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Do you hate sitting in front of the mirror every morning to get a nice hairstyle before you go to work? In this post, we will help you forget about this problem forever and ever! Here we offer you a few quick hairstyle tutorials that can only be done for three minutes! Our proposals are elegant and practical, and are suitable for the everyday office look and other occasions when you have little time to style your hair. We hope you enjoy our everyday quick hairstyles!

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The usual ponytail looks too boring in your opinion? Here we are going to show you a few tricks that you could use to create an interesting and eye-catching hairstyle out of it! The first variant that we offer you is to tie a side pigtail. Separate a thick strand, wrap it around the ponytail, and secure the end with a small hair elastic. Already finished! To make the hairstyle last longer, spray it with some hairspray. The so-called sleek braid looks particularly elegant. A ponytail is tied high on the head and the length of the hair is styled with a straightening iron. Finally, a thick strand is cut off, wrapped around the elastic and fixed with a bobby pin. The ponytail will also look much more eye-catching if you curl your hair in advance with a thick curling iron. Now tie the ponytail and release your bangs from it. Finally, braid a small section of the ponytail, wrap it around the hair elastic and pin the end in place.

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Another variation that you can also opt for is the deep ponytail. All the hair is tied in the neck and wrapped with a strand of hair. To make the hairstyle look more voluminous, you could put some hair mousse into dry hair in advance. Our next suggestion looks particularly playful and elegant. First you should tease your hair a little with the bust, comb through the top layers of hair to make it look smooth, and tie the section from the ears down in a small ponytail. Take a relatively large section of hair to the left of the hair elastic, make a hole in the tied hair with your fingers and pull this section through it. Secure with 2-3 bobby pins, and now take hair from the right side. You should pull this through the strand that you just took from the left side and secure it again with bobby pins. Already finished!

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The first idea we offer you is to try to braid a Dutch braid yourself. This hairstyle looks particularly impressive, and can be done super quickly with a little practice. Comb your hair back and divide the forehead into three large sections. Start braiding by placing the left strand under the middle one, and after that – the right one under the middle one. After repeating this 1-2 times, start adding a few hairs to the outer strands each time you braid. Do this all the way down your head until you’ve braided all of your hair. Secure the end of the braid with a small hair elastic. If you wish, you could use this to wrap a loose bun and pin it with a couple of bobby pins. Another original updo that you could try for yourself is to do a bun. Comb your hair back and tie it in a ponytail. Divide it into two large strands and make a normal knot of them. Pin it in place with 2-3 hairpins, take the strands again and tie another knot towards the front. Pull it tight, run the strands down around the bun, and make one final knot. The number of knots is appropriately dependent on your hair length. Now all you have to do is fix the finished hairstyle with hairpins and spray!

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