically in every single room. You can find these in a round, square or rectangular shape and skillfully integrate them into your own interior. Dimmable LED recessed spotlights, which save even more energy and ensure an even more comfortable living atmosphere, are ideal.

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Select the right light color

Light has been shown to play an extremely important role in our physical and mental state. And not only the light intensity is decisive, but also the so-called light color or Color temperature. When it comes to light sources, one speaks of warm white, neutral white and cold white light. The light color is always indicated on any packaging in Kelvin. The smaller the number, the warmer the light. For example, a luminaire with 2500 K is warm white and one with 6000 K is cold white. In other words, that means that the proportion of blue light increases. For living areas such as bedrooms or living rooms, a color temperature between 2700 and 3000 Kelvin is therefore recommended because it has a relaxing and warming effect. The kitchen, bathroom and home office, on the other hand, are better supplied with a light color over 3500 Kelvin. This causes more alertness and concentration.

We hope that these important tips have given us more clarity about proper lighting. So you can build on it and get even more expert opinions and benefit from their know-how in lighting design at home. Decide on the best lighting concept for you and have a good time!

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