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Medium length hairstyles: what are the most fashionable half length hairstyles for 2018?

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Having medium length hair is just wonderful! Because they are much easier to care for than a long mane and offer a lot more styling options compared to short hair. Medium length hair looks youthful and fresh, is the perfect choice for summer, and is especially popular this year. In this post you will find everything about hairstyles medium length! Here you can find out which are the most modern styling options for 2018, as well as what a medium-length haircut will suit you depending on the shape of your face. Have fun reading!

Medium Length Hairstyles: Which is the Best Haircut for You?

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As I said above, medium-length hair is all the rage this year, and that is clearly visible in the stars – Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston and Lena Gercke are an excellent example of this. Medium-length hair with bangs is particularly popular, so we’ll tell you which variant of this modern hairstyle will look best on you – depending on the shape of your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, it’s best to opt for fringed, slightly tiered bangs – they will narrow your forehead and make your chin appear wider. With a square face, the best choice is side bangs, and with an oval face shape – a shoulder-length, tiered hairstyle with side parting. Half-length hair is sometimes even better styled than long hair, and below we offer you a few hip hairstyle ideas that you should definitely try out!

Medium length hairstyles – French braid

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This is a classic braid hairstyle that every woman should know. And with medium-length hair, it can even be done a lot quicker and easier compared to long hair. First, part a few strands from the top of your head and divide them into three parts. Start braiding by placing the right strand over the middle one. The right strand should now be in the middle. Place the left strand on top and continue braiding by picking up some hair from the right side and adding it to the right strand. After that, take some hair from the left side and repeat the steps until you cannot pick up any more hair. Then braid the braid normally all the way to the end and secure with a hair elastic. complete!

Medium length hairstyles – knotted ponytail

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This hairstyle is super quick to do and looks very elegant in the process. Divide your hair into two equal sections and tie them in a bun. Pull the knot tight to your head, and to make the hairstyle last longer, do another one. It is important that the second knot fits snugly against the first. Finally, fix the hairstyle directly under the second knot with bobby pins and a rubber band.

Modern hairstyles for shoulder-length hair – half-open bun

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This hairstyle is practical, trendy and also super easy to style. Part your hair in the middle – at the level of your ears – and tie it in a tight ponytail. Pull some hair above the ponytail to make your hairstyle look more voluminous. Now twist your hair around the hair elastic so that it can no longer be seen and secure the little bun you have made with bobby pins.

Make your own faux braid hairstyle

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This easy braided hairstyle looks very pretty and is really practical – especially on the hot summer days. First, tie two small ponytails one below the other on top of your head. Divide the top ponytail into two equal-sized strands, place the bottom ponytail in between, and secure it up with bobby pins. Pick up more hair and add it to the split ponytail. Secure it in place with a hair elastic and divide it into two sections again. Tie another small ponytail at the bottom and repeat the same process until you get to the hairline at the nape of your neck. Finally fix the hairstyle with an elastic band.