Hair transplantation with your own hair – you should know that

Nowadays one no longer has to put up with system-related hair loss. Hair transplantation can be used to remedy hair loss by transplanting your own hair to replenish bald spots. Here you can find out everything about Procedure, methods and costs of a hair transplant and what else you need to know about the procedure. In this way you can get an idea for yourself whether a hair transplant would be an option for you.

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When does a hair transplant make sense??

There are many reasons for hair falling out – from malnutrition to stress and autoimmune diseases. In most cases, however, the hair just goes out because we get older. Indeed when does it actually make sense, to have your own hair transplanted?

In the case of the hereditary hair loss A hair transplant can be useful, for example around Refill a receding hairline or a tonsure. However, it is important for patients to know that hair loss cannot be stopped even by transplantation. The prerequisite for the intervention is that there is still enough donor hair available and the hair loss was not caused by an illness.

But a transplant is also suitable for concealing scars. In addition to the hair on the head, eyebrows can also be transplanted, for example, to cover scars or bald spots that result from an accident with hair again.

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How does a hair transplant work?

Basically, a hair transplant is used Hair removed from denser areas, mostly from the fringe of hair on the back of the head. Then the grafts are prepared and replanted in bald spots. The operation is carried out as an inpatient and, thanks to a local anesthetic, the patient does not feel anything of the procedure. Depending on the transplant method used, however, there are differences in the way the hair is removed. Nowadays are mainly involved two methods common:

· The FUT method

In the case of the follicular unit transplantation or strip method, as the name suggests, a scalpel is used a strip of hairy skin removed from the back of the head. This is then broken down into smaller units, which in turn are prepared in a nutrient solution and later replanted. Although a large number of hair can be obtained relatively quickly, the disadvantage is that you cannot avoid it, a scar on the back of the head to carry away. Short hairstyles are unfortunately no longer possible.

· The FUE technique

The somewhat newer Follicular Unit Extraction method is on the other hand much gentler for the fabric. This technique uses a special hollow needle so that the Grafts taken one by one and then can be planted again immediately. This way there are no visible scars, but in order for the surgeon to proceed carefully it is usually necessary to shave the entire head. In addition, a treatment using the FUE method takes place more time to complete, as the removal of the hair follicles is more tedious.

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When do you see the end result?

A few weeks after the transplantation, the transplanted hair falls out again and goes into the resting phase. However, this is completely normal and part of the process. It then takes about three months until the first results let see and another three until the hair begins to grow vigorously again. The final result of the hair transplant, however, is only visible after about a year.

What does a hair transplant cost?

It is difficult to be precise about how much money to expect for a hair transplant. After all, the costs not only differ from provider to provider, but are also calculated according to the method and method used respective number required follicular units. In German-speaking countries, however, treatment is certainly more expensive than abroad and may be possible up to 8,000 euros turn off. Unfortunately, the health insurance does not cover any of this.

For this reason, there has been a real boom for in recent years Hair transplants abroad. Especially the Turkey has proven to be a hotspot for health travel Because due to the lower life support and personnel costs, hair transplants can and are much cheaper there for less than 2,500 euros available. Those who are thoroughly informed in advance can usually very quickly differentiate between reputable providers and clinics with poor quality.

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What about the risks with a hair transplant?

As with any surgical procedure, hair transplantation carries certain risks. In contrast to many other operations, however, these are relatively low because one Hair transplant is considered to be very low risk. The greatest danger is usually to catch a dubious provider and not satisfied with the result afterwards to be. However, with experienced and certified surgeons, patients need not worry.

Possible side effects are as well temporary bleeding or swelling, which usually fade away soon. With the FUT method, the risk of infection is somewhat greater due to the large wound area on the back of the head, but this is also limited with proper hygiene.

So anyone who suffers from hereditary hair loss is definitely an option for a transplant with their own hair. In the first place is then a detailed discussion with the surgeon of your choice, in which the framework conditions are set and all important questions are clarified. A health trip to Turkey can also be considered for inexpensive treatment.

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