Great Cinema- the 45 top films of the last decade

Top films with an unexpectedly intricate plot

Anyone who enjoys watching movies appreciates the intricate actions and their unpredictable outcome. They don’t happen that often. We have compiled a list of top movies that will keep you excited until the last moment. Are you ready for something really unexpected and exciting?


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The future – a topic that we always find interesting. In the plot of this film, the scientists designed a time machine and thus brought human civilization to a new level of development. One now has the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. But it really does make the present better?

Side Effects – Deadly Side Effects

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The main character in the film, Emily, has mental health problems. They came about after her husband was sent to prison. Emily falls into depression and even tries to end her life on her own. The psychologist prescribes antidepressants for her, but she would rather experiment with a new drug that a work colleague told her about.

The perfect crime

Fracture top movies good movies list

The prosecutor’s assistant gets into an intricate game with someone who has tried to kill his own wife because of an affair. The perpetrator did not end up in jail because of a bureaucratic error that was favorable to him. Will that change and everyone will get what they deserve?

Top Movies – Wild Things

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Seventeen year old Kelly falls in love with her teacher. She tries to get his attention in a number of ways. When she doesn’t get what she wants, she looks for ways to get revenge. A friend comes to her aid. However, Kelly soon realizes that she has become a teammate in a very dishonest game.

Room 1408 (1408)

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Mike Enslin is a successful writer who writes about terrifying phenomena. He moves to a motel named 1408. The nightmares that followed surpass even his most terrible imaginations.

“13 Sins – Game of Death”

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Elliot Brindle is in huge debt and seeks a way out of his practically desperate situation. He receives a call and is offered participation in a TV show. It looks like his luck has come to him, because on this opportunity he can make quite a lot of money. But everything is not as simple as it looks. He has to take part in a game and complete 13 tasks. Unfortunately, he cannot act freely, but is used as a pawn.

Who Am I – No system is safe

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Benjamin is a young computer genius. But he’s nobody in the real world. He wants to break the framework of the system that restricts him. To do this, he commits a series of crimes in virtual space. But what can he expect now? Who is he anyway? To what extent does that coincide with what he wants to be?

The skin that I live in

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Robert Ledgard is a world famous surgeon. His greatest achievement is that he created artificial human skin. He assures everyone that he conducted experiments at rates. The truth is that he caught a young woman at home and is using her to carry out his project.

Smokin ‘aces

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At the center of this story is the godfather of a mafia boss. He is currently working as a stage magician and decides to stand as a witness against his old comrades in court. The gangsters involved promise a million dollars for his head. FBI tries to hide him, but the wizard keeps appearing in public, encouraging new and new professional killers.


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The main character in this film is called Roger Brown. He helps top companies to find top people for their managerial positions. He leads a lifestyle that doesn’t match his income. Roger uses his professional position to commit crimes: he deals with theft of expensive works of art that are in the possession of his clients.

Top Movies – Oblivion

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The film shows us a terrible vision for the future. This is the earth after a war with alien invaders. The earth is devastated and no one can live there. Those who did not die need a place of refuge. The main character manages to save a woman’s life and soon this changes his fate.

American Hustle

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The plot in this movie revolves around a special mission. It developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. An incident involving a stolen storage is being investigated. However, the thread leads to the higher levels of the hierarchy and one discovers cases of corruption that affect a broader mass of people.

A risky plan

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A former police officer is suspected of a crime. He desperately thinks about ending his life by jumping off the roof. Police psychologists try to talk him out of the idea. The tension grows with every minute. The emotions are strong: Ultimately, only an innocent person can react so painfully to such accusations, or?

1 murder for 2

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Andrew Wyke is a very successful crime writer. He invites his wife’s lover over and makes him a very seductive offer. Andrew Wyke knows about the affair between the two and is even ready to get a divorce. But he sets certain conditions.

Top movies with an absolutely unexpected ending

Do you think you have a knack for guessing the end of the movies? We have a list of titles for you that will challenge your skill level. Are you curious? Then stick with it and read on. We hope that at least a few of the Top Movie titles are new to you and that you can spend exciting evenings at home with them.

12 monkeys

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We start with this film by Terry Gilliam. His film productions have such an original style that you stick to it until the end, even if you don’t really like them. 12 Monkeys – this is an exciting, fantastic story, but not a fairy tale. You get into a world in which time travel is possible. The main character first travels to the future, then returns to the past. There she meets brilliant, but totally crazy people. It’s about uncovering a great mystery. In the end, it turns out that there is a very simple explanation behind it.


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All the movie heroes are very serious here. It is impossible to watch this film and not laugh while doing it. At the same time you have to be super concentrated so as not to lose the thread of all parallel subject lines.

Butterfly Effect – The end is just the beginning

top fime good films cool films butterfly effect

Most of you are probably familiar with this film. Nevertheless, it is worth looking at it again and again. Believe us, you will discover something new every time. The plot is so intricate that one cannot speak of just one, but of several surprising outcomes.


top fime good films cool films identity

The subject of this film is full of puzzles. If you’ve never seen it before, you will never be able to guess the ending. Do we want to bet on it? The mood is tense all the time and all participants are under suspicion.

The Box

top fime good films cool films box

Many philosophical questions are asked in this film. They all take a long time to get the right answers. It’s about a broadcast that brings extraterrestrial or magical powers. With it begins a fabulous story that contains no clear moral doctrine. Do we live in boxes ourselves? As such, can we perceive our cars as well as our jobs, our houses, and even our graves?


top fime good films cool films oldboy

This is a very high quality, one-off production that was shot in South Korea. The director portrays life like a game of chess. You take a wrong step and you’ve lost. Every word and every action play a special role. Everything you do has to be carefully considered beforehand, so the message of the film. But at the same time it represents a wonderful opportunity to deal with this perception of life shared by many people.

Black Swan

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This film is a one-off psychological drama. You enjoy the exciting atmosphere and wonderful acting at the same time. Keep embarking on the wide range of emotions. The main question of this film is whether inner peace or apparent perfection is more important. Check out the movie and find an answer for yourself.

The Village

top fime good films-cool films the village

This film is like a hymn to color and beauty. Compared to many other romantic stories, this one is much more human, witty, realistic and therefore more admirable. But that’s also a story about human fears and about the constant attempts that we make to escape reality and to build our own world.

The Ghost Writer

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The subject of the film can be compared to a labyrinth. It consists of many great offers that are in front of fictional people as well as us – the viewers. Roman Polanski shows the dark side of politics here. He reveals them in an ingenious way that is typical only for him.

The illusionist

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The plot is so exciting that you can watch this film 10 times without getting bored. It’s about the ingenious illusionist Eisenheimer. He makes a brave decision to embark on a dangerous and complicated affair because of love. Already with that he wins the hearts of the audience. But they fall in love with him all the more when they see the way in which he realizes his plans.

The Incredibles – Now You See Me

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The next of our top films is really spectacular, dynamic and exciting. The magic box has not 2, but 3 hidden floors. This is as unexpected as any event that occurs in this film.

Gone Girl – The perfect victim

top fime good films cool films gone girl

With this title we close our list of top movies with an unexpected ending. The first impression is that there is a not very original plot going on here. But then you will find out that everything is developing the way you did not expect it to. You will learn to be vigilant just when everything looks “normal”.

Top movies with which you can develop your logical thinking

Exam – Deadly Exam

Movies Exam Popular Movies Top Movies

It’s about a simple plan to bring out the best intellectual potential of some people. You will be brought together in a closed room, you will be given challenging tasks and limited in terms of time and resources. That’s eight competitors for a very good job. You all have to answer a single question. But what is it?

The best offer

Movies Popular Movies Top Movies The Best Offer

In the life of a well-known art critic, suddenly a charming and very interesting woman appears. She is very mysterious and wants him to evaluate her property. What does it mean? At first you think the answer is obvious. But that is far from the case. The outcome of the situation is guaranteed to occupy you for a few days after watching the film.

The Incredibles – Now You See Me

Now You See Me 2013 Movies Popular Movies Top Movies

It’s about four stage magicians who get a lot of applause during their performances. That’s what you see. What we don’t know about them is that they carry out a great number of organized robberies. They use their tricks, of course. If you want to decipher how they succeed in the robbery, you have to watch very carefully. The more you get to the end, the more complicated it gets in this movie.

Jackie Chan is nobody

Jackie Chan is Nobody Movies Popular Movies Top Movies

If you like movies with battle scenes then this one is for you. The main character is a computer genius, but in real life he is nobody. His life takes a radical turn the moment he meets someone who is his opposite. You’re guaranteed to be impatiently awaiting the end so you can find out who the main character actually is.

All Beauty Must Die

All Beauty Must Die Movies Popular Movies Top Movies

A mysterious disappearance, secrets from the past, doubts about the mental health of some people, intrigue. It’s all part of a wonderful love story.

The movie is interesting, but expect the aftertaste it leaves. This one will be strong, especially when you know that what is happening is real.

The double

The Double Motion Pictures Popular Movies Top Movies

Simon is very humble. He is ignored at work and his dream woman just doesn’t notice him. At some point, however, James shows up. He is his new work colleague. James is charismatic and confident. He’s a double of Simon … The film is also exciting because it is a modern interpretation of Dostoevsky’s doppelganger.

Timecrimes – murder is only a matter of time

Timecrimes Movies Popular Movies Top Movies

Héctor looks like a perfectly normal person. He is also totally satisfied with his life. On an evening that also looked normal, he got caught in a time machine in the woods. This story sounds like something banal from an American film. But the Spanish interpretation is completely different and it is worth looking at. The time paradoxes are viewed here from a completely new and very critical perspective.

Gone Girl – The perfect victim

Gone Girl Movies Popular Movies Top Movies

Here the theme of the difficulty of the relationship between men and women is taken up again. A man loses his wife. As he goes in search of her, he must reveal the darkest secrets of their relationship and his own life.


Cube Movies Popular Movies Top Movies

A couple of people get into a very mysterious place. This is full of dangers and you can not find a way out of their difficult situation at all. This is a production that shows us that you can make great films with little money.

Ex machina

Movies Popular Movies Top Movies Ex Machina

The atmosphere of the film is full of mystery and high technology. A young scientist spent a week testing a robot that had a woman’s intellect. Both start a psychological and intellectual game and it is not clear who will come out of it as the winner.

Do you want to develop your intellectual skills even as you recover? If so, then you should make a note of the films from this list and watch them at your first opportunity.

 Top films exploring human psychology

 We Need to Talk about Kevin

Popular Movies Top Movies Feature Films We Need to Talk about Kevin

What is a dark but very impressive psychological story. It’s about the relationship between mother and son. Unfortunately, the story comes to a tragic end. Young Kevin kills some classmates and his own father and sister. Of course, for the mother Dana the question remains whether it was her fault.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

popular films top films motion pictures Martha Marcy May Marlene

This film shows a fine and deep picture of the human psyche. All the while, viewers have to guess what’s going to happen. At all times, one does not know whether the main character is talking about the memories of the main character or whether real events are being portrayed. You have to ask yourself critically all the time whether you are dealing with reality or imagination.


popular films top films motion picture films Her

This is one of the most original top films from the last few years, which caused a stir with both viewers and critics. The main character of the film falls in love with an operating system. Does that sound absurd? The circumstances are quite normal in many respects …


popular movies top movies motion pictures dogtooth

Do you miss the multi-faceted cinema? Do we need to see something really interesting and meaningful? This top film represents anti-totalitarian views and presents the patriarchal human values ​​in a grotesque form. The criticism against the conservative values ​​is really cruel in some moments.


popular movies top movies motion pictures stoker

Park Chan-wook has a knack for describing crazy people in a cold-blooded, neural, and even beautiful way. This film will keep you excited until the last minute. Then we start thinking. Everyone wonders: How much madness is there in each of us??


popular movies top movies motion pictures womb

How does the combination of science fiction and psychology sound like to you? A woman cannot stand the death of her husband and clones him. All the while, however, she has to doubt whether she made a right or wrong decision.

Goodbye solo

popular films top films motion picture films goodbye solo

This film is about a random person who took a taxi. All the while he tries to cheer up the taxi driver, to bring back faith in life and hope. He also shows him what humanity means. This theme often appears in movies. But it is precisely this not very well-known team of directors and actors that portrays it particularly convincingly.

Black balloon

popular films top films motion picture films Black Balloon

We close the list of top movies with a deep psychological meaning with an Australian production. She won the 2008 Berlin Film Festival award in one of the youth categories. It is primarily about the youth themselves. This is where love, family obligations and attitudes towards disabled people are mixed up.