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Give away the right perfume: this little fragrance guide will definitely help you!

Giving a fragrance as a present is probably one of the most beautiful and most delicate gift ideas of all. Because fragrances are not objects. They have no practical function and are as personal and intuitive as feelings themselves. We have all convinced ourselves often enough of the immediate effect of a scent that lets emotions and memories rise up in us. Fragrances are directly connected to our limbic system and therefore very often and unconsciously determine our mood and well-being. The right fragrance is also very often used to express one’s own personality, which does not always make the choice of perfume easy. So if you want to give away the right perfume as a gift, you should take some time for it. The next useful hints and tips can certainly provide you with the help you need to orientate yourself in the world of fragrances.

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Rely on high-quality perfumes

When it comes to a special gift, you should definitely pay attention to quality. Counterfeits or perfumes from brands that ring suspiciously are not only short-lived and smell cheap, they can even be harmful to health. Fortunately, you can find a wide range of fragrances from really good manufacturers and brands not only in local perfumeries, but also online. Depending on the particular olfactory preferences, everyone can easily choose the right perfume, whether for women, men or unisex.

High quality Aqua di Parma products are always an excellent choice, for example, when it comes to luxurious niche fragrances with style, aesthetics and tradition. In addition to its classic Eau de Cologne, the well-known perfume house also offers a multi-faceted range of products that can satisfy even the highest fragrance demands.

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Differentiate fragrances according to concentration

When buying a perfume, its intensity or, in other words, the concentration of the fragrance is very important. A basic distinction is made between the following four variants:

  • Extrait de Parfum

It is the highest concentration of fragrance oils that can be found. The fragrance oil content of such perfumes can reach up to 40% depending on the manufacturer. Just a single drop on the skin is enough to feel the noble scent for days.

  • Eau de Parfum

With this variant, the fragrance oil concentration is slightly lower, between 10-14%. The shelf life remains pretty good and you can easily achieve the full scent effect with just 1-2 sprays a day.

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  • Eau de toilette

What used to serve as bath water for the French nobility is currently one of the most popular fragrances. This has an even lower concentration of scented oils, between 6-9% and is also a bit cheaper. For these reasons you can spray it more often.

  • Eau de Cologne

The iconic Eau de Cologne ensures a somewhat short-lived, but still very noble and soothing fragrance experience. With a modest fragrance concentration of only 3-5%, this fragrance variant is probably the gentlest and most fleeting. Nevertheless, many people like to use it and give it away.

Fragrance progression: top, heart and base notes

It is no less important to know that a perfume needs some time to fully unfold. It is therefore always advisable to test the fragrances on strips of paper or, even better, on the skin, if possible. The full scent course of a perfume takes at least 15 minutes and consists of three components, which are called top, heart and base notes. The top note is the one that you notice immediately. This is usually composed of lighter fragrances, which then dissipate quickly.

The heart of the fragrance can be smelled shortly afterwards and has a longer shelf life. Very often, of all things, the heart note is the one that is perceived as a perfume character. Last but not least, there is the base note. This has something to do with the individuality of each wearer. In fact, these are the fragrance molecules that bond most strongly and for a long time with your own skin. This also explains the fact that a certain perfume can smell a little different for everyone.

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Select perfumes according to fragrance families

Fragrances are often perceived very subjectively, but experts divide them into a few main fragrance notes or families. In technical jargon, one speaks of: citrus, oriental, woody, floral or floral, powdery, chypre, fougère and gourmand. Each individual fragrance family naturally has countless components that are used differently for each individual perfume. Basically, citrus, floral and powdery fragrances are considered feminine and rather everyday, whereas those belonging to the gourmand and oriental are more suitable, especially in the evening or on special occasions. Perfumes that come from the Chypre and Fougère fragrance families or are particularly woody are traditionally referred to as men’s fragrances. Of course, you shouldn’t stick to it when making your choice, but rather let yourself be guided by your own nose or determine the scent taste of the recipient in advance. It is not uncommon for women to prefer to wear men’s perfumes or for men to prefer gourmands and oriental styles.

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The design of the bottle and the packaging naturally also play an important role in choosing the right perfume. With it you can give the recipient an additional pleasure and at the same time give a nice accessory for the chest of drawers or the dressing table. So feel free to browse through high-quality drugstores and perfume sites and explore classic as well as trendy fragrance creations from well-known perfume manufacturers. Give yourself the necessary time and discover the perfect scent to give away.

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