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Rockabilly hairstyles – how to do these

rockabilly-hairstyles-TO CATCH A THIEF

As you all know, rockabilly is one of the earliest types of rock and roll music and it seems that this look is making a comeback this year. You can wear these wonderful rockabilly hairstyles at weddings, balls, various parties and summer nights. Why do we love this look? For its refined elegance, youthful touch and glamorous details that make it something very special.

You will always look sexy with the rockabilly hairstyles!

rockabilly hairstyles THE FARMER’S DAUGHTER

You have the rockabilly dresses, the rockabilly tunes, and the rockabilly attitude, but you absolutely need the rockabilly hair! Here are instructions and tips on how to style your hair in various iconic styles of the era. We will be using some of our favorite rockabilly and pin-up models as guides and muses for this hairstyle seminar.

Be a muse with the rockabilly hairstyles

rockabilly hairstyles SOME LIKE IT HOT

The first thing you need to do is buy the right hair styling tools. The set should include (but is not limited to):

• Pomade

• Hairspray

• Thermal sprays

• Rattail combs

• Styling combs

• Picks

• To brush

• Bobby pins

• hairpins

• A curling iron

• Hot rolling with clips

• Soft-cloth curlers / rollers

• hair scissors

• Accessories such as flower clips and pens for decoration

The rockabilly hairstyles require the right hair styling tools

rockabilly hairstyles BLUE HAWAII

The 1940s was a very special time in terms of hairstyles. In contrast to the wartime, when fabric and clothing were rationed, women became more creative with their hair afterwards than ever. Although some hairstyle styles from the 1940s were more glamorous, the rockabilly hairstyles from the 1940s were more of a fun looking look.

Rock and roll never dies, the iconic ones Rockabilly hairstyles neither!

rockabilly-hairstyles-A classy touch

The 1940’s Bettie Page look is a very common rockabilly hairstyle. The hair is about shoulder length with blunt bangs across the forehead. The hair is parted in the middle and styled with soft waves – with the exception of the pony, which is straight and sleek and reaches to the middle of the forehead – this vintage look has once again seen great popularity, especially for formal events and parties.

Rockabilly Hairstyles – The Farmer’s Daughter

rockabilly-hairstyles-6 FOREVER, DARLINGWith retro hairstyles more popular than ever, get ready to radiate the vintage rock and roll spirit!

Would you like some tips on how to do the rockabilly hairstyles? Here are some of the most popular of those: This cute curly style brings you innocence and class rolled into one.

Rockabilly Hairstyles – LOVE AFFAIR

rockabilly-hairstyles-A PLACE IN THE SUN

Best face shape and hair type:

This look is suitable for square, oval or round shaped face. The style works best on medium to thick hair.


Accentuate it with a gorgeous red bow.

Rockabilly Hairstyles – COVER GIRL

rockabilly-hairstyles-A STAR IS BORN

Soft, romantic hair is timeless. Update your look with soft, face-framing tendrils.

Best face shape and hair type:

This look is suitable for round, oval or rectangular shaped face. The style works best on medium to thick hair.


Rockabilly Hairstyles – SOME LIKE IT HOT

rockabilly-hairstyles-AIR HOSTESS

Define your face-framing tendrils with a light-weight wax.

The spotlight will be on you with this voluminous pin-wavy style.

Best face shape and hair type:

This look is suitable for oval, round or square shaped face. The style works best on medium to thick hair.

Rockabilly hairstylesBLUE HAWAII

rockabilly-hairstyles-ANCHORS AWEIGH


Accentuate this look with a delicate silk scarf.

If frizz is your enemy, keep it sleek and controlled with this cute hairstyle.

Best face shape and hair type:

This look is suitable for oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. The style works best on fine to medium hair.


rockabilly-hairstyles-Black and white drama


Accentuate it with a cute vintage scarf.

Best face shape and hair type:

This look is suitable for round, oval, or heart-shaped faces. The style works best on fine to thick hair.


Accentuate with some tropical flowers.

rockabilly hairstyle charming in rolls

Best face shape and hair type:

This look works well for oval, square, and round face shapes. The style works best on medium to thick hair.


Accentuate with a classic car pointed net. rockabilly-hairstyles-COQUETTE


rockabilly-hairstyles-DIY Bettie Bangs

rockabilly-hairstyles-FOLLOW THE FLEET

rockabilly-hairstyles-GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES

rockabilly-hairstyles-Highly Glamorous

rockabilly-hairstyles-HOW THE WEST WAS WON


rockabilly-hairstyles-I love neon blue!


rockabilly-hairstyles-IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT

rockabilly-hairstyles-LOVE AFFAIR

rockabilly-hairstyles-NONE BUT THE LONELY HEART

rockabilly-hairstyles-Old Hollywood Pin Curls


rockabilly-hairstyles-PILLOW TALK


rockabilly-hairstyle-Pompadour Fun

rockabilly-hairstyles-REAR WINDOW

rockabilly-hairstyles-retro cool

rockabilly-hairstyles-Rocking it!

rockabilly-hairstyles-SPITFIRE WOMAN

rockabilly-hairstyles-The Grand Style

rockabilly-hairstyles-THE WATCH (WO) MEN

rockabilly-frisuren-These version of victory rolls and bun is amazing

rockabilly-frisuren-This french twist with Bettie bangs is wonderful

rockabilly-hairstyles-TO CATCH A THIEF

rockabilly-hairstyles-Victory Rolls

rockabilly-hairstyles-Vintage Afternoon

rockabilly-hairstyles-vintage carrot

rockabilly-hairstyles-vintage waves

rockabilly-hairstyles-woman rockability hairstyles