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Aquarium room divider – An original idea of ​​how to delimit individual areas in the interior design

A large space is beneficial in many ways. But sometimes it is difficult to structure it visually and functionally. In many cases, a room divider is necessary to structure the large room. That’s what we’re talking about today, how you create the dreamy interior design with an aquarium room divider. In the following lines we try to help you with ideas and tips on how to properly integrate an aquarium as a room divider.

Aquarium room dividers are effective and elegant

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Aquarium room divider offers the living room a great sea view

An aquarium in the living area is always an eye-catcher. It’s lively, colorful, and constantly on the move. In contrast to a normal aquarium, the room divider aquarium is placed with the short side against the wall. This enables a visual subdivision of the room.

In this way, an elegant separation can be created between living and dining areas, or between living room and kitchen.

There are several ways to design the fish tank as a room divider. Only a few of these are designed as a base cabinet or integrated into the wall. But in order for such a room divider to be properly inscribed in the interior design, you should plan it down to the last detail.

The size of the pool and the right location are crucial. How big can the aquarium be? How much space do you actually have available? In fact, it depends on where you can place this. Of course, an aquarium that is too large does not fit into a one-room apartment. Even so, the rule of thumb is that the bigger the aquarium, the better it is. If the room conditions allow, you should use larger scales. The water values ​​are then better, and the selection of fish species is greater. The size of the tank is also related to the type of fish. Some fish need more space than others.

How do you choose the most suitable location for your aquarium? It is important that not too much daylight shines into the aquarium. You should also place it far from the television. Preferably in a darker corner.

An aquarium ensures a good dose of nature in the living area

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In addition to the spatial conditions, the load-bearing capacity of the installation site also plays a significant role. With a large pool, the heavy weight is an important consideration when planning.

The secure position of the pelvis is a must. Depending on where the fish tank has to be, various construction works could arise. Depending on what you want to convert, install or change, this also affects the costs for the aquarium. You should actually be aware in advance that even a normal aquarium is associated with many costs. And not only acquisition costs for purchase, equipment and fish play a role. You should also expect constant maintenance costs for electricity, water and feed.

The room divider aquarium is a peculiar living picture

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What other criteria should one pay attention to??

Other criteria to consider are the power supply for filters, pumps and light, as well as a design that matches the furniture. Choosing the right fish is also of paramount importance. Which fish would live there? The fish stock must be carefully determined in advance. It is better to choose a stocking that prefers the open water rather than hiding.

Even the comfort of the fish is by no means to be underestimated. While the room divider aquarium is an interior decoration element for you, this is your own home for its residents. For this reason, it is advisable to consider a back wall or a closed side of the aquarium. If you design the aquarium indoors, you should also be particularly careful to create a cozy atmosphere for fish and other animals. It is advisable to create enough hiding places for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

You should adapt the facility to the respective species. The well-thought-out setup of the aquarium is also a plus for you. This guarantees that the room divider is as opaque as possible. So enough roots, stone structures and plants are the order of the day.

A depth of at least 60 cm is recommended for a good setup of the aquarium

Separate aquarium room divider kitchen living room from each other

Take care of your own and the comfort of your new roommates

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Conclusion: If the entire length of the aquarium protrudes into the room, it is considered a room divider. You could actually spend a lot of money buying an aquarium as a room divider. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to use this to structure the open plan. Because the aquarium room divider is a stimulating design element that brings liveliness into the room.

Be careful what kind of fish and animals you choose for the aquarium

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Enjoy the underwater world at home

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The wall aquarium drives boredom away from the interior design

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Separate the living room in style

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Aquarium room divider kitchen demarcate original idea

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