50 super cool hanging lamps

super cool hanging lamps tree table50 super cool hanging lamps

Do you need to add a touch of glamor and shine to your interior? Nothing can work better than with the hanging lamps. Do you have a keen interest in handicrafts at the same time? Then you should definitely take a look at the next 50 ideas.

You have to invest a bit of time, but the brilliant result is quite worthwhile.

Pendant lights made from recycled materials

DIY tree hanging lamps

This simple solution has a minimalist Scandinavian sheen. [according to: decor8blog]

Light in a jug for water

You could present a main jug (lamp) and some decorative pieces in group.

Metal film lamp

This can be used to cover some heating means or other items that don’t look too good. It is up to you how original and beautiful the whole thing will look.

Metal film lamp

super cool metal hanging lamps

Thin pendant lights

Look for metal canisters around the house. With a bit of color you can transform this into a work of art similar to the one in the picture below.

Handmade purple pendant lights

super cool hanging lamps tin can purple

DIY hanging lamp made from cooking utensils holder

This is a versatile work that you can then have transformed into a new form again and again.

Make sure there is good lighting

super cool hanging lamps light up

Pendant lights from folder

In the bid below you can see a work of art made from recycled cardboard. Make it light in color! [according to: Sugar and Cloth]

A work of art made from recycled cardboard

box of super cool hanging lamps

Exhaust fan

Can you imagine that this beautiful pendant lamp was in the garbage can until recently? Just unbelievable! [according to: design sponge]

Cool hanging lamps

super cool hanging lamps in the kitchen

Fan light in retro style

Surely you have a nice looking ventilated door at home, right? [according to: kittenhood]

Fan light in retro style

retro super cool hanging lamp

Vintage mini lamps

Do you have such metal molds at home! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform them into something so beautiful. [according to: Lauren Elise Crafted]

Do you have such metal molds at home

super cool hanging lamp box

Lamp from a globe

This is a relatively light construction that is a great eye-catcher in the room. [according to: apartment therapy]

Lamp from a globe

super cool hanging lamps table shelves basket

Sieve hanging lamp

In the picture below you can see the steps involved in designing such a lamp.

Sieve hanging lamp

super cool hanging lamp apple

Hanging lamp made from waste paper

This gorgeous piece is the work of designer Gabrielle Guy.

Hanging lamp made from waste paper

super cool hanging paper lamps

Suspension lamp made from fresh flowers

Yes, these are not reused materials. However, the solution is extremely environmentally friendly.

Suspension lamp made from fresh flowers

super cool hanging lamps flowers

Luminous spherical works of art

Lamp made of silk

Do you want to have that full moon look at home every night? [according to: made by girl]

Lamp made of silk

super cool hanging lamps kitchen strainer

White paper lamp

All you need is find a lantern and cut out paper decorations in that shape. And time of course ….

White flowers

super cool hanging lamp flowers

Lamp made from recycled plastic bags

The work is similar to the example above. It is best to use high quality bags.

Lamp made from recycled plastic bags

super cool hanging lamp ball

Pendant lights made from road maps

And again the same idea but made from a different material.

Pendant lights made from road maps

super cool hanging lamp street map

super cool hanging street map

Faceted paper lamp

This variant is difficult to keep for a long time. But it is a great idea for weddings.

Faceted paper lamp

super cool hanging lamps facetted

Yarn suspension lamp

Here it is important that you let the paint dry overnight and then cover it with varnish the next day.

Colorful lights

super cool hanging lamps colorful

Artwork made from bamboo

This is a solution for people who appreciate the artful and elegant look.

Artwork made from bamboo

super cool hanging lamp book

Jewelry pendant lamp

Above all, you need glass and paint for such a hanging lamp to achieve this wonderful effect. This is a great way to add a little more color to otherwise neutral spaces. [according to: Design Love Fest]

Jewelry pendant lamp

super cool hanging lamps green orange

Pom Pom suspension lamp

I would put these lamps covered with beautiful texture and color in the nursery.

Nice texture and color

Pom-pom super cool hanging lamps

Suspension lamp made from tires

Here you have to be particularly precise when drilling and fastening. [according to: Dear Emmeline]

Original idea

super cool hanging lamp elegant

Globe lamp with smiles

Everyone wants to create something beautiful that doesn’t take much time. We have such an example here. [according to: Mad in Crafts]

Globe lamp

super cool hanging lamp plate

Halo lights

Do you also love the minimalist and lively character of these pendant lights? [according to: A Beautiful Mess]

Do you like fresh colors?

super cool hanging lamp pink blue yellow

Suspension lamp made from bottles and spoons

Yes, we’re just dealing with a plastic bottle and a couple of white spoons. [according to: the chive]

Show creativity

super cool hanging lamps around

DIY hanging lights made from candle holders

The same technique is used here as when creating lights from bottles. Looks nice, doesn’t it?

I think these lights are wonderful things to do in your free time! Do you agree??

Bottles can be great lights       super cool hanging lamp bottle green blueA woven pendant chandelier super cool hanging lamp wovenInteresting idea super cool hanging lamps      Are you in the mood for great hanging lamps?super cool hanging lamps ceiling  Hang a couple of lights super cool hanging lamps darkUse a bottle   super cool hanging lamp bottleImpress with great lighting super cool hanging lamps glassSimple ideas  super cool hanging lamps goldenAmazing designs  super cool hanging lamps wood cubeCreate modern pendant lights super cool hanging lamps small    Curvy chandeliersuper cool hanging lamps curvy    A great light can complete the interiorsuper cool hanging lamp shelvesFunny colors super cool hanging lamps pink yellow greenPendant lamp with tassels     super cool hanging lamp tasselPink cube super cool hanging lamp pink  A magnificent chandeliersuper cool hanging lamp pink gorgeous   Green hanging lampssuper cool hanging lamp table chairA fabulous pendant lamp with tulle  super cool hanging lamp tulleThis chandelier resembles a cloud   cloud super cool hanging lamp



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