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A comparison of coffee and espresso grinders

Coffee grinder ideas and trends

The trend in recent years has been for on-demand coffee grinders that freshly grind every serving of the delicious beans. After the many single-serving systems a la Nespresso and ESE coffee pods, the market has got used to the fresh individual shots. No wonder that nobody wants to drink stale, smoked coffee anymore.

For coffee drinkers who want it even fresher than the individual servings, the solution is an on-demand coffee grinder. The Mahlkönig company, a German mill manufacturer that primarily builds for the catering industry, established the trend. With this entrepreneurial background, it is not surprising that the mills can quickly cost between 1000 and 2500 euros.

But other companies followed suit in this development. The most notable are Eureka, Macap and Quamar espresso grinders. They have understood how to translate the on-demand technology to the end user. Quality, design and price come together perfectly here and also offer a home barista great fresh coffee pleasure.

The advantages of on-demand coffee grinding:

Coffee grinders - the advantages of on-demand coffee grinding:

  • Each serving is freshly ground
  • The changes to the grinding degree setting are immediately recognizable (previously you had to grind in advance and could only judge the result gradually)
  • Precise quantity control via the timer setting (accurate to 0.2 grams)
  • Quiet grinder
  • Mostly stepless grinding degree setting
  • Several settings are also possible with the timer
  • Also ideal for filter coffee / French press / bialetti drinkers, because filter coffee also tastes best freshly ground

In addition to all these advantages, we should definitely say the most important thing: Coffee must be freshly ground. This is exactly what we get from the on-demand coffee grinders – a freshly ground coffee with an unforgettable aroma. Ground espresso loses 50 percent of its aroma after 15 minutes, and every coffee connoisseur knows how important the aroma is. If you have such an on-demand grinder at home, you get the aroma right in the cup and not lose it in the air.

Coffee is different and very individual around the world, so the mills are also individual. That is why we have collected some helpful tips for you that you should consider when buying a coffee grinder.

What should you consider when buying an on-demand grinder?

What should you consider when buying an on-demand coffee grinder?

  • Grinding disk size vs. conical grinder (grinding disks dominate the market for sizes from 50-65mm diameter. Below and above there are conical grinders, which can also be very good)
  • Angle of dispersion of the coffee
  • Dead space (the larger the grinding disc, the more powder remains in the grinding chamber until the next grinding = old coffee)
  • Ease of maintenance (e.g .: Eureka models can be screwed on nicely with 3 screws, the grinding ring can also be lifted on Quamar)
  • Stepless grinding degree vs. stepped grinding degree setting (Quamar is stepped, Eureka and Macap stepless)
  • Timer settings for 1, 2 or 3 cups
  • Speed ​​of the grinding process (Quamar 80E is very fast = 3 seconds, Mazzer and Rocket Fausto are very slow with approx. 10 seconds). Basically, fast is good, because then the grinding disks are not excessively heated during grinding. However, a slow grind can grind the coffee more precisely.
  • Noise: cheap grinders like Bezzera BB005 are very loud. The new Eureka espresso grinders (Silenzio, Perfetto & Specialita), on the other hand, are extremely quiet.


What should you consider when buying an on-demand coffee grinder?

  • Weight-controlled quantity measurement (no longer based on pure time, but the precise weight >> e.g. Baratza >> also does not work reliably)
  • One grinder for many different grinding levels (from coarse filter coffee to fine espresso powder). For this you need a mill with a stroke, i.e. small rotary movements have a big effect, e.g. with Eureka Perfetto
  • Colored mills that, as kitchen machines, go well with the overall concept of the kitchen. Eureka in particular is available in a large number of standard and special colors, also in wood and stainless steel and many more.
  • You always take more grams than you used to for a shot. It used to be 7 grams, today it is up to 12 grams.


What should you consider when buying an on-demand coffee grinder?

When starting up a grinder, you should first set the grinding degree (without beans) very fine and then slowly get coarser until you have a fine, but still noticeable granulate. Then you set the timer and take the first shot. If the coffee runs too fast (= under-extraction) you give it a little time, so also amount, and test again.

You should repeat these steps until the coffee flows optimally. If it flows too slowly (= over-extraction) then a little less time, i.e. set less amount of coffee.


An on-demand grinder can be purchased for as little as 300 euros and grinds every portion fresh. Especially with coffee drinkers who often want to use a new type of coffee, the adjustability can be seen with immediate effect. If the coffee flows too quickly through the ground powder, you can simply set the grinding degree finer or increase the time. With an on-demand grinder, you always have a very individual coffee experience within reach.