Safety for motorcyclists: which motorcycle lock protects best?

Two-wheelers are becoming more and more popular year after year, and for good reasons too. Compared to many car models, they are cheaper, more energy-efficient, more mobile, more environmentally friendly and also more customizable. With a two-wheeler, you can experience the environment more freely and excitingly, move faster and not have to worry about traffic jams or lack of parking spaces. Numerous surveys show that motorcyclists love and appreciate their machines significantly more than the average car owner. So imagine one day finding out that your beloved vehicle has been stolen from under your nose. The cruel truth is obvious: the more popular motorcycles are, the more they are stolen. In 2016, more than 23,000 motorcycles and mopeds disappeared in Germany alone. About 75% of these cases could have been with a good one Motorcycle lock or another simple security measure can be prevented. In this context, we have put together some helpful tips and tricks for you to protect your motorcycle from future theft.

Safety for motorcyclists Which motorcycle lock is the best for protecting your motorcycle and moped from thieves

Out of sight, out of mind – use a motorcycle cover

A motorcycle cover is one of the cheapest security measures you can take. In big cities, thieves are spoiled for choice when it comes to the number of motorcycles. They have so-called spotters who circle certain districts and note where potential targets are. If your motorcycle or moped is covered, you need to stop, remove the cover and only then check the vehicle. You would rather not do this as it draws a lot of attention. A cover is not enough on its own, but it is a good start. As a bonus, it also protects your vehicle from rain and dirt.

Security for motorcyclists Which motorcycle lock best protects motorcycle moped cover security

Chase away the magpies – invest in an alarm system!

Thieves always try to get away quickly and silently. And while car alarms are still a must in production, motorcycle alarm systems are still quite rare. Therefore, the sudden deafening sound can deter most thieves. For best results, it is recommended that you choose an alarm system that is highly sensitive and triggers even the slightest touch. In addition, some modern motorcycle alarm systems have additional GPS trackers, including a smartphone app. This allows you to track your vehicle in case the thief manages to get away with it.

Safety for motorcyclists Which motorcycle lock is the best for protecting a solid chain is the best for protecting you

Choose a high quality motorcycle lock

A solid motorcycle lock with a hardened steel chain is arguably one of the most important security measures you can take. Most models also fit easily in the storage space under the seat so you don’t have to lug them around. The reason why a good quality motorcycle lock is so effective is that it costs the thief a lot of time and effort, even though it can be cut.

A particularly effective technique is to loop and lock the chain through the rear wheel and around the seat. Keeping the motorcycle lock off the ground will reduce the number of tools a thief can use. Sledgehammers are of no use in this situation, which means a thief would have to lug around massive bolt cutters or an angle grinder. The latter may be powerful, but it creates a lot of noise and sparks that are as attention-grabbing as fireworks. All of these great tools are of course very suspect as well.

Safety for motorcyclists Which motorcycle lock best protects angle cutters against slow and loud chains

If possible, attach your motorcycle or moped to something sturdy and immovable. Street lights, bike racks, and dedicated floor anchors are your best friends. That way, the thieves can’t just lift your beloved vehicle into a van and drive away.

Safety for motorcyclists Which motorcycle lock is best for securing something sturdy

Make your garage safer and park in a safe place

If you are lucky enough to own a garage for your motorcycle, be sure to invest in its safety too. Install metal bars on the windows, secure the doors with a good motorcycle lock, and add an HD camera or two to the corners. If you need to park your vehicle outside, make sure it is clearly visible. Find well-lit places and parking lots where video surveillance and security guards are available at all times.

Safety for motorcyclists Which motorcycle lock is the best for protecting your motorcycle. Park your motorcycle properly and secure your chain

While the tips and tricks outlined above may not be enough to keep your motorcycle or moped safe from theft, using multiple security measures at the same time can greatly reduce the risk. Don’t become part of the statistics!

Safety for motorcyclists which motorcycle lock is the best protection helmet and motorcycle protect against thieves