Halloween 2017: The 10 TOP TREND costumes this year

Halloween 2017 costumes ideas

“The horror bad from house to house and rings all people out”. Without a doubt, it’s about the creepy festival of the Celts – Halloween. On October 31st it’s that time again and the Halloween costumes are indispensable. Due to the American influence since the 1990s, Halloween has been louder, more colorful and more modern for years. So also the costumes. We have collected the trendy costumes for this Halloween 2017 especially for you, so that your choice is easier and all eyes are on you. From creepy witch from pure horror film to sexy and equally tender Snow White to a comic hero, you will find everything that is trendy this year with us!

Costumes for Halloween 2017: Everything is allowed!

Halloween costumes

People love to take on new roles. And Halloween is that time of year when anything is possible! By “everything” we don’t just mean disguising ourselves in a creepy manner, but the principle also applies: Everything that is crazy is allowed. You can also change any costume with the right accessories and make-up. Our team did a research, what the popular costumes for Halloween 2016 were: Frankenstein, skeleton, horror clown, spider, witch, mummy or zombie. Not to be forgotten are the superheroes, especially with children and DIY heroes. With the well-known characters from games or films, you will attract more attention and become an eye-catcher! Buying a costume is not only worthwhile for the eye-catcher and extra sweets after the question “Sweet or Sour?”, Also not necessarily for October 31st. It is worth it because it awakens the desire for the next party and promises wonderful time with children and friends. If you want a costume that doesn’t necessarily have blood flowing from it, you can also wear it for the German Carnival! Costumes that are suitable for all kinds of occasions and events can be found, for example, in the online shop of https://kostuemkiste.com.

BUH! Scary beauty through scary costumes

The creepy costumes are always the eye-catcher at the festival, but what will be the highlight of this Halloween 2017? You don’t have to dig deep into your pocket for a scary, ingenious costume on Halloween. A zombie costume is one of the cheap alternatives that you can find cheaply in stores or that you can easily make yourself. As the living dead, you will certainly not only frighten children two years younger than you. All you need for that creepy look are some old clothes from the closet and the matching horror accessories. What would be the most popular scary costumes this year, have a look here:

Zombie doctor costume 

Halloween scary ideas

Anything associated with doctor sounds gruesome, especially when combined with a lot of blood. The zombie doctor costume is the entrance ticket for Halloween 2017 and will collect lots of sweets. Only a work smock, a hat, a latex face mask and a stethoscope will ensure you are eye-catching. Blood and injuries are a must!

Scary clowns everywhere 

Halloween 2017 costumes ideas

the Story from last year With the creepy clowns, the enthusiasts will not fail as horror clowns will frighten people this year as well. No matter if you only wear a clown mask or a whole clown costume, this Halloween look will be the top choice this year.

Less is more: Halloween 2017 would be sexy!

Halloween costumes for women

While the focus on Halloween is clearly on the creepy and scary costumes, this year you will see more skin-showing costumes, especially for women. Halloween 2017 would be very sexy with these two costumes – Snow White and Ursula!

Halloween costumes Ursula

Superhero costumes Let you celebrate as heroes!

Halloween costumes

With the selection of the Halloween costume you will not only choose your disguise, but a character. Snow White and Ursula are not just famous characters from fairy tales, they are characters. Batman too. And all comic and superhero costumes. This year comic costumes will make a comeback, especially the Marvel heroes and superheroes from the films. Our tip for a trendy Halloween costume: think of the top films of 2017!

Halloween 2017: choose the best costume for the best night of the year

Halloween clown make-up

The best thing about Halloween is that it’s just like a horror movie. You can never feel alone! We hope that with our help you will not feel alone as you prepare for the spooky festival. Use our ideas to collect suggestions for a creepy, yet stylish celebration. We wish you a happy and scary Halloween! Have fun!