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Painting old tiles – instructions in pictures + practical tips

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Do you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom and change the old tiles? In this article we will show you a variant that would save you a lot of time, money and effort, namely – how you can paint the tiles on your own! With our instructions, you would quickly and easily give the old-fashioned wall and floor tiles a fresh, contemporary look without any dirt or noise. Below we also give you a few practical tips that might help you with your work. Let yourself be inspired!

Painting tiles: giving the bathroom or kitchen a fresh look

How to paint bathroom tiles yourself Instructions

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How to paint bathroom tiles Instructions and tips

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Tiles are undoubtedly one of the most preferred floor and wall coverings for kitchens and bathrooms, as they are particularly durable and easy to clean. But if your apartment is not new, you may have heard of the old-fashioned floral tiles that are no longer in demand and do not harmonize with modern furnishings. So what to do Changing tiles yourself is not an easy task that also takes a lot of time – not only the work itself, but also the cleaning afterwards. It doesn’t go fast either, even if you’ve hired a professional, and the noise would surely annoy your neighbors. And last but not least, the new tiles are not cheap. Painting is an inexpensive and much better alternative. If you are starting to like the idea, read on! Below we will show you step by step how you can paint tiles yourself.

Painting tiles – detailed instructions

Painting tiles how is it done

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The first important step that you definitely shouldn’t miss is to thoroughly clean the tiles with the appropriate washing-up liquid. For this purpose, use a soft cloth and, if possible, also wear gloves and protective goggles. You also need to vacuum the floor in advance to remove any imperfections. When the tiles are already dry, you can start applying the paint – there are special paints, suitable for bathroom ceramics, that you can find online or at the hardware store. For a permanent result, a hardener should also be added to the epoxy paint – follow the packaging instructions carefully.

Painting floor tiles step by step

Painting bathroom floor tiles DIY

Painting floor tiles Instructions

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Start painting by first covering the joints and edges with paint. Use an acrylic brush and when you are done, carefully distribute the paint evenly over the entire surface of the tile with a paint roller. Let the tiles dry for at least 3 hours, and if necessary, apply a second coat of paint as well. And done! Regardless of whether you are painting wall or floor tiles, the principle is the same: first clean the tiles, then apply the paint in the joints and finally paint the entire surface with a paint roller. Work from top to bottom and from right to left – otherwise unsightly drops could fall from the top onto the already painted lower area. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Some colors also require a special primer, so it is worth consulting a professional before you start painting.

Paint kitchen tiles yourself

Paint kitchen wall tiles yourself

Renew kitchen tiles tile joints

Bathroom wall tiles paint helpful tips

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Paint kitchen wall tiles and create great patterns

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Bathroom floor tiles paint geometric patterns

If you find the monochrome tiles too boring for you, you could refresh them with original patterns. How does it work? You only need two different colors, as well as narrow painter’s tape or joint strips from the hardware store. First of all, you should paint the tiles in one color and let it dry out well. Then you should bring the strips to the grout for example and apply the second color as shown in the photos above. With square tiles, you could create great chess patterns without any stripes. Use cheerful colors that you like – light blue, coral red, pistachio green, sun yellow to give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new, fresh look! After three days the paint would harden properly and you can fill the joints with silicone or grout. The painted tiles are of course more sensitive, so you should only use milder cleaning agents.