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Garden design – useful tips for your outdoor oasis

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a retreat in their own garden? How do you garden Creating your dreams is the topic of our today’s article. With the attached pictures below, we would like to give you some ideas on how to transform your garden into a fascinating outdoor space. We hope everyone could find something for themselves! We’re just going to give you a few tips and they’re divided into three sections, seating, flower decorations, and water systems.

When designing the garden, you should consider your living conditions. Is your garden small and do you want to save space? Do you have free corners that you want to use? Would you like comfortable seating in the center of your garden or would you prefer to sit next to a water facility with a book in hand? Maybe you just want to spend a long time in the middle of the lush greenery of the garden plants? What kind of style would you like to implement in your garden design – Asian, Boho or Vintage? Do you have an old house that you want to redesign or you just want to refresh and beautify your house? The decision about this is yours before you start redesigning your outdoor area.

 Poufs in the garden bring a romantic flair and are now trendy

comfortable seats in the garden

Outdoor seating

If you only have a small amount of space in the garden to sit with your friends, we suggest the following: choose low and space-saving furniture. This year poufs are still trendy and they offer the solution for the limited garden space. Light, comfortable and very practical – the specified seat cushions carry the comfort of the hyggie style, the romance of the boho style and the value of the vintage style.

The covers of the poufs are decorated with Indian motifs to introduce a carefree note of Zen. Choose a small, woody, square-shaped table in the center and a cozy get-together with friends or relatives is guaranteed. Decorate with flowers where there is still space to create a complete relaxation zone.

This courtyard has been converted into a small garden oasis! It is very rationally designed and you feel like you are in a sea of ​​flowers. A tree provides shade instead of a parasol. So, this backyard creates a natural atmosphere to relax. The wooden flooring helps to organize the outdoor area well. It separates the seats from the flora. There are two poufs that ensure complete relaxation.

Attractive and practical decoration of the backyard

an idea for the backyard

If you have an older home, you shouldn’t be grabbing furniture for the latest fashions. Arrange with outdoor furniture that fits in well with the whole ambience of the retro style. Choose natural materials for your garden design – stone, wood, and rattan. What we see in the picture is made entirely of natural materials – stone, wood and the appropriate plants. And so the perfect place for the hot summer days is created!

It is a wonderful idea to take everyday life outside more and more, especially in summer. The outdoor seating is very inviting. Bringing the couches and tables outside would be perfect if you have enough space in the back yard. Also consider suitable outdoor lighting so that you can fully enjoy the warm summer nights outside.

A relaxation corner in retro style

a corner to relax

  Bring the living room outside

Furniture in the back yard

Decorate with flowers

There are numerous ideas for how to use flowers to arrange your garden. And that is the easiest and most pleasant job when it comes to garden design. You can express your individuality there. As a rule, flowers and garden plants come to the rescue where it is boring. Whether flower pots or flower beds, plants introduce the necessary aesthetic note into your garden. Hang flower pots on the windows, shape the beds, make flower wreaths. A very interesting idea for designing with flowers would be to form beds on a wall or fence. Here this has been combined with feeding troughs. In this case, the hobby gardener has just succeeded in conjuring up a work of art!

Built-in flower pots and feed troughs

Flower beds on the wall

Water systems

Water facilities add coolness and freshness to your garden. To hear the splashing of water in the garden pond or the sound of water from a fountain while relaxing with a book in the garden or bathing in the swimming pond or pool is more than recommended. Water systems are the best solution for your garden if you have enough space for them.

Create comfort and beauty in your own garden with lust and love! With comfortable seating, unusual flower decorations and cooling water systems, your garden will be completely furnished and offer you the well-deserved relaxation. We wish you that from the bottom of our hearts!

A fountain that glows in the night

Fountain in the garden

 A wooden swimming pond with matching deck chairs

Swimming pond and deck chairs

Vintage style patio furniture with a hammock

Seating and a hammock

 Modern garden design with furniture made of rattan

Seating next to the flora

A stone sofa

a stone sofa

A DIY flower pot

a bottle to the flower pot

Suspended pots with lush plants

hanging flower pots

Flower wreath with decoration and glass candlestick

a wreath of flowers

Paint built-in flower boxes yourself

Painted flower boxes

Small fountain in the form of a vase

Fountain in the shape of a vase

Outdoor oasis with stone fountain decorated with lots of flowers

Fountain in the garden

Wooden flooring in the backyard with a small fountain and rattan furniture

Fountain in the back yard

Arrange your fountain with lots of flowers

Fountain with plant decoration

A vintage flower decoration idea

a vintage decoration worked with flowers

Be creative with the flower decoration!

interesting flower decoration

And switch off from the stressful everyday life!

Swimming pond in the back yard