Garden landscaping

Garden landscaping

The best tips and ideas for designing small gardens

Designing small garden tips Plant selection

Designing small gardens is a real challenge in itself – there are so many different ideas that you would like to implement but just have no way of doing because space is limited … That is why in this article we are giving you some helpful tips and Ideas for the design of the small garden that can certainly be of help to you. Below you will find out how you can maximize the available space and use it as effectively as possible so that in the end your garden looks as gorgeous as you imagine it. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and we hope you enjoy reading them!

Design of small gardens – organize a cozy sitting area

Design small garden organize a seating area

Design small garden modern ideas and tips and when planning

Design small garden seating area fountain

Design of a small garden seating area with a grill

Designing a small garden with great ideas for an inviting ambience

Design small gardens using geometric shapes

Design of small garden pebbles seating area

Design small garden seating area parasol waterfall

Don’t get into despair if you don’t have much space in the front or back yard! There are many clever ways to properly organize your garden so that it looks modern, tidy, and genuinely inviting. Designing small gardens shouldn’t be a difficult task if you follow our tips and take inspiration from the photos! Firstly, we suggest that you think about what is most important to you in the garden – the natural splendor of the green plants, or a cozy sitting area where you can have your morning coffee and spend sociable evenings with friends and family. Combining both variants is also possible, although that might sound incredible to you! All that is required is proper planning and clever design solutions that make your garden appear larger. The first step is actually to organize the seating area. For this purpose, it is best to choose a free wall and simply place chairs and a small garden table next to it. You can also opt for benches – they are more space-saving than sofas and are easy to build yourself. There would certainly still be enough space left for a barbecue – just imagine the happy barbecues with your favorite people!

Designing small gardens: the right planning is everything!

Design small garden modern and space-saving ideas

Design of a small garden with a wonderful look pool

Designing small gardens to maximize the space available

Designing small garden space-saving ideas

Design of small garden seating area flowerbeds stone tiles

Design small gardens neat and space-saving

Designing small gardens make round flower beds yourself

Designing small gardens Use the online garden planner

Designing a small garden to grow espalier fruit

Design of small garden vertical garden

Now, of course, you have the most important task in front of you when designing a small garden, namely the planning and selection of plants. Even though you don’t have a lot of space, the garden would look much tidier and more stylish if you organized it geometrically – for example by making round flower beds with small stone paths in between. Avoid the square and rectangular shapes and let the individual areas flow into each other in an interesting way. You can also try to draw your ideas on a piece of paper – this will give you a clear idea of ​​your dream garden. You could also cut out the individual elements and move them anywhere on your plot of land – this would also give you other creative ideas for garden design (but don’t forget the garden paths)! One of the best options for a small garden is actually to opt for a lawn that is in the middle and is framed by flowers, bushes or small trees. In this way you create the optical illusion of more spaciousness, and the seating area could also be on the lawn. In this case, the plants around the lawn would serve as a natural privacy screen! If you do not like this variant, you could design the individual areas and beds offset from one another – the possibilities in this regard are much more than you might imagine. Another idea that might help you plan is to use an online garden planner. Most of these programs can be found on the net for free and would give you a better visual idea of ​​what you want compared to the simple scheme drawn on a piece of paper. Another very attractive option you can opt for is the vertical garden. Growing espalier fruit yourself is also a great idea, and it’s not difficult at all.

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Garden landscaping

Edging beds for more order in the garden: practical ideas

Sandstone bed border

In order to look beautiful, the garden must not only be well cared for, but also orderly. For this purpose, it is above all necessary that the individual areas are clearly separated from one another – this is exactly what the bed frame is used for. The border of the flower beds also fulfills many other practical tasks, and is super easy to do yourself – to find out more, read our article! Here we offer a few attractive suggestions for bed borders that you would surely like. We hope that you will find inspiration from this to make your garden more beautiful and creative! Have fun reading!

Edging is a must for every garden

Classic stone edging

Granite bed surround

Bed border made of corten steel

Bed edging river stones gravel

The bed border is not only used to separate the flower beds from the surrounding lawn edge or the garden paths – this also protects the beds from the invasion of weeds. The border can have a particularly great look so that it turns into an eye-catcher in the green garden landscape. A bed border can easily be made of natural stone, wood and plastic, even a bed border made of metal – in this article we briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials. And the photos would give you a visual idea of ​​each variant – that way we hope to make your choice easier. There are many eye-catching ideas that not only look super original, but also give you the opportunity to save a lot of money – this includes, for example, framing the beds with glass bottles, bricks and roof tiles, recycled wood, gravel or river stones. Just let your imagination run wild and the result will definitely be unique! It is advisable to draw a small sketch in advance so that you can calculate exactly how many meters your beds are, or how much stone, wood, etc. you would need.

Beet border made of stone

Granite bed surrounds

Natural stone bedding, wonderful look

Bed surrounds inexpensive brick

Beet edging concrete palisades

Concrete edging

Natural stone is one of the most popular variants for edging beds, as it is inexpensive and integrates particularly successfully into the surrounding garden landscape. The stones also look really elegant and create clear outlines – this way your garden will appear particularly well structured. You have the option of choosing from different shapes and colors, and you can also design an original curvy or curved border. An inexpensive alternative to natural stone is cast stone – this is made from Zemet, but has a wonderful stone look. You can even make stone casting yourself – you can use white cement for this purpose, which can be poured into various shapes. You can even color this if you like and create a very individual border for your garden. The granite curbs or concrete palisades also look particularly impressive – these can be found in most hardware stores and are the perfect choice for slightly higher beds.

Wood border edging

Wooden palisades edging the bed

Wood border edging

Wood border edging

Bed border made from recycled wood

Bed border bamboo

The other popular variant for border borders is wood – again because of its pleasant natural look. Wooden edging can be made quickly and easily by yourself, but this does not create an ideal rounded shape for the edges of the beds. The angular look of the wooden borders doesn’t make them less attractive – just take a look at the photos above to see for yourself! It is an inexpensive variant to build the edging from recycled wood or old pallets. The old wood has a great look and gives the garden a rustic look, but compared to stone and plastic it is less durable, so it should be repainted and varnished regularly.

Plastic bed surrounds

Plastic bed frame

Plastic bed surround with wood look

Plastic bed surrounds

The plastic bed border is actually the cheapest option that you can choose. It’s also the easiest to use because you don’t have to dig up the ground. Interesting plastic profiles can be found at the hardware store, and some of them can even be shaped with scissors! The plastic bed border is unfortunately less stable compared to the other variants and can become brittle in winter due to the frost.

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