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Evergreen garden plants transform the outdoor area into a beautiful place

Do you have a green thumb? If not, it doesn’t matter! Because there are also a number of easy-care indoor and garden plants that can be enjoyed for a long time. But today we are focusing on the garden. Regardless of whether you are an experienced gardener or a layperson in terms of plant care, a beautiful garden is always popular. Of course also in winter. When it is cold outside, a splendid number of plants is also possible in your own garden. Just bet on the right plants. We would like to introduce you to a few evergreen garden plants that will make your garden look charming even in the cold half of the year. Just read on!

Evergreen garden plants set exciting accents

evergreen garden plants pillow viburnum davidii

Evergreen garden plants – a huge variety of species

In winter it is a little more difficult to make the garden blooming and colorful, because many of the flowers and shrubs simply do not thrive in the cold months. But there is a solution and that is the evergreen plants. In this way you beautify every garden – both the romantic and the modern.

In every season! Evergreen garden plants make spending time outdoors pleasant, even in winter. You have to choose from an infinite number of garden plants. The evergreen plants include trees, shrubs, ground cover and perennials. Many of them also thrive in sub-zero temperatures, which is often the case in winter. In addition, they are not only decorative, but also fulfill other functions outside. The evergreen hedges, for example, protect against prying eyes and separate individual areas. Other evergreen garden plants, on the other hand, provide great accents.

The evergreen plants are great eye-catchers in the winter garden

evergreen garden plants filamentous palm lily

Evergreen magnolia

The evergreen magnolia is a large shrub and native to southeastern North America. Its scientific name is Magnolia grandiflora. It can be up to eight meters high and three meters wide. The shrub has a pyramid-like shape. The leaves of the plant are dark green and shiny and can reach a fascinating size of 20cm.

Enjoy the fairytale blooms of the evergreen magnolia

evergreen garden plants Magnolia grandiflora evergreen magnolia

Monkey tail tree (Araucaria araucana)

The monkey tail tree is a conifer, but has no typical needles. The leaves have a triangular egg shape and are flat. The branches are directed upwards. This tree is known by many other names such as Andean fir or araucaria. If you want to maintain such a plant in your garden, keep one thing in mind: the monkey tail tree needs enough space to develop properly. This is a fascinating tree that attracts everyone’s attention.

The Andean fir looks beautiful in the outdoor area all year long

evergreen garden plants Araucaria araucana monkey tail tree

Pillow snowball

The pillow viburnum is a ground covering shrub with the scientific name Viburnum davidii. This is particularly popular for outdoor use in winter because it is very easy to maintain. The home of this plant is western China. The special thing about the pillow snowball is that it is poisonous in all parts. So you should be very careful when planting and caring for it. Although the pillow snowball is hardy, it is better to protect it from the cold and sun rays with a fleece.

Easy grooming and romantic beauty

evergreen garden plants viburnum davidii hardy plants


The common heather is still called summer heather. This is a dwarf shrub with the scientific name Calluna vulgaris. From June to November you can enjoy the diverse flowers of the common heather. These come in numerous colors: violet, yellow, orange, red, pink and white. The summer heather has needle-shaped leaves and comes from Central and Eastern Europe.

Beautifully colored flowers add color to the garden even in winter

evergreen garden plants Calluna vulgaris common heather

Threaded palm lily

Garden yucca is another name from the filamentous palm lily. The botanical name of this palm lily is Yucca filamentosa. It belongs to the agave family and despite its name has no relationship to the palm trees. The plant is fascinating because of its appearance: it has no trunk, but rather forms dense, upright clumps. The filamentous palm lily represents tall gray-green foliage with long, pointed leaves. The beautiful white flowers of the palm lily protrude above this.

Hardly any other garden plant causes such a sensation, even in winter

evergreen garden plants yucca filamentosa garden design ideas

Umbrella bamboo

Fargesia murielae, also called umbrella bamboo, is a beautiful ornamental grass. He comes from Central Asia. The umbrella bamboo has a compact growth and is also suitable for small gardens. It grows upright and clumps and is often planted as a hedge. It is typical of this type of plant that it does not bloom every year. It is even possible that flowers will not be able to form for decades.

Provide more freshness in the outdoor area

evergreen garden plants umbrella bamboo Fargesia murielae

Well, how would these evergreens inscribe themselves into your garden? Get inspiration and consider some of these when designing your garden. So you can enjoy a beautiful and inviting garden all year round.

Evergreen garden plants – the umbrella bamboo has its own charm

evergreen garden plants Fargesia murielae umbrella bamboo

evergreen garden plants garden design ideas

evergreen garden plants garden ideas winter

evergreen garden plants evergreen honeysuckle fresh garden ideas

evergreen garden plants Lonicera acuminata leaves

evergreen garden plants Yucca filamentosa filamentous palm lily