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Modern houses: ReGen Villages – the visionary idea of ​​future living

ReGen Villages this is what future living could look like. It is a groundbreaking vision that is being established for the first time in the Netherlands. The first village is to be built that is completely self-sufficient. In addition, it also acts independently of supply by having a closed circular economy. This pilot project shows that the subject of “living” will have to be redefined in the future.

It is a visionary idea that the American entrepreneur James Ehrlich and the Danish architecture firm EFFEKT had. In the Netherlands, more precisely near Almere, a village of the future is to be developed that will be completely self-sufficient. There are currently 25 residential buildings under construction on a small area. A sophisticated, closed cycle system is intended to ensure that the residents can grow their own food, produce their own electricity and that the water and waste recycling is independent of the supply.

“In order to implement this, a high degree of technical automation is required,” summarizes Lars Heymeyer from the IT system house “Sentinel” in Hamburg. “The control of such a circulatory system is highly complex, the networking requires a high level of IT security.”

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Modern houses: new living concept

This village requires a total of 16,000 square meters. It is a kind of glass house, under which the houses are arranged in a ring shape. This architecture also reflects the “openness and community” concept of ReGen Village.

The apartments are available in eight different sizes between 80-140 square meters. An area of ​​639 square meters is enough for a family of three in this visionary village to be completely self-sufficient. According to the visionaries, an area of ​​around 8100 square meters is currently required for conventional agriculture.

In the inner circle of the village there is space for food production, which is also located under a glass roof. The outbuildings are used for the care and management of various types of fruit and walnut. The large greenhouse, which is centrally located, is designed for vertical cultivation. It is built tall, full of shelves, so that the use of sunlight is optimally exploited.

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Food supply through vertical farms and aquaponics

There are numerous production facilities for food production in the model village. In addition to normal seasonal gardens, heated, installed greenhouses will be built over the 120 square meter living space of the building. There are also vertical farms, livestock farming and aquaponics.

The compostable waste that arises from the food supply is given to the farm animals kept as feed. The non-compostable part is incinerated and thus attributed to energy production. At this point, food production and waste disposal form a closed cycle at the same time.

Other sources of energy

The remaining energy is fed from the solar systems, geothermal energy storage and the biogas system of the ReGen Village. If there is an overproduction of energy, it is stored and supplied to the village when a bottleneck arises.

Rainwater forms the basis of the water supply. In its unfiltered state, it is used to irrigate the plants; if necessary, the rainwater is filtered for the drinking water supply. The wastewater is made usable again by a water treatment plant. The resulting waste products are fed to the biogas plant, which in turn converts them into energy.

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State-of-the-art agricultural technology and mobility in ReGen-Village

This promising vision with its numerous cycles is a showcase project. With the latest agricultural technology, the idea providers want to achieve ten times the harvest yield with 90 percent less water use. They also rely on a sustainable footprint when it comes to mobility. In addition to numerous bicycles, e-cars are also in use. Thanks to the complex circuit, the charging stations have 10 Teslas that they can offer.

This pilot project shows another step in the right direction. The subject of living must be rethought in the future. In addition to the ecological claim, the central concern of the ReGen Villages is the special responsibility for the future and enjoyment of the community.

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