15 Windows gadgets for monitoring the system

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 Windows gadgets that will optimize your computer work

I think it’s funny that a lot of people mainly talk about the beautiful interface of Windows 7. This is certainly not its only advantage.

Today I can help you if the following also applies to you:

You are in a hurry!


You need to get used to Windows 7 quickly!?

You need to be a professional with Windows 7!?

1. CPU Meter Gadget

So one can use firstly, CPU usage and secondly, physical usage at any time.

Gadgets for Windows 7 – free and practical

windows gadgets cpu meter

2. DriveInfo gadget

This allows you to determine the remaining space on one or more gagets. You can use this gadget on Softpedia for your Windows 7 screen or Windows Vista sidebar.

Drive info gadget

windows gadgets drive info gadget

3. System Control A1 gadget

So you can check the CPU load again and again.

System Control A1 gadget

windows gadgets system control a1 gadget

4. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget

It may sound irrational, but this gadget just looks attractive. And for me this is a good reason to get this for yourself.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget

windows gadgets xirrus wifi monitor gadget

5. System Monitor Gadget

It is an excellent multifunctional screen. CPU and RAM use can display internal and external IP addresses. Practically every single aspect of this gadget can be configured.

System monitor gadget

windows gadgets system monitor gadget

6. Margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget

In here, extensive system monitoring has been combined within the same tool.

     Margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget

windows gadgets margu notebookinfo2 gadget

7. iPhone Battery Gadget

Personally, I found the battery level indicator to be very helpful. The indicator for Iphone looks very attractive on the screen. There are many extras, such as displaying a Duracell battery on the desktop.

iPhone Battery Gadget

windows gadgets iphone battery gadget

8. Network Meter Gadget

This will give you very useful information about wireless network connections all the time, such as external IP addresses, current upload and download speeds, total tape drift utilization, SSID, signal quality and much more.

Network Meter Gadget

windows gadgets network meter gadget

There are many network configurations available, such as background color, bandwidth usage scaling, and others.

9. All CPU Meter Gadget

With this you measure the CPU usage and the used memory. How is this gadget different? It supports a total of nine CPU cores. You don’t have a lot of additions, but that includes adjusting the color of the screen. This may seem like a minor benefit, but for regular Windows 7 users, it makes a big difference.

All CPU Meter Gadget

windows gadgets all cpu meter gadget

10. Memeter gadget

With this, you can successfully observe all kinds of things related to CPU, RAM and battery life. This gadget can be used wonderfully to observe the use of the large hardware resources that Windows is currently using.

11. GPU Observer Gadget

So you can always know exactly what the temperature of your video card is. You can also measure the speed of the fan. In addition, the gadget can be used to monitor the GPU and VPU load, the memory load and the system clocks.

Most NVIDIA and ATI desktop cards are supported with GPU Observer. This also applies to some NVIDIA mobile cards. The following are not supported: Intel, S3, or Matrox GPUs.

GPU observer gadget

windows gadgets gpu observer gadget

Multiple cards are supported, but not at the same time. You have to decide for yourself which video card you will use for the GPU viewing option.

 12. CPU Meter III gadget

In addition to the function, which is understood by the name, this gadget can also control the storage space. Another advantage is the interactive nature.

CPU Meter III gadget

windows gadgets acpu meter iii gadget

13. Drive Activity Gadget

This gadget gives you an overview of which hard drives are more or less busy. This will help you to properly distribute the documents on it.

Drive Activity Gadget

windows gadgets drive activity gadget

14. Available operating time

With this you will always know how long your Windows 7 system has been on. You will receive this information after every restart. System uptime trackers testify to the stability or instability of a system, because the unstable one will always have to be restarted on a regular basis.

15. AlertCon gadget

This is a one of a kind gadget. It offers you a visual presentation of the security status in the context of the Internet. You can immediately see some security holes and viruses.

AlertCon gadget

windows gadgets alertcon gadget

Do you already have Windows 7? Do you want to work professionally with it! the Gadgets are a must. Using Windows 7 is a lot of fun. We wish you that too!