Short hairstyles for everyday life or for a special occasion

Short hairstyles are always up to date. Because there are many types of women who can benefit from it. Let’s start with those who have fine and short hair. Even with long hairstyles, you can get more volume and shape. But that’s more difficult and you don’t always have the time or the nerve to do it. With short hairstyles, many of the problems associated with shape and volume are eliminated.

Volume in short hairstyles

short hair short hairstyles women hairstyles

Short hairstyles are very modern with a playful effect to the tips.

It is incredible how much has been done in this regard over the past few years. Five years ago, for example, it was not possible with long or short hairstyles to get permanent volume in the hairstyle without the help of a hairdresser.

But do the women who have become unhappy and disappointed as a result seem to have been way too much lately? It also looks like their messages were understood by the cosmetics industry.

Great volume and smooth effect on short hairstyles


Today, even in the most common drugstores, there are cheaper and of course not so cheap, but generally very effective means by which you can easily get volume into your hair. Have a look at yours to see what kind of forming water there is. After you’ve washed your hair, spray this on your hair and dry it by combing through at the same time. By the way, this helps a lot, even if you have to deal with greasy hair. Here is our specific tip for this too: After washing, spray the hair while it is not yet completely dry. Wait a minute. Now use the blow dryer to dry your hair by holding your head down. Don’t worry – most products also offer thermal protection. We also mean the cheaper ones.

Retro short hairstyles also come in on certain occasions

hairstyles short hair cool hairstyles short hair

Then you should also treat your hair with this product in the morning for the next few days. Comb your hair. Spray the water on the roots of the hair. Then blow-dry and comb vigorously. For many people, this method helps the hair to become greasy much more slowly.

 Short hairstyles are easier to maintain

ladies hairstyles short hair carving cool hairstyles

If you want to get curls or volume in from the roots, Forming Water can also help. You know the problem when your curls aren’t holding enough, right? There are special gels that are similar in content to Forming Water, but have a slightly different consistency. They will make it possible for you to keep your wonderful locks in your hair for a long time.

Absolutely modern “wet effect” for short hairstyles

short hair women hairstyle

Some additional tips for everyday use with short hair products

As I said, these products are very effective for short hairstyles. Do you want to have a well-groomed appearance over the long term? Have fine and greasy hair?

Short hairstyles can also be so feminine

women hairstyles short hair short hairstyles women

Opt for short hairstyle and the products described. Use this to take care of your hair every day as soon as it has not grown out. So you will get used to it and it will show itself that you can keep the well-groomed appearance of your fine hair! Slowly you will gain skill and talent. Then at some point it will be much easier for you to care for longer hair. Because sooner or later most women want their short hairstyles to grow longer.

Great short haircut for a well-groomed look

blonde hair short haircut womens hairstyle

Like to wear your hair fluffy?

cool hairstyles short hairstyle short hairstyles women

Let the bangs hang a little longer

cool hairstyles women hairstyles short haircut women

Asymmetrical short haircut

cool hairstyles short hairstyle women

Super feminine short hairstyle for those who do not like it very short

cool hairstyles short hairstyle ladies hairstyles

  This haircut goes well with straight hair

cool ladies hairstyles short haircut

Having a nice hairstyle while growing your hair long 

cool hairstyles short haircut short hair

Be modern with a short haircut

cool ladies hairstyles short haircuts

The everyday short hairstyles quickly become festive

short hairstyles women women's hairstyles short hair

An asymmetrical tiered cut

hairstyles short hair short hairstyles farune

A short “bob” hairstyle looks very neat

cool hairstyles ladies hairstyle short hair

Give this haircut a try

cool hairstyles short haircuts ladies haircuts

Look extravagant with a short haircut the end

cool hairstyles hairstyles short hair ladies hairstyle

Are you brave enough for this short hairstyle?

cool hairstyles short hairstyles ladies hairstyle

The highlights look good even on short hair

cool hairstyles short haircuts

Short hairstyle with volume

cool hairstyles short bob women hairstyle

How do you like this hairstyle?

cool hairstyles short hairstyles women

Wash your hair with hair wax for a casual look

cool hairstyles short hairstyle women

Feel free to carry your bangs to one side?

cool hairstyles short hairstyles faruen

A short haircut for those who like it unusual  

women hairstyles cool hairstyles short hair

A great solution for curly hair too

ladies hairstyle hairstyles short hair short haircut

A cool hairstyle for the slightly older women too

ladies hairstyle short haircut cool hairstyles

Do you like this haircut? – Then go to the hairdresser!

faraufrisuren short haircuts short hair

Show your ears for a short haircut

women hairstyles short haircut short hairstyle women

A beautiful short hairstyle for the dear ladies

hairstyles short hair short haircut ladies hairstyle

  Multi-colored highlights in short hair!

short hair short haircuts women's hairstyles

Love this short haircut?

hairstyles short hair short haircuts cool hairstyles

Ruffled short hairstyle

short hair womens hairstyle short haircuts

A short hairstyle allows you to accentuate your earrings

short hair short hairstyles women

Look younger with a cool short hairstyle

hairstyles short hair ladies hairstyles short hairstyles women

Pin the bangs back for more volume a

short hair short haircut women hairstyle

Thick bangs for the short hairstyle

short bob cool hairstyles short hairstyle women

Accentuate your face with a short haircut

short hairstyle women short hair

Consult with your hairdresser before committing to this haircut

short bob ladies hairstyle short hair

Do you like how this short hairstyle looks?

short hair women short hair

More volume with a layered haircut

short hairstyle ladies hairstyle short haircut

Show the better half of your face under the bangs

short hairstyle ladies short haircut

Which side do you wear your pony on?

short hairstyles women women hairstyles

This bob hairstyle looks great with a straight fringe

short hairstyle faruen cool hairstyles short bob

Two different braids in short hair

short hairstyles women braided hairstyles

Short hairstyle worn on the side

short hairstyle women short haircuts short hair

Spice up your hair with a headband

short hairstyles women short hair

With a little bit of curdling, you will achieve this effect

short hair short hairstyle women hairstyles

The short hair can be left uncombed from time to time

short hairstyles women ladies hairstyle cool hairstyles

Short ”bob” with highlights

short hairstyles women short hair cool hairstyles

A braid in your hair ensures a great variety

short hairstyles women braid hairstyle

Hair on the back of the head cut very short

short hairstyle short hair short hairstyle women

Do you like this hairstyle?

short hairstyles women cool hairstyles

The retro short hairstyle is trendy again!

short hairstyle short hairstyle women

Two playful short haircuts

short haircuts womens hairstyles kuez hairstyle women

The hairspray helps you to fix the volume 

short hairstyle short haircuts womens hairstyles

A very short women’s haircut

short haircut cool hairstyles short hairstyle women

How do you find our last example?

short haircut womens hairstyle short hair