7 methods with which you can clean and descale the iron quickly and easily!

Can you actually clean the iron quickly and easily at all? To many, this sounds like one of the biggest challenges you could face in the household. Indeed, it is a tedious and tedious task. You can do a lot wrong and scratch the surface. For this reason, it is of course best to avoid getting the iron dirty at all. We will therefore give you some tips first! Then it goes on to six ideas for easy cleaning.

If you turn the iron on too high a temperature, this can happen

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Avoid getting dirty from the iron

When cleaning the iron, there is a risk of scratching its surface. You should therefore try as hard as possible to keep the iron as clean as possible. The main reasons for pollution tend to be three. Here you are!

Ironing temperature too high

Sometimes you accidentally set an iron temperature and part of the fabric sticks to it.

Of course, this can also damage your favorite clothes, among other things. You should be particularly careful when ironing bed, sofa and tablecloths. During this process, some fibers separate easily, which then stick to the hot surface.

Do not despair of this view! The iron can be cleaned.

Cleaning the iron cleaning tips


If you use an iron with water, limescale can build up. It will happen sooner or later. However, you could slow down this process if you use mineral or distilled water. If you then have to descale the iron, you have a lot less effort.

Store in a dirty place

If you want to clean the iron less often, then you should keep it properly. In a dirty place, invisible small dirt remains on the surface. As soon as the metal heats up, this dirt will stick permanently. You should therefore keep the iron in a clean and, above all, dust-free place.

Regular iron cleaning is also important for maintaining the quality of your clothes

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6 ways you can easily clean the iron

Here are the first six of the promised iron cleaning methods. Most will require a cotton cloth or two. Avoid using those with an abrasive surface! To do this, you need a bowl of warm water or other liquids. Following these six methods for cleaning the iron, there are also tips for descaling.

Modern irons have an anti-limescale function, but prophylaxis is still important

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You could clean the iron using salt. Scatter a little on the cleaning cloth. Place the iron on it, turn it on, and set it on the lowest setting. Switch off the device after a few minutes. While the iron is still warm, but not too hot, you should start rubbing the surface with the cloth. The salt removes the dirt.

washing powder

Liquid washing powder is another home remedy that can be used to effectively clean the iron. Dissolve a few drops in approx. 220 ml of distilled water. Wet the cotton cloth and use it to clean the iron.

Simple household remedies such as vinegar, detergent and baking soda are suitable for cleaning the iron 

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Make a cup of vinegar lukewarm. Moisten the cotton cloth and begin gently cleaning the surface of the iron. When finished, wipe the surface with a clean cloth. For very dirty surfaces, you can add a little salt or baking soda to the vinegar.

Washing-up liquid

The steam nozzles on the iron are often clogged with lime and other types of dirt. In order to cope with this problem, you should clean them with detergent or liquid soap. Moisten the cloth and clean the nozzles. Finally, wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

The iron’s storage location should be kept clean and free of dust!

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Descale the iron

Now we would like to give you some tips on how to effectively descale the iron. You could use a mixture of vinegar and water for this. As an alternative to such home remedies, there are also special preparations for cleaning limescale, which are suitable for cleaning irons. In both cases you have to fill the tank with the liquid. The iron should be heated up very briefly so that the steam function is triggered. Then switch off immediately! This is especially important if you are using vinegar because the acid could damage the plastic. With special cleaning, this risk does not exist, except in the case of extreme overheating, which is why we recommend the use of such preparations. If the devices are too calcified, the procedure just described would have to be repeated two or more times.

Descaling is essential for the iron to work properly. Even the most modern devices with an anti-limescale function would need regular prophylaxis.

The clean iron is essential for taking care of our clothes

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Make your life easier!

Most people don’t like ironing anyway. If the device is also dirty and ruins our clothes, it creates complete frustration. Regularly clean the surface of the iron and descale it, even if it is not too dirty. So it will only take you a few minutes! In addition, you guarantee that the iron will work effectively and that the clothes will be of the highest quality.

You can clean the steam nozzles with detergent

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After cleaning, you should dry the iron with a clean cloth 

Surface cleaning with an iron cloth