Coffee drinks and the art of drinking coffee properly!

The coffee and its little secrets

“The soul doesn’t need tea or coffee. The soul needs a conversation and namely the coffee is the reason for it! ” One could draw some conclusions from this Turkish proverb: Coffee stands for joy and relaxation, inspiration and moments of happiness, a special ritual, time for a friendly gossip or simply one of the things whose essential role in our everyday life should not be underestimated. The first café was opened in Berlin in 1721, but at that time the nationwide opinion was that coffee consumption led to sterility among women. Jahann Sebastian Bach created his famous coffee cantata in 1732 in order to contradict this widespread opinion and to praise the favorite drink with praise. More than 150 years later, afternoon coffee turned into a tradition in Germany, as a result of which the word “coffee gossip” came into being. Nowadays, the Finnish people are at the top of the coffee list, while the Americans are at the bottom.

Coffee drinks – the art of drinking coffee properly

Coffee drinks macchiato italy typical

The coffee does not come from Italy, but the culture and art of drinking coffee have their origins on the peninsula. The Italians are real connoisseurs of quality coffee and prepare the best espresso in the whole world. When it comes to drinking coffee, however, there are a few rules that you simply must not break!

In the following we list the most famous coffee drinks and coffee specialties and tell you how to consume them correctly.

  • If you order a caffè (the Italian word for coffee), you will get a small cup of pure espresso. Let yourself be enchanted by this intensely aromatic pleasure experience and make no mistake – although the espresso can be drunk in 2-3 sips, it ensures vitality and energy throughout the day. Another espresso variation is the so-called Ristretto – the name means “limited” and refers to the small amount of water it contains.
  • Under lungo or Americano, the Italians understand an espresso diluted with more water. Compared to espresso, this coffee drink contains a fairly small amount of caffeine and its taste is similar to normal German coffee.

Lungo coffee is only ordered by foreigners in Italy

coffee americano coffee drinks

  • Macchiato – Espesso with a little milk foam on top.
  • Corretto – espresso with a shot, mostly liqueur or grappa.
  • The Italians believe that the latte macchiato can also be consumed by children. This combination of warm milk with 2-3 drops of espresso and a little creamer is served in a large glass.
  • Cappuccino – the drink was so named because its color resembles that of the simple disguise of the capuchins. Cappuccino is consumed exclusively for breakfast with a croissant – ordering a cup of cappuccino in the afternoon or right after dinner could be considered a real desecration by the Italians!

Breakfast would be too boring without a cup of cappuccino

cappuccino coffee drinks drink coffee

In the Italian culture there are two different views of the correct consumption of coffee – napoletana (Neapolitan) and palermitana (Palermo). According to the Neapolitan view, one should drink a glass of water before the coffee in order to clean the mouth and in this way to better perceive the coffee taste and to experience the pleasure fully. The Palermitans, on the other hand, are convinced that one should drink the glass of water after the coffee in order to remove the slightly bitter aftertaste left by the espresso in the mouth.

Coffee drinks – How do you drink coffee worldwide

coffee specialties drink different types

When we talk about coffee beverages, let us clarify one thing – while Italians are the real classics, every civilization has developed its own customs regarding coffee drinking. Strange or not – make a guess for yourself! Here are some examples:

  • Coffee East in Finland – this is where pieces of cheese are added to hot coffee! Sounds strange, but the Finns like this strange combination.
  • In Malaysia, people drink yuanyang – a mixture of coffee, black tea and milk that is served both cold and hot.
  • Café de Olla – the Mexicans make coffee with a cinnamon and sugar cane and serve it in a clay cup to underline its taste.
  • Café Touba in Senegal is an extravagant mixture of coffee and black pepper.
  • In Portugal people drink Mazagran – a cold coffee drink made from espresso, water, ice and lemon juice!
  • In the French café au lait, you first have to boil the milk and then add the coffee. In any case, this coffee drink should be served in a large cup so that the croissant can be dipped in.
  • In Morocco, different spices are added to the coffee: cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, etc. This coffee specialty is accordingly known as spiced coffee.

Espresso – the right Italian coffee that is drunk at any time of the day

caffè caldo con croissants freschi

Coffee drinks Macchiato 

espresso macchiatto coffee drinks

According to the Italians, children could also drink latte macchiato. Hmmm … actually?

coffee latte macchiato

Coffee drinks – coffee with a shot

coffee beverages drink italy specialties

cappuccino you are not allowed to drink after eating

coffee beverages drink enjoyment coffee

Coffee drinks – coffee with cheese

finland cheese coffee

In Malaysia, people drink coffee mixed with tea and milk

malaysia drink interesting coffee

Coffee drinks – Mexicans get it right!

mexico coffee drinks clay cup cinnamon

Mazagran – a typical coffee drink in Portugal

mazagran portugal coffee drinks specialty coffees

In France people drink in large cups

cafe au lait france

Coffee drinks – coffee with spices

spices coffee coffee drinks