7 universal Feng Shui rules that work even for the smallest of apartments

The Feng Shui tradition is ancient, but it is experiencing a permanent development. Every new trend in interior design and lifestyle requires their optimization. More and more people are living in small apartments or have to stay in them temporarily. How can you set up these according to Feng Shui rules, so that the energy of the universe flows there undisturbed and promotes the health and spiritual development of the residents? Please read our tips! By the way, they can also be useful for some larger apartments.

Multifunctional furniture is perfect for small apartments

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7 Feng Shui rules for more harmony in the small apartment

Avoid the multitude of furniture

One of the worst things you can do according to Feng Shui is to put too much furniture together in your small apartment. You may then have enough storage space, but at the end of the day you will not be able to move freely. You don’t need to be a Feng Shui expert to notice how this limits you mentally and physically in everyday life. Furthermore, using too much furniture will stand in the way of your general development. Rather, rely on multifunctional and foldable furniture so that you can enjoy functional comfort and plenty of walking surface at the same time. Good furniture manufacturers offer great ergonomic models. You can find a number of these at Furniture 24.

The perfect room organization is essential for the Feng Shui facility

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Avoid the excess of decoration

The decoration must also not be in excess in a small room. Reduce the pictures on the wall, as well as the souvenirs on the shelves. Lots of decorative pillows and blankets are also not a good idea. Actually, you should keep the visible areas in the room as free as possible. Only display things that you really love and that go well with the rest of the items.

3-seater sofas are usually ideal for small spaces

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Be careful with the dark and flashy colors

Designers generally advise against using dark and bright colors in small apartments. Experts in Feng Shui facility agree to this rule in principle. But if for some reason you insist, the furniture or accent walls in such shades must face a large window or other source of light. This will neutralize the strong emotions that they cause.

The oval shape of the lights fits in perfectly with the Feng Shui philosophy of the furnishings

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As much light as possible

The lighting is of crucial importance for the good atmosphere in the room. It is best to combine ambient, work and decorative lighting. Small rooms in particular have to appear as bright as possible so that one really feels comfortable in them.

Find your favorite plants and integrate them into your interior design

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You absolutely need a few plants!

The good atmosphere in the house is impossible without plants! They not only purify the air, but also set the life energy in motion in the room. They also process the negative energy and leave more space for the positive emotions. The size of the plants should ideally be adapted to the proportions of the room.

The order of the shelves reflects the order in your thoughts according to Feng Shui

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Mirrors are generally good for small spaces because they make them look wider. However, they should be positioned in such a way that they do not fragment the room, but give it a uniform appearance. It would also be ideal if they strategically reflect beautiful objects and thus reinforce their effect in the room.

Cabinets with mirrors are suitable for small spaces

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Well organized storage space

Shelves and cabinets represent the way your thoughts are organized. Logic, overview and an appealing overall appearance should represent the guiding basic principles! The ideal Feng Shui facility works more easily with the right furniture. Qualitative providers who are geared towards real human needs know this. That is why they offer furniture and often even online room planner for furnishing concepts that can easily be found in Feng Shui rules for apartments of all sizes. Incidentally, these can also be of help with the reorganization of the already furnished apartment. We hope that you will soon realize your own perfect Feng Shui design!