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Yard with plants – three microclimates

I just wanted a swing and a surprise. That’s all. So the architect Sean Papich about his work. It’s about redesigning his own courtyard. The typical 50s house was transformed into a classic New England Cube apartment through his work. The backyard was actually like a blank page. He could do anything there.

The house is on a slope. First he flattened it. Then he started designing a semi-covered living area in the back yard. A screened veranda, an open inner courtyard and an inner courtyard covered by a pergola were created.

Basic information

Who lives here: Sean and Tami Papich and their 3 children

Location: Hingham, Massachusetts

Area: 9 by 8 meters

Yard with plants

traditional house with plants garden

The courtyard looks all the way to the south. This creates wonderful conditions for abundant plants. Sean created three different microclimates. These differed in terms of the access of the light rays. The first area is completely exposed to the sun, the second offers the inhabitants half-shade, and the third shade.

Wonderful conditions for abundant plants

Courtyard with plants garden wood chair

Rock pear on the left is a very interesting accent. This attracts attention all year round. Hydrangeas, sedum and grass together create a green border in front of the back wall of the porch.

The exterior design of the house

Courtyard with plants garden exterior design

Only easy-to-care-for plants were chosen for the design of the veranda. They grow very tall from the sunlight. You rarely have to pick and prune the flowers.

Hydrangeas, sedum and grass together create a green border in front of the back wall of the porch

Courtyard with plants garden chair

If you look behind the left side of the cover, you will see thin beams with swings attached to them. From the bluestone veranda, the family can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire backyard.

Here you can see the courtyard

Courtyard with plants garden exterior design house

Three clearly separated areas

The plan includes three different rooms. An open stem is on the left. Their cover is still in front. Then you have an open area made of blue stones (5 by 8 meters wide). This is in the center. There is a stone courtyard on the right. This is covered with a pergola and is 3 to 5 meters tall.

Lots of summer hydrangeas, moonlight coreopsis, outstanding roses and other very exotic flowers

Courtyard with plants garden flowers

The bluestone terrace has a colorful mix of plants. These include an infinite number of summer hydrangeas, moonlight coreopsis, outstanding roses and other very exotic flowers. Rare magnolia and hydrangea species continue to complement the fabulous picture. Sean is a fan of the garden designer Oehme van Sweden. You can tell by his joy in using ornamental plants and grass. He cleverly mixes different types of these here.

If you look closely at the picture of the porch, you would also see the fabulous oak swing. It was ordered from the craftsman Doug Mrock from Mrock’s Creative Woodworking. He has expanded his father’s family business. His work is unique and all the details are done by hand.

Papich’s hottest recommendation!

The bluestone terrace has a colorful mix of plants

traditional courtyard with plants garden

The furniture

The family would like to one day fill this room with their favorite furniture. But in between, the Ikea tables, chairs and other matching furniture are absolutely okay. At the farthest end of the porch, the designer has largely screened off the view of the city and neighboring buildings with grapevines. The plant has a very interesting history in itself.

He saved a rare strain from another project, so to speak. She was too much there and they were about to kick her out. He transplanted them and then put them here on the porch. This is a perfectly fitting species, which is neither too frugal nor too aggressive. It was the perfect solution for his porch needs.

The pots are made of different materials, but they all look like lead. In winter you have to find a suitable place for the roses, because they cannot survive in the climate outside.

The furniture can be seen here

Courtyard with plants garden around table candlesticks

The architect’s thoughts

Papich finds the classic pergola suitable for many different types of terraces. Therefore she would enroll in the native Cape as well as in the Victorian and Colonial style. In his opinion, something more unusual and modern would suit a house from the 50s.

However, this original style of the house had been discarded. The pillars of the veranda show a mixture of materials. Everything else was done in cedar.

A living wall on the right is made up of various lush plants and adds even more color to the general picture. All of these artificial and natural boundaries create a secure and intimate atmosphere.

It even shields the other areas of the house.

Broken bricks are laid according to a herringbone pattern. That makes the veranda look a bit older.

Two different lines, each made of bricks that have been laid across and that have been laid for a long time, frame the graceful interior.

This enhances the general appearance and creates a smooth transition between the area with the bricks and the rectangular tiles around them.

Frau von Papich – an interior designer found a crystal chandelier at an antique dealer. This was hung up here and switched on on the occasion of some evening events. The table is actually a galvanized glass bucket with a painted terracotta surface. This is a temporary but beautiful solution!

The family changes the appearance of the pergola on different occasions.

Is that what you would do in your backyard? Would you dress the same area in different colors and fabrics? Which ideas from the tips above would you use in your farm?

Sean Papich Landscape Architecture, Oehme, van Sweden Landscape Architecture

Mrock’s Creative Woodworking