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Witch make-up – instructions and 50 ideas for inspiration

In the current situation it is quite questionable whether you can even organize a Halloween party. But even if you do without a big party, you could improve your mood with a few make-up ideas. This look is easy to imitate and goes well with different outfits. So learn how to easily make up a witch and so you can decide at the last moment whether you want to celebrate a Halloween party or not. Here are our basic make-up instructions and many other ideas in pictures.

You could be quite a seductive witch!

Berry-colored make-up on the face of a witch

Witch make-up: Make-up tips for a trendy look

Do you want to make up your face like a witch and look really modern and sexy at the same time? Then you should emphasize your advantages. Ideally, you should opt for smoky make-up. This gives your gaze depth and makes your face extremely alluring. That still fits perfectly with the aesthetics of Halloween.

The selection of creepy patterns is quite large

Blue purple - spider eyes witch make up

Here’s how you can make up a sexy witch by following our step-by-step tips:

Make up the eyes:

  • First, make up your eyes by first applying the basic make-up to the entire eyelid. Then carefully spread powder on it.
  • Apply eyeshadow color to the upper lid and spread a bit of it over it. For an even more dramatic effect, apply some of the eyeshadow to the sides so you can achieve the cat’s eye effect.
  • Next, apply the black eyeshadow to the upper lid and then blend it with the brown one so that you achieve a smooth transition.
  • The last thing you should do is emphasize eyebrows with the appropriate makeup.

Purple eyelids and black lipstick – it’s a great combination 

Blue hat - purple eyes - witch make up

Make up the face:

Again, apply foundation first, then powder. Choose a shade that is as pale as possible so that you achieve the appropriate effect. Now spread some of the brown eyeshadow under the waterline.

Make up the lips

Apply a dark brown lip liner. Then put on a dark lipstick. It could either be black like your eye makeup or dark gray. It depends on how strong the contrast should be. Instead of the dark lipstick color, you can also use dark red or a darker berry color.

Berry colors and spider webs – that makes a great combination!

Subtle spider drawing witch make up

The right outfit for witch make-up

The perfect outfit for this witch look would of course be the little black dress. But an elegant dress would also go well with it. Dark blue would also be a very good alternative. A great lace dress with a high collar would be ideal. It would emphasize the drama of your beautifully made-up face particularly strongly. A witch hat would of course complete the whole look perfectly. You could also use beautiful red-colored accessories or those in berry colors.

Here we have an example of quite fine face jewelry 

Flower ornaments - DIY ideas - witch make-up

Individualize the witch look!

Our picture examples will give you inspiration for how to individualize your witch look. You could add some extra splash of color to your makeup to make it more cheerful. Also, you could go for a more surprising color for the lipstick. For make-up, you can also use spider webs, bats or other typical Halloween patterns on your face. Draw inspiration from it and choose your perfect variant!

Get the sky on your face!

Big black hat witch putting on make-up

Different metallics can turn out to be wonderful ideas for your makeup!

Green ideas for the face - make-up for a witch

This is how artfully you can make up a witch!

Scary witch - great face - witch make up

Here’s another classic combination of green and red

Witch make-up - pale make-up - make-up ideas

Witch make-up - third eye make-up

Make up a witch - a charming witch

Witch makeup - good purple lips ideas

Aim for a uniform witch look!

Witch make-up - Metallic ideas Make-up tips

Witch make-up - red eyes - make-up tips

Witch make-up - red eye make-up

Witch makeup - red lips - spider tattoo

Witch Make Up - Black and White Make Up Tips

Don’t skip the witch hat!

Witch make-up - great charming idea for everyone

Witch make-up - great creepy witch ideas

Witch make-up - great red eyes

Witch make-up - great good face - great make-up ideas

Witch make-up - great make-up - beautiful eyes

Make up the green witch? why not?

Witch make-up - ladies with long hair

Witch make-up - grim make-up tips

Witch make-up hat ideas - great make-up ideas

Witch Make Up Make Up Tips

The crescent moon is a typical symbol of the night!

Witch make-up - make-up tips

Witch make-up - attractive make-up

Witch make-up - red tears under the eyes

Witch make up sexy trendy look

Silver shiny elements can complement the witch make-up

Witch make up stars and silver paint

Witch make-up - great characters - creepy message

Witch make-up - great eye make-up

Witch make up tattoo for face

Witch make up tears - great ideas for eyes

The widow and witch look can be wonderfully combined with each other!

Witch putting makeup on widows drawing

Witches hat and other great witch make-up ideas

Several beautiful colors on the face - witch make-up

Red witches ideas - witch make-up

Make up black wings around the eyes of a witch

Green-black is always a well-functioning combination for witch make-up

Silver ideas - great make-up tips witch make-up

Draw spiders - make up a witch

great lady - great tattoos for the face witch make-up (41)

great green witch make-up

A great look in black and white

great ideas for the eyes - witch make-up

Great make-up tips - make-up for a witch

Make up a great white witch

Great drawings on the face of a witch

Great skeleton ideas - witch make-up

Wonderful ideas - make-up ideas for women - witch make-up