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LAST MINUTE: With the right swimwear you shine with elegance

LAST MINUTE: With the right swimwear you shine with elegance

The arrival of summer is old hat, but you can’t welcome it with open arms without your proper swimwear. The well-fitting swimwear plays an important role in whether or not you feel nice while strolling on the beach. Finding the ideal pair of swim trunks can be very stressful and frustrating when you walk into a store and face a tall pile of swim trunks of different models, colors, patterns and sizes. The secret to reducing the opening pick and identifying the right swimsuit right away is knowing how to best accentuate your body shape. So you feel beautiful and you shine with joy and reliability.

Dos and don’ts when choosing swimwear: turn your beach look into fashion swimwear in no time at all

Have you already booked a summer vacation or are you invited to a pool party? It is a shame if the ideal swimwear is missing, because whether on vacation or for a party at the swimming pool, the wonderful bikini look is an absolute must for every woman. From curvier to athletic-looking body shapes – the matching cut of the swimwear flatters the curves, emphasizes the shapes, conceals the problem areas and you become a fashion and beauty queen.

Find the perfect swimwear that can do wonders for your flawless look

The youthful swimwear offers a wide variety of swimwear every season – from the sexy push-up bikini to elegant swimsuits and beautiful tankinis. But how do you find the perfect cut that will make your figure look flawless? It is more or less a matter of taste whether you like a halterneck bikini or not, but whether it fits you like a glove is primarily a question of the cut. On the one hand, the women’s bikini should offer you sufficient support, on the other hand your curves should flatter you, which is why the figure plays the decisive role when buying.

Depending on the silhouette, you will find the right swimwear

A pear-shaped body shape characterized by a slim and narrow upper part (waist and shoulders) and a larger lower part (hips and thighs). To show an angel-like silhouette, put on a bikini top swimsuit with a balcony top, so that attention is drawn to your top and the problem areas are concealed. Halter bikini and push up bikini are also possible alternatives. Narrow your curves with a feminine slip that gives your look a sleek look. Choose a color combination that emphasizes your complexion.

Absolutely no way: Bikini bottom in the form of shorts or with additional fabric, also bandeau bikini

Celebrities who have a pear-shaped body shape: Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt

The ideal swimwear for a pear-shaped structure

An apple-shaped body shape characterized by a larger parapet and slender legs. The best way to accentuate your feminine curves is with a tankini that has a striking cleavage. Pay attention to the sufficient support that the top offers you. For the bottom, choose a bikini with a hipster brief.

An apple-shaped body with a little belly is a variation of the previous shape, but the problem area is the stomach. Choose bikini with extra fabric, higher waist and flattering patterns.

Absolutely no way: Push up bikini, triangle bikini

Celebrities who have an apple-shaped body shape: Brooklyn Decker, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara.

The ideal swimwear for an apple-shaped structure

An hourglass silhouette characterized by a narrow waist and larger top and bottom. If you want to draw attention to the décolleté, opt for a balconette or triangle bikini or a full swimsuit with a striking décolleté cut in lovely colors and patterns. But if you want to emphasize the narrow waist, go for a women’s bikini with a high waist.

Absolutely no way: low-cut bikinis women

Celebrities who have a pear-shaped body shape: Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian.

A shorter figure characterized by shorter legs. Choose a bikini with a higher waist and let your legs look longer.

Absolutely no way: Bikini with additional fabric

The perfect swimwear for one figure type

The “inverted triangle” figure type characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips. To bring out the right zones, choose a triangle bikini or swimsuit with suspenders.

Absolutely no way: Bandeau bikini and halter neck bikini

The perfect swimwear for one figure type

The “rectangle” figure type is characterized by a few feminine curves. Go for eye-catching cuts with suspenders and extra fabric to make your silhouette look curvier.

Celebrities who have a pear-shaped body shape: Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston.

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