How to design kitchen lighting in style

Kitchen lighting stylish dining room white furniture glass table chandelierHow to design kitchen lighting in style

The kitchen itself is an invention of modern design. But it has always been and still is a work area and that automatically leads to the need for good light there. The same goes for the dining room, in case you want to see what you prick with the fork. There cannot be any arbitrary decisions in the design of the electrical layout of the kitchen and dining area.

Due to the lack of space you have little leeway in the placement of the lighting and once you have determined the positions, you hang on it for a long time.

The kitchen needs to be well lit.

Kitchen lighting stylish white chair chandelier dining room

It is best to start with the lighting

The lighting of the preparation and work surfaces is particularly important. To do this, you need the right lamps in the right place. The influence of artificial lighting on the object is well known. Everyone wants to see the products and oils while cooking, right??

Due to the lack of space, there is little room for maneuver in the placement of the lighting

dining room lighting stylish wooden table

The best thing to do in this situation is to install small lighting and use halogen lamps. They are known for their wonderful light quality and for their 100 percent control of the light spectrum. They are a real equivalent of daylight. Another option is the LEDs painted in warm colors. This is the right alternative for you if you are bothered by the heat radiation from the halogen lights.

The chandelier usually hangs over the dining table

Kitchen lighting stylish idea white black

Does the moving lighting in the track seem too pompous to you? Maybe this kind of kitchen is not your thing? You could then have a reveal with built-in rotating lighting fixtures integrated.

A magnificent chandelier above the round glass table

Kitchen lighting stylish glass table dining room

These types of lights could also be integrated on exposed cabinets. Such a solution is very discreet and manages to neatly highlight small areas. In such a minimalist kitchen, the suspended or detached reveals with integrated lights and LED strips can remain hidden. Now the look becomes very modern and visually quite impressive.

Matching lamps in the right place

Kitchen lighting stylish lamps leather chair

A more extravagant approach would be the lighted ceiling. This basically consists of the reveal with built-in light curtains, which are mostly rectangular in shape.

These lighting fixtures are inspiring

dining room lighting white

Wondering what these light curtains are? These are normal LED lamps in a housing and they are behind a matt cover. This has the function of dispersing the light. They can be made to measure, large, flat, or even round. When installed, such a screen can look like an illuminated ceiling.

Lamps on the ceiling in the kitchen and a chandelier in the dining room

modern kitchen lighting stylish chandelier

The light effect spreads throughout the room and can also be described as super innovative.

A black chandelier contrasts with the white furniture in the dining room

Kitchen lighting stylish black chandelier furniture dining room

What about the dining room? Here you can give your own imagination a lot more freedom. And yet there are a few important rules.

The shape of these lighting fixtures is impressive

Kitchen lighting traditional kitchen

The pendant lamps are very suitable above the drinks or food counter. These can be cylindrical, oval, in the shape of inverted glasses for champagne and in groups of 3 or 5. They are elegant, visually appealing and super practical. They are the best solution for low positioning. They don’t blind you and you won’t bump into them.

Pendant lamps

Kitchen lighting lamps

Take a look at your home and ask yourself which type of light is appropriate where exactly. Does the light have to be strong, more decorative or really functional? Then you can organize your wonderful light theater for everyday life. That’s great, isn’t it?

These great chandeliers match the white design

dining room lighting stylish chandeliers  A dining table in BrauKitchen lighting brown  The lighting fixtures hang over the kitchen islandKitchen lighting modern brownA very large chandelier illuminates the dining room Kitchen lighting dining room      Lamps above the sink tooKitchen lighting stylish white interior design    Two candlesticks over the stovewhite kitchen lighting stove

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