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Photo box assembly instructions

Soon you are organizing a party and of course you want to take lots of nice photos. However, the photographer cannot really celebrate with the guests, and hiring a professional is often too expensive. So what to do Here we offer you the perfect solution – build a photo box yourself! The photo box (also called Photo Booth in English) is a wonderful device that can take photos automatically without the presence of a photographer. Below you will learn everything about its structure and you will find simple instructions that will help you build a wooden photo box yourself. Let yourself be inspired and have fun reading!

Build your own photo box for successful photos at every celebration

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Build your own photo box Instructions and tips

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A photo box usually contains a camera and a tablet, which are placed in a wooden or metal box. The tablet gives you the opportunity to view the photos on its screen as soon as they are taken. It is tied to the camera – most often with a WiFi memory card that transfers the images to the tablet via WiFi. In addition to a memory card, you also need special software for the tablet – for the iPad, for example, the ShutterSnitch app is recommended. Some photo boxes are also equipped with a printer that prints out the photos taken immediately. Others have an external or built-in flash for taking photos in dark rooms, a reflective umbrella that ensures optimal lighting conditions, or a remote release that can be used to take photos from a certain distance. There are also photo boxes with special memory cards with online connection, which give you the option of sharing the pictures in a Dropbox right after they have been taken. Of course you can also rent a photo box, but unfortunately that is not a cheap affair. That is why we offer you simple assembly instructions for wooden photo boxes below, and give you many helpful tips for a professional result. continue reading!

Build your own photo box – necessary materials

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Build a photo box with a camera and tablet

As I said above, the photo box is a great thing at weddings, birthdays, and parties, and if you have a professional camera you could try building one yourself. In addition to good technology, you also need a suitable material for the housing – in our case wood, and more precisely – plywood. A list of all the necessary materials can be found below – we have omitted precise details because the size of the photo box actually depends on that of the camera. You need:

• Plywood panels

• Square timber

• screws

• hinges

• wooden corner molding

• Felt

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Build a photo box with a tablet and camera

The photo box will have a classic square shape. An idea that would make your work a lot easier is to buy a ready-made wooden box in the appropriate size. If you are starting from scratch, you should first mark the locations for the holes on the plywood sheets. First, you need a round hole for the camera – it should be at least 1 cm wider than the diameter of the lens. You still need a recess for the tablet, so you need to measure its size accurately. Saw the plywood sheets according to the markings. Then you should design a door for the photo box using the hinges – preferably on the back. The mounts for the tablet and camera are also an important part of the design. You could use a sheet of plywood again for the camera mount and saw the appropriate recess. The tablet holder can also be made of wood using an angle bar. Insulate this with some felt so that there are no scratches on the tablet. In the photo box you should definitely put a stretch bar that guarantees a permanent power supply. Plug in the power packs of the camera and the tablet and your self-made photo box is ready for work! You can paint and varnish the box as you wish to give it a great look. Check out the photos in this post – they might give you some inspiring design ideas!