Modern kitchen with island is the best solution for this space

Today’s kitchens fascinate with their practical design and seamless look. But what makes it so comfortable and modern? The compact and functional kitchen furniture. A kitchen island, for example, appears in all kitchens where there is enough space. Are you maybe setting up the kitchen? Then draw some inspiration for a modern kitchen with a cooking island!

Set up a modern kitchen with a cooking island and make it a sociable place

modern kitchen with island white kitchen cabinets black pendant lights

When is a kitchen island a good solution??

Furnishing modern means furnishing practically. The design of the kitchen furniture and its arrangement play a key role in whether one feels comfortable in the kitchen and whether cooking is easy. Good planning of the interior design should therefore be of prime importance.

Where does the sink have to be and where are the stove and refrigerator? Can you integrate a kitchen island or would it make the space too narrow and restrict movement in the kitchen? Before you start designing your kitchen, ask yourself all of these questions.

The kitchen island could be a peculiar eye-catcher in the kitchen

modern kitchen with island white kitchen cabinets blue kitchen island carpet runners

Where there is a kitchen island, it turns into the peculiar center of the kitchen. Because here you cook and eat and also spend several hours with family and friends. What a kitchen island still has to offer is a large additional storage space for the endless kitchen accessories. A kitchen island not only provides more work space, but also for dining and pleasant conversations. You can even organize dinner here instead of setting the dining table. In this case, kitchen islands with a counter are a particularly practical choice.

Kitchen islands are great storage space solutions

modern kitchen with island functional free-standing kitchen island

Put all pans and pots in the island drawers!

modern kitchen with island luxurious kitchen furnishings elegant pendant lamps

Correctly design a modern kitchen with a kitchen island

Because the kitchen island is a free-standing element, the spatial conditions should allow it to be integrated. But what do you actually have to consider when relying on a kitchen island? In fact, the island does not fit into every kitchen. This requires at least 15 square meters of space. Otherwise, U- or L-shaped kitchens are a better solution in smaller rooms.

The stove and sink can also be integrated here. In this case you have to install an extractor hood. This would have to offer enough headroom so that you don’t bump into it. And one more thing to consider: You have to decide how this is to be attached.

The kitchen island could offer work surfaces on several levels

modern kitchen with island white kitchen furniture wall decoration pictures

Another important point when setting up with a kitchen island is the lighting from it. Which lighting to choose for the kitchen island? It is best to use directional lighting, because cooking is precise work and requires sufficient light. With pendant lights you hit the mark. You also ensure a great optical effect. Because the modern pendant lights almost resemble extravagant decorative objects.

Illuminate the kitchen island with fancy hanging lamps

modern kitchen with island modern lighting dark furniture

When faced with the selection of kitchen islands, you will undoubtedly be spoiled for choice. Because it is teeming with designs that offer a wide variety of functions. A kitchen island with bookshelves? Why not? The kitchen becomes a particularly cozy place in the home. The modern kitchen island also appears in varied colors. What color will your island be in? For example, you could integrate a colored island into your kitchen and thus set cool color accents in the room.

Green kitchen cabinets and island in green make a beautiful whole 

modern kitchen with island green kitchen furnishing white worktop marble kitchen back wall

Still hesitating about whether you need a kitchen island in your cooking area? If your kitchen has enough free space, you can benefit from its advantages! Have fun setting up and good luck cooking!

Modern kitchen design in black and white

modern kitchen with island color contrasts accents wood look

Stylish kitchen furnishings with enough work space make cooking a wonderful experience

modern kitchen with island cozy kitchen set up pendant lights

If you spend more time in the kitchen, treat yourself to functional kitchen furnishings!

modern kitchen with island large worktop elegant black

Small island in the small kitchen

modern kitchen with island small kitchen with island led lighting

Large cooking islands also have plenty of seating areas

modern kitchen with island kitchen white black design

Make your kitchen cozy!

modern kitchen with island kitchen island bookshelves plants

The kitchen island also offers space for stylish decoration with flowers

modern kitchen with island retro touches of blue

modern kitchen with island rustic accents beautiful lighting

modern kitchen with island white kitchen island black accents

modern kitchen with island two kitchen islands large kitchen set up

modern kitchen with island white kitchen cabinets led lighting decor ideas kitchen

modern kitchen with island design a small, cozy kitchen

modern kitchen with island open kitchen pendant lights

modern kitchen with island elegant furniture minimalist decorating kitchen