Women’s fashion and the must-have clothing for the beach vacation

Women’s fashion for the seaside vacation: You must absolutely take the following clothes with you!

The typical seaside vacation is a big challenge for our cloakroom. On the one hand, you are traveling to another country and want to make a good impression there too, despite the different fashions. In addition, you have to reckon with a completely different climate than you are used to in Germany. It often turns out before the holiday that we don’t have any suitable clothes in our cloakroom for this relaxed time. Or it can just be very difficult to choose the right clothes.

Take easy-care clothes with you

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On summer vacation you probably don’t have the time or inclination to wash, iron or take care all the time that you don’t get your precious dress or T-shirt dirty. So, so that you don’t have to worry about such little things, take easy-care clothes with you.

You need to have a couple of warm tops in your suitcase

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In many coastal towns it gets quite cool in the evenings. The temperature fluctuations are not to be underestimated. Take a warm shirt or two with you, a jacket and a sweater for example. The same applies to the shoes – one or two closed pairs of sporty shoes couldn’t hurt.

Women’s fashion – scarves and elegant headscarves

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So that we do not damage our skin, we must not expose ourselves to the sun too often and for too long. Often, however, we are tempted to do just that. Because in the end we only have one or two weeks vacation a year … Scarves and headscarves could be a wonderful solution in this case. Cover your body and hair with it to look elegant and protect yourself from the sun and wind.

Women’s fashion – go for bright colors

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Black is really not recommended when it comes to summer vacation. The light colors go much better with the mood and the summer heat. If you have a specific special occasion, you could bring an elegant black dress with you. In all other cases, you should refrain from wearing this type of clothing.

Comfortable clothes in different colors

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For summer vacation, priority is given to these dresses that are light and comfortable. Pick them in five or six different colors so that you have enough variety in your outfit. Take several shorts and T-shirts so that you can create a variety of possible combinations.

Women’s fashion – long and short dresses

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Of the clothes we would take away a few long ones and a few short ones. So you have enough choice for the day and the evening.

Swimsuit and bikinis

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A summer vacation by the sea simply doesn’t work without a swimsuit. Take two or three bikinis and at least one swimsuit. You can put all of these to good use on the beach or in the pool.

Women’s fashion and cosmetics

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When it comes to cosmetics, you should mainly take the products that protect your skin from the sun and help hydrate and regenerate the skin after the beach. Eye make-up and lipstick have to be light and subtle. Together with your natural tan, they should be enough to enchant everyone around you.

Suitable deodorants and perfumes are also very important on a seaside holiday.

Comfortable shoes

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Comfortable shoes are in great demand on a seaside holiday. Take a pair or two of sandals that are suitable for both the beach and for a stroll or dinner out in the evening. You should be able to withstand long walks. In some exotic destinations, the roads may not be very good. In this case, you should have a pair of shoes with you that don’t look bad, but that wouldn’t be a shame if they break quickly.

We wish you an unforgettable vacation by the sea, lots of fun and good entertainment!

Women’s fashion – the white lace dress is a trendy idea for holidays too

lace dress white beach dresses women fashion

Women’s Fashion – Comfortable denim pants will also come in handy

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The pareo saves you the hassle of choosing beach clothes

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The typical seaside vacation is a big challenge for our cloakroom

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Save yourself the hassle of ironing and take easy-care summer clothes with you

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Women’s fashion – the light shades go much better with the mood and the summer heat

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summer dress long women fashion beach dresses

Take a warm shirt or two with you

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