Intelligent kitchen appliances that will take you into the future

Intelligent kitchen appliances that will take you into the future

Smart technologies make a lot of sense in kitchen furnishings. They help us organize our household in the right way. They also make healthy living a lot easier. And they are so amusing and especially suitable for people who are tech-savvy. Intelligent kitchen appliances are therefore an additional motivation to spend more time preparing your own food and thus to eat healthier.

In the following we present some such examples. We admit: Not all are necessarily the most practical and are urgently needed in the kitchen. But they are just interesting and it is good to know that there is such a thing! They probably shape the image of what our kitchen will look like one day.

Robots for the kitchen

In the kitchen of the future, it is likely that a robot instead of a human will be able to prepare the food. The current realization of these ideas looks like installing two hands on the wall or on a platform above the kitchen island. You have certain pre-installed programs and will then prepare all or part of the food.

The robots will be installed above the kitchen island

modern kitchen equipment kitchen appliances

Sparkling or spring water straight from the tap

Grohe recently presented a new project on the market. It’s about a multifunctional faucet. It’s called Blue Home. A special filter is built into the tap. This purifies the water and you can drink it in better quality without additional equipment.

In addition, the water can be cooled and Blue Home can provide you with sparkling water. Don’t you think it’s a great investment that will save a lot of time and money in the kitchen of the future? Actually, you can treat yourself to this luxury even nowadays. The product is accessible and easy to install.

The great investment is definitely worth it

grohe faucet special elaboration

Coffee machine with memory

How we like our coffee reveals a lot about our character. For this reason, it has to be perfectly adapted to our needs. So we are a lot happier. That is why modern coffee machines with different settings are very popular. There are now even models that have a memory and can “remember” how we like our coffee.

The new coffee machines remember how you like your coffee

coffee machine with memory

Baby food at just the right temperature

Jasmina Grase has developed a great product that won several awards in 2016 and 2017. A manufacturer has now agreed to put it on the market. It’s about a kitchen accessory that looks like a metal rod. This can heat up the temperature in a vessel from 30 to 100 degrees. This is particularly important in the case of infant nutrition.

The product is reminiscent of a metal rod

product for the right temperature

It will now be easier to calculate the calories

Modern health experts recommend placing less emphasis on the number of calories and more on the quality of food. Furthermore, it is very important to get to know the special needs of our own body. Some products could be more helpful to us personally than others.

Even so, calories and nutritional values ​​are still important. Some control over these should also be in place. Special kitchen appliances should make this very easy in the future. They are very reminiscent of electronic scales, but the value that is given shows the calories.

Calculate the number of calories

work out calorie kitchen appliances

The product is perfect for baby food

baby food at the right temperature

Spring water straight from the tap

blue home from grohe faucet

The temperature can be raised from 30 to 100 counts

metal rod miito helps at the right temperature

The great product from Jasmina Grase has won several awards

miito product for baby nutrition

The coffee machine recognizes your needs

Model of coffee maker with memory

The robots will play a huge role in the kitchen in the near future

modern kitchen appliances robots

Electronic scales for calories

calculate nutrima calories

Flexibility and convenience in kitchen equipment

robots for the kitchen

Replace the dishwasher with a robot

robots for kitchen equipment

Cooking is taken to another level

robot in the kitchen facility

The multifunctional faucet from Grohe

special filter from grohe taps