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11 popular hardy herbs for your garden or balcony

Hardy herbs on the balcony or in the garden can lighten the mood at home. At the same time, they are a very practical idea. They can be used as spices in various dishes. They also spread a nice scent on the balcony and at home. Fresh herbs are also very good for our immune system and thus for our health. There are a number of those that are hardy and can grow even in cooler weather. We have selected the 11 most popular for you and you will find some additional information about their properties in the following article.

The leaves of the thyme can be harvested all winter 

great idea for the wintry balcony thyme

11 popular hardy herbs


In addition to the beautiful green color, the thyme also shows great flowers. However, we see these mostly in summer and autumn. The leaves can, however, be harvested all winter long. They have a wide range of uses and can enrich hot dishes and salads as well as drinks with their delicate citrus scent.

With thyme you effectively counteract the symptoms of colds. For this purpose it should preferably be drunk as juice or tea. Using it as a spice would improve your digestion and boost your metabolism.

Eat chives for a healthy stomach and a more relaxed nervous system 

Caring for chives - tips and tricks

Chives for more vitamins

Hardy herbs can be a wonderful source of important vitamins. Regular consumption of chives is an ideal example of this. Regular consumption provides you with the all-important vitamin C and the valuable provitamin A. It contains a lot of folic acid and there are many essential oils. Chives are also recommended for people with sensitive stomachs due to their high phosphorus content. There’s plenty of potassium in there too. These two ingredients also help with a tense nervous system. Chives are perfect for people who like a slightly spicy taste. The leaves are harvestable in winter. Flowers are usually only found in midsummer.

The sage is another medicinal herb on our list of hardy herbs

sage herbs for winter


Almost all types of sage, except the tropical varieties, are hardy. You can also take care of the frost-proof ones on the balcony and make cough tea out of them on cold days. You can also use the sage as a spice in various dishes. Sage gives them a slightly bitter taste. Meat, pizza and pasta can be refined in this way. The sage serves as a natural source of vitamin B3, as well as important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. There is also plenty of iron inside, as well as vitamin C. The combination of these valuable ingredients ensures that your hair and teeth stay healthier. They use it to successfully fight bacteria and viruses in winter. Your stomach will also stay healthy.

Because of its great scent, rosemary is one of the most popular balcony and garden plants

rosemary - great smelling plant idea


Rosemary grows more intensively in the warm seasons, but some of it can also be harvested in winter. Its intense scent creates natural aromatherapy on the balcony and makes many of the dishes more aromatic. You can use rosemary to create a hearty taste, especially at Christmas and other family celebrations. Your dishes will give you the feeling of being at home! Rosemary is also a medicinal plant: it helps you keep stress hormones under control and can reduce stomach discomfort.

The rocket salad would be perfect for winter

delicious idea for the rocket salad


Practically all of us know the bitter and at the same time incomparably fresh taste of rocket. It can be wonderfully combined with hearty dishes, pizzas and pastas. Like many hardy herbs, rocket also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. It also has a very high nitrate content and a number of healthy botanicals. The most valuable ingredients in rocket include potassium, calcium, beta-carotene and folic acid. Just like all kinds of green leafy vegetables, rocket also contains a lot of vitamin C..

Make mint tea from your balcony

delicious mint for the tea

The mint

The mint is perfect for dishes with a taste that is either very sweet or spicy. It can also be used to prepare various beverages. You could of course make a delicious tea out of it. The mint not only refreshes our breath, but also has valuable healing properties. You can use mint to counteract headaches and it will also help with irritated skin.

 Aromatherapy for the winter – lavender

lavender - fragrant herb ideas


Good health begins with wellbeing. The beautiful aromas are very important for this. Many hardy herbs, including lavender, can provide you with them. That’s why they are a very good idea for the balcony. Among other things, you can add lavender to various dishes. Make yourself some tea and get a good night’s sleep without nerve cramps or headaches.

Fennel is also one of the hardy herbs that are extremely good for our health 

ideas for the balcony fennel


Dishes with a Mediterranean character clearly add variety to everyday winter life. They bring with them a taste that seems southern, which immediately awakens associations with summer and the sun. You can season fish with fennel and make delicious salads, giving them a slightly sweet and aniseed taste. Eat more fennel if you are deficient in vitamins E, C, and B. It also supplies you with potassium, folic acid, magnesium and iron.

This is what oregano looks like, which can also be a great balcony plant 

good and great plant oregano


Another great idea for those looking to plant hardy herbs on the balcony is the oregano. That is a natural antibiotic and it can effectively help you with mild colds. They also successfully relieve inflammation and headaches. Use it to garnish your pizzas, pastas and other delicious dishes that you know from your vacation in other European countries!

Discover the good properties of garden cress!

garden cress - great and tasty herb ideas

The garden cress

The garden cress is ideal for fans of traditional cuisine. The taste is quite neutral, but at the same time fresh and represents a gentler alternative to pepper. This spice goes perfectly with traditional winter salads and potato dishes. This will effectively drive away many viruses and provide you with energy. In addition, the garden cress helps in the fight against obesity.

Wild garlic grows just as well on the balcony

baerlauch great garden design

Wild garlic

Wild garlic is also rich in vitamin C. You can use it to fight free radicals, slow down the aging process and extremely strengthen your immune system. The wild garlic also contains other healthy minerals and secondary plant substances. You can use it to prepare delicious salad dressings and fresh homemade pesto.

Plant care alone has a healing effect on our psyche and our body. In addition, hardy herbs serve as a great addition to cooking and enrich our everyday life in many other ways. In a winter in which we are likely to stay at home longer than in previous years, taking care of them is all the more helpful and appropriate! We wish you a healthy winter with lots of delicious and beautifully scented herbs.