Everything about tutoring: 7 golden rules for choosing a teacher

Good tutoring is now standard in the lives of many pupils, students and professionals. The usual educational institutions usually do not offer an individual approach. We all have different talents, different goals, show all weaknesses and strengths. In addition, we now have a wide variety of proven learning methods at our disposal. Finding the best tutor for tutoring according to your own criteria saves time and money in the long run. "Tutoring providers near me and online" has therefore become a very popular combination of search terms. Here are the seven most important criteria for choosing a teacher!

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Prefer the academic or the more free learning style for your tutoring?

Practice clearly shows that non-academic tutors are increasingly preferred. For this reason, a number of reliable platforms with their own rating system were created. Within these, potential teachers are rated according to certain criteria. You are guaranteed to get good results even with non-conventional methods. So you should just clarify for yourself whether the informal or more conservative teaching style would be the right one for you.

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Decide on the professional background of the selected teacher!

The tutoring could be given by an experienced teacher, but also by a pupil, student or professional expert in a certain field. Certificates and diplomas continue to play an important role in selection, of course, but in themselves they are not enough for trust. You can opt for people from different professional backgrounds.

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Enjoy learning online or with someone in person?

It is often said that personal communication is always the better option. But like every rule, this does not apply to everyone and always without exception. Some people overcome their shyness much easier by communicating online. Therefore, tutoring via Skype or another virtual platform would be much more suitable for them. Others, in turn, absolutely need personal contact. Different teachers are available for different options.

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Define your goals exactly

Not only the students, but also the teachers work differently well under pressure. Are you about to take an important exam or do you just want to improve your knowledge? Some teachers are particularly motivated by specific goals such as annual exams or other exams. They usually also have very good references from their former students. Others, on the other hand, are stressed by concrete learning goals. Because of this, they prefer to work without undue pressure. They are ideal for those cases in which you simply want to develop your own potential better.

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How much time do you have?

After all, tutoring is a main occupation for many people. Because of this, they also have their own priorities. When these are what the students want, both sides are more motivated. Often students or professional experts simply want to earn a few euros with an intensive working day. You might find it difficult to find the time for very intensive exam preparation within a short period of time. In such cases you often have to be ready for one or the other additional hour of work. You don’t always have this! More suitable for such situations are teachers who want to earn serious money through tutoring.

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What kind of budget do you actually have??

The budget is also an important issue. Tutoring does not have to be expensive to be of good quality. Less experienced teachers would probably be cheaper in the beginning. If your learning objective and your teaching style coincide, you will surely achieve the desired results despite the slightly smaller professional experience of the teacher.

Lessons have to be fun

Even the purely human growth should not be underestimated in a tutoring. After all, we are all human and we like each other in different ways. There is nothing wrong with getting along better with one teacher than with another. The opposite is also true, of course. Be sure to find a classroom teacher who you enjoy meeting and who is fun to learn with. In this way, you guarantee yourself clearly better results.