30 kitchen furnishing ideas for elongated floor plans

The irregular floor plans are more and more common in home and kitchen furnishings. One should therefore be prepared to implement the current trends under such circumstances. That is why we strive to illustrate modern examples with different floor plans. The topic today – modern kitchen equipment in elongated rooms. Here are our thirty ideas, plus some practical tips!

This kitchen is wide and long and the counters are used for zoning and structuring

wide white surfaces of kitchen furnishings

Kitchen equipment and room separation

When you think of elongated kitchen furnishings, you usually have narrow spaces in mind. However, this does not always have to be the case. Our first example from the picture above shows a very large room. This has several zones at the same time and underneath – that of the kitchen.

The kitchen surface installed there has to fulfill several tasks in the room. On the one hand, it serves as a storage and dining area. It also divides the open living space into several different zones. This work surface separates the kitchen from the living area.

Several functions can be combined on long kitchen islands kitchen furnishings gray interior

Combining dining and work surfaces

If you are dealing with a longer counter in a kitchen, you can afford to assign several functions to it. Design them so that people can sit down and enjoy the food. In addition, it should be within easy reach of the oven and sink. So you can use the dining area as a serving, work and storage area.

In confined spaces, it is a pleasure to bring some of the kitchen surfaces to the window

kitchen equipment metallic and white

Original shapes of the work surfaces

Simple natural materials are quite common in modern kitchen furnishings. At the same time one tries to set stylish accents with original and at the same time subtle decorations. In some narrow kitchens, you have the option of adding more pizzazz through the original shapes of the work surfaces. In the example in the picture below, this is exactly what was done. You can switch between oval and rectangular shapes.

Create variety with kitchen countertops in different shapes

kitchen furnishings great ideas made of wood

Multiple stages

There is little space in terms of width. But this can be made more functional by relying on gradations. Exactly this idea has been implemented in the kitchen shown below. There the kitchen island is stepped: the lower level serves as a work surface and the higher one – for eating.

Gradation is a good method when designing the kitchen countertops

kitchen decor great furniture ideas

Use the window areas effectively

In longer rooms, whether narrow or wide, the kitchen could be laid out along the windows. In this way, daylight will be used at the same time and less energy will be used for lighting. At the same time, there is enough running surface that can be used for other purposes.

Installing kitchen surfaces next to the window also has many advantages in larger rooms 

kitchen equipment great black surfaces

Furniture at room level

The effective use of vertical surfaces has already been mentioned. The most common strategy is to use floor-to-ceiling kitchen furniture. So you have enough storage space and still enough space for kitchen work. You can see a great idea about this in the picture below. Such ideas are aesthetically demanding and very practical – just like all the others creative Kitchen equipment for rural areas, which you will see in our article. Take a careful look at them!

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen furniture helps optimize kitchen furnishings 

kitchen equipment great wooden floor

With long and narrow kitchen facilities, the clever distribution of storage space is of fundamental importance 

kitchen furnishings white and gray

The light colors make the room appear wide and cozy

beautiful counter for kitchen furnishings

Black and white are often paired with metallic accents – this is how you light up narrow kitchen surfaces and they look very elegant 

black and white kitchen furnishings

white surfaces kitchen furnishings

geometric back wall kitchen equipment

This kitchen equipment makes optimal use of the vertical surfaces and the sources of natural light

design with natural nuances kitchen furnishings

glamor and optimal organization of kitchen furnishings

gray accent area kitchen furnishings

All parts of the kitchen equipment are positioned on the walls, leaving a lot of walking space in the middle

wood and other materials kitchen furnishings

kitchen equipment blue furniture

kitchen furnishings exotic patterns

Another example of the optimal distribution of storage and work space in a narrow kitchen!

kitchen furnishings shiny and white surfaces

kitchen furnishings gray color

kitchen equipment several devices

If the kitchen is very narrow, it is better to opt for light colors so that it still looks cozy

kitchen equipment great wide areas

kitchen equipment great and simple ideas

kitchen equipment white and brown surfaces

The mirror surfaces make this kitchen equipment appear wider 

white counters kitchen furnishings